I'm Shay, my model/Radio name is Runway Diva Shay, I am a diverse, positive, open minded and spirit that aims to improve, inspire, and entertain! Except nothing less than you deserve. You will get what you expect. Life is about being happy! I love making people smile while in the spotlight feeling pretty awesome myself. I love all the different looks and garments I get to wear. I love traveling and meeting new people while inspiring along the way! Most compliments I receive from people is about my body shape and hair. Women wish they could look like me after 2 children and some say they remember when they were my size. I get called sexy by men and women because of my shape. Atlanta loves hair and natural hair is in and I have a lot of it!

It's hard to narrow down my favorite modeling experience to just one but I'd have to say that modeling for Princess Canty stands out the most. I wore different hair/head pieces of hers during a huge beauty show and the attention I received was tremendous!! I felt like a celebrity, I literally couldn't take a few steps without being stopped for pictures. I got so many awesome photos from the event and a great new relationship with Princess!

I am more than just a pretty face/body. I have many talents. Singing is one of them I was blessed with. I started singing at the age of four. I auditioned for BMG Germany as a teenager growing up there. My last performance however was at my High School graduation. I love the fact that I can create with so many different talents from all over the world. Traveling is always something that is of importance to me. I love to see the world and to shoot with world renown photographers and present my work to the world.

It is very hard to stand out with so many beautiful women out there. But you have to be strong and can't let negative feedback set you back. Being a model is having a tough skin and being resilient. We are all unique, just have to find a way to show this to the world


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Head Shot
Photo: Barry Druxman Photography
MUA: Distant Glamour by Jessica David

Tshibangu Kadima 

TOUR Coordinator


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My favorite modeling experience was being featured in a published book, "Raising Tristan", by author Samantha Jackson. and I got to travel to New York City and Delaware for a book signing. I want my audience to be inspired and motivated by my experience. All things are possible if you just believe in yourself and in your vision. This ability to impact people lives by what we do and to be looked up to, is what I like most about modeling. We all aim to perfection and need confidence. The challenge is to transform my assets that people admire into opportunities.

Whenever I get on the runway, I get a overwhelming feeling of living my dream.

I love everything about modeling. This includes: the designer outfits, the runway, the rehearsal with music, meeting other models, working with hairstylist on my curly hair and be complemented on my lips and posing for photo shoots.


The competition has worked on my favor by motivating me to keep trying to be better. I am today a commercial and high fashion model.

Beauty Pageant
Edin Gba Gba

I want everyone to win and if there is anything I can do, I will do it to the best of my ability. As a massage therapist/healer! I love being able to make people feel better and add to the bottom line by reducing chronic pain. I love providing solutions for them as I feel I'm a great problem solver. I like coming up with creative concepts and watching them come to life. I love seeing the many stories and interpretations that can come from a strong photo. I love how a great photo can make someone take their mind off the stresses of life if only for a moment.


At most recent shoot! I met a great new friend and was offered a model contract to join an agency! It reassured me that I can do this. I say that because I recently got back into modeling as years ago I hit many road blocks: mentally and physically. Self-esteem contributed to the mental turmoil and height when addressing the physical. However now, I've matured and see with new eyes. Though I'm not the industry standard 5'8 I see how I can do fitness and lifestyle modeling as well as promote myself for sponsorship. Doing modeling without an agency is not easy. The challenges include not knowing industry pricing, seeking and submitting pictures for publications and willing to compensate. There are so many doing it for free that makes it hard to be booked. It’s frustrating to see all the money exchanged at fashion shows but the models get nothing.

Sin Ivy

I am very adventurous, different, Shy and witty. The satisfaction of always looking my best on/off the Runway is what I like about modeling. I enjoy traveling, getting pampered like my nails, toes and having my make-up done by professionals as well as wearing in different designer’s outfits. Walking in a popular Fashion show called Runway on Fire was an unforgettable experience. It was something different and new and something I always wanted to do.

Some challenges I have are my tattoos. I had them in some bold spots and that prevents me from participating in some fashion shows but my wonderful long stallion legs are admired in this industry very much.

Cairo Williams

Cairo Williams has a versatile career in lifestyle, commercial, fashion, runway, print, catalog, and showroom modeling. From Maybelline, Essence, to Calvin Klein she's done it all. Cairo has recently added Kawaii Model to her repertoire, working for the likes of Silk Road of Dragon Con and other International Brands such as Keku of Tokyo. To Book Cairo, contact

Staying relevant in the modeling industry is challenging but it can be done.  "I’ve done it by embracing my chameleon qualities and loving myself.  It has allowed me to have a lengthy career".  I love having a team of fantastic Photographers, Makeup Artists, Stylists, and Hairstylists by my side creating beautiful photographs.  My favorite modeling experience is signing with Yblimited as their Brand Ambassador and recently Model and Actor. I appreciate the care and dedication they put into their clients.

Paulette Nesbeth

I don't model for fun but I model because I have a passion for it. I look at modeling as a tool to express myself. I love shoots where there is no boundary. This means that both model and photographer are willing to go the extra mile to get good pictures. What is exciting is that I'm continuously growing and learning new things. When good modeling opportunities will come in my area, I will be ready to show the world what I can do.

Nysha Khalifa

I am 23 and soon I will be 24 years old. I started modeling and acting over a year ago. In the beginning I was very shy because I was still insecure about my body after having a 2 year old kid. But I decided to give this a shot and put my all into it. My favorite modeling experience was working with Justin k. Mcclure . He is the father of the Internet sensation MCClure twins. I started from the bottom doing free shoots to get more experience and as time went on, I ventured out more and more and started styling myself and eventually getting paid for shoots.


I love modeling because it lets me bring out other creative sides that I have . If I'm feeling happy I can do a shoot that shows I'm happy and bubbly, when I'm sad I can do a dark black and white shoot . Sometimes being critiqued by strangers is discouraging. Although it is necessary in this field, I still have to brace myself each time I go to a casting , or post a photo. People compliment me on my face structure, my high cheekbones and almond eyes. I also get tons of compliments on my hairstyles. I style myself and I love wigs! I have a nickname ( blacć storm ) due to my gray wigs . • For more of my work please check out my Instagram Nysha1.

Shakira Rachele Butler

I am a strong African American woman that was born and raised in the hood of southeast. I attended cosmetology and culinary arts school where I received my certifications. As of right now, I'm attending Strayer University to get my criminal justice bachelor degree. I aspire to model and act. I will continue to follow those aspirations because that is my calling. I love to be in Denzel Washington, John Singleton, Tyler Perry and Oprah movies. But until then, I will be continuing my career as a armed special police officer in the District of Columbia. I have been modeling since the age of 10. I have a 10 years old daughter who is following my footsteps in the modeling career as well. I've been singing and songwriting since that age as well. I auditioned for Americas Next Top Model over 30 times. The 5 times I auditioned, I arrived at the location around 4 o'clock in the morning in order to be the first in line. The very last time I auditioned I was actually chosen to be on the show but I missed the casting email. I was devastated. The casting party was on my birthday and I couldn't attend. I was so hurt. If I could do it again, I would.



I have model for Macy's DC Fashion Week, Latin Fashion Week, Nova Fashion Week etcetera. I have done music videos and also commercials. in 2009 I was a participant in the Miss Black America pageant where I was crown for Miss positivity. I was also featured in America's Next Top Model commercial for two straight years. What I like about modeling is the fact that it allows you to come outside of your comfort zone. It also allows you to explore the many possibilities in the world of fashion. In modeling you'll Network and meet a lot of good people. Modeling has been my life it has opened so many doors for me and it has inspired me to push myself to be greater and see my potential.

Quania Love Jones

Catching up with Quania Love Jones! The 5’4 tropical beauty has been busier than ever, working on 2 web series and a full length independent feature film called “ Drake Hill “ where she plays the character Angela Casey who inherits a Vintage Estate to soon discover that she is not alone. The film is set to release in late October. Jones is not only an actress but a professional commercial/print model, recently wrapping up a big project for a beauty brand called Martistry & Lavish belle events. The celebrity affair was hosted by the beautiful Yandy Smith from Love & hip hop along with Tyranny Allen, Arie rose, and many others. Jones and her mother were able to showcase 2 pieces from their unique collection which was warmly received. Jones kicked off this summer with a glam filled trip to Vegas yet has a more crucial business trip coming up where she was 1 of 40 teachers chosen to represent California in a meaningful conference to help better our early education system. As an activist & humanitarian, Jones is very involved in her community, volunteering consistently and bringing her talents back to her old neighborhoods.


To keep up with this industrious beauty, stay tuned on social media! Social Media IG @quaniajones Snapchat @quanialove Facebook @quanialovejones #quanialovejones #drakehillthemovie FB & IG @drakehillthemovie

Credit:   Hphotography

Jházā Tanner
Modeling isn't all I do, although it's my passion, I am also in school and have other businesses for the seasonal transitions. I am a Fitness Instructor, Health Coach, Medical Exercise Specialist and love Yoga. Modeling is more than a hobby, it's a place where I am able to tell a story using garments as my costume. My personality as a model attracts the audience. If people complimented me on personality, cheek bones, confidence, and energy; I would be rich. So far modeling is not paying my bills yet, but the love of the art keeps me going.
MyRock StarSwag Gilliam

My name is Stephanie Talbert. I live in Green Bay, WI but was raised in Milwaukee, WI. I was adopted when I was 11 yrs old. I have a Bachelor's in Political Science and also have an Associate's in Early Childhood Education and currently, I am in school to receive my Bachelor's. I want to make a difference for children who are in the system, to help better their lives so they never have to feel alone. I have always had a passion for modeling and started off doing photo shoots for Kohls and J. C. Penneys catalogs through different modeling agencies such as John Casablanca and John Robert Powers. I stopped modeling for awhile because of school and extracurricular activities. I hope to one day put together a fashion show for everyone while also reciting some of my poetry.


The thing I like most about modeling is being able to have different looks just from changing your outer appearance. Even though you look different in every shoot, you are still the same person on the inside. It's ok to be yourself and try new things. Even though modeling is my passion, I don't let being in front of a camera change who I am and no matter where you come from, you can always be the greatest in anything when you put your all into it. My favorite model experience was a shoot I did in Milwaukee, WI with Michael Lawson. It was a very comfortable and laid back atmosphere. Johnathan Rogers put everything together.

Being yourself without fitting the status quo for what a "model" is suppose to look like is challenging. I don't think every model should have to be tall, thin, have long hair, work out more than they eat, or any of that. I think we were created different for a reason and no matter your body type, race, sexual orientation, or anything else, it should not define your beauty or how far you can go in this field. It should be based off your dedication and commitment.

Myeshialynn Butler

Working on the Nico and Vinz "MyMelody" video was my way of living my dream and sharing it with the person whom this dream is about. My father Franklin E Thompson Jr. passed away with #AIDS.  Telling his story in video was beyond an amazing feeling.  I'm a woman who never let illness or financial struggles stop me from making my dream become a reality.  I was born with CVS (cyclic vomiting syndrome) and it could have stopped everything I ever wanted to do but I will not allow it. 

Modeling can be a very powerful art statement if it's done in the right way. It can make you feel many emotions. It's hurtful at times when your skin color is getting pushed aside due to not being light enough.  I believe that all skin tones have beauty on them. People should see beyond my skin tone and see me as a beautiful smart strong woman.

Quania Love Jones

Quania Jones is an American model of Afro Creole decent. She was born in San Francisco California to Sarita & Allen Jones. She has strong ties in the south. She began her modeling career at age 15, when approached by a fashion photographer from Paris, France. Quania became his muse. She went from doing photo shoots to music video, working with a wide range of artists from Baby Bash to Laura Laroo in all genres. She then went on to acting starring in the short film Oakland Squad as Mercedes, a fast talking, hustle minded cheerleader from Oakland to The Marshawn Lynch Story as Virdell's sexy high school girlfriend along with a host of other films. Quania has a strong resume of commercials like Square inc, Honda, Beats Headphones, Lady Speedstick and many others. In the midst of this, she has done print jobs for Greyhound, Michelle Wu (yoga athletics), USA hostels, and many more. She has recently became a sportscaster for Debonair productions and continues to work consistently. Be on the lookout for her next project!



Quania Love Jones has a smile that has a lot of life. She loves the ability to express emotions in a creative way and telling the story of a character without words. She has worked very hard for all that she has achieved, without any handouts. She is committed to her craft. She is continuously studying and also has other skills like dance, choreography, acting, and sports casting. Playing the Lead Model/Actress in Erykah Badu & Childish Gambino concert visuals was her favorite modeling experience.

Tamara Shand

I'm new to modeling and I'm just being patient to see what this road has in store for me. so far it has been very interesting and fun. I have met a lot of new people who complemented me on my skin color and smoothness.. and my cheekbones. I met Models.. Photographers, designers.. Magazine owners.. MUAS.. Hair stylist. And they all make me feel really comfortable. I have a down to earth personality and its always cool to find people that are just as cool..

The things I enjoy most about modeling.. Has to be the people I meet.. The rush when doing runway shows. And being in front of the camera doing editorial shoots.. I enjoy making the designers products look good ..I enjoy being able to try different poses and different looks and learn more about what I have the ability to do.. I enjoy being a canvass that brings all of these artists visions to life .. From the photographer to the MUAs to the designers.. I am their canvas. Their mannequin... And for some they say I'm their muse lol.. It feels good to know you are doing great things for other people while doing great things for yourself ..

Sometimes it may seem that modeling can take over your life.. Which is what any career path can do.. If that's what you want.. There may be times you can't make family functions .. Or gatherings with friends and other simple things.. I believe that can be challenging.

Nieka Thompson

My name is Shanieka Thompson. I'm a very giggly and outgoing person, full of potential and determination.... Not only do I push myself but I also like pushing others in my surrounding to be better. I like that I can be able to express myself in my own unique way either walking a runway or doing a photo shoot or even a commercial shoot.


Every opportunity to model has provide me something new . from a new skill in posing, walking, meeting new faces and just having a good great time doing what I love to do best. However, at times posing to capture the lighting can be challenging and sometimes not connecting with the photographer but you still have to do your best and make it work.

Sheena Steele

My name is Sheena Steele. I've only committed to the modeling industry on part-time basis because I am a salon owner full time and a mom doing all in such little time. It never seems like enough time in the day so that is challenging. Juggling family life and modeling is fun. That's why I wouldn't change any of my challenges for the world because it's what makes me a better me.

What I like about modeling is the travel and fashion. Since my teen years I've always enjoyed styling, make up and most people compliment me on the softness of my skin, the gap between my teeth, and my extra long legs. Oh! and one last thing the fullness of my luscious lips lol!  Professionally, I am known for my dedication, hard work, and motivating others to strive to reach their goals. My favorite modeling experience has to be my first time being on stage with R.Kelly the music artist while he toured for his new album release called "Black panties" He is a icon and he has been around for years and I must add he has not changed a bit ... very handsome!

Karie Daisydukes

I'm a very conservative and quiet person but once you know me, I'm a great and loving person to be around with. I honestly enjoy the attention I receive on the runway because of my skin and eyes. My favorite modeling experience was my first photo shoot. I was so nervous cause I didn't know how I would do or if any photographer would like me but every photographer did and I was happy about that yaaay! smile emoticon. So far, finding the right people to work with as I'm developing my unique image seems to be challenging.

Kenesia Mee

When you find something passionate it becomes the driving force that keeps you striving for success in all areas of our life. For me modeling is what I found. I enjoy all my fashion shows that I have been in. What I enjoy most about modeling is being able to portray different moods in photographs and the hype you get prior to walking the runway. Most people compliment me for my chubby cheeks. They often say that I shine the room with my smile and you can point out my face amongst a crowd because of my facial features specifically, my cheeks.


Working around a busy schedule is the challenging part of the modeling. It's possible to be done but if you have no motivation then tasks just won't be completed.  Credits for photos to:  James Jsa, Kevin Davis, and Joseph Mitchell.

Runway Diva Shay

Afua Bøni

Chantel Ferguson
Evangeli Anteros

I am a very easy going person. I am not as outgoing and talkative as most models. I am very discipline, and reserved. I am a bit shy, quiet but I don't let that stop me from my work. I am the complete opposite when I am in front of a camera. I let my work speak for me. I enjoy the opportunity to express my myself on the runway, in a photo shoot or the clothes I wear. My love for fashion is what draws me to this industry.


I see the fashion world through a completely different perspective. I met wonderful people, saw historical places and wear beautiful clothes. In this industry, you will

often run into people who will judge you harshly and want to either change your appearance or have nothing to do with you at all, and that could be a bit frustrating specially for someone who doesn't want to change anything about themselves. Often people will mostly compliment me on my figure and facial structure along with the color of my skin.

Honey Benjamin
Crystal La'Starr

Crystal La'Starr discovered her love for modeling and acting at the young age of three, where she began modeling in New York for a photographer from France by the name of Jean Michele. She is currently signed under Grustle Gang/Hands on Entertainment as the first model under Lil Scrappy's artist Ca$ino Roulette's brand 'Ca$ino Angels'. She does fashion, print, runway, lingerie and eye candy modeling.

Crystal La'Starr has been featured in several music videos, fashion shows and films. Her biggest accomplishment was filming along side actor Pooch Hall, Grant Harvey, Christopher Mann, Thorsten Kaye RJ Konner and several other actors in the upcoming film 'But Deliver Us From Evil' a Joshua Coats film; where she plays a college student due out October 31, 2015. She also stars in an upcoming nostalgic theatrical musical stage play 'Soup Bones Juke Joint' by Randie Forne coming May 16th 2015.

She looks forward to working with many more in the industry whether its modeling or acting.


I'm a dream chaser, I love what I do, from modeling, to acting and music videos. Music is my scapegoat, it eases me. I graduated with honors all through school. I am a single mom of 5. I am hold an AAS Degree in medical assisting. I love everything about modeling! Being in front of the camera and ripping the runway is what I like most.

Everything is challenging about modeling. Especially being short and petite 5'4" most models are tall and skinny. It's more of a competition for me and other petite models when it comes to runway modeling, you have to bring your "A Game" each time and show people you are just as good as a more average sized model. I have an athletic build and I do receive compliments on my eyes (hazel, they change colors), smile and legs