Sade Clanton

I love modeling, photo shoot and the comment about my beautiful eyes and my contagious smiles. I enjoy the process of getting all dressed up and looking at the finished product. I am now open to the idea of travelling outside Baltimore in order to continue building my brand and to get more exposure

Kesha Black

There are so many things I love about modeling. Just to name a few, I really love the runway, photo shoot, interacting with fashion designers, makeup artists, photographers, being able to see my fans that have been supporting me through this journey and hear their comments about my beauty, my height, my smile, eyes, my skin complexion and my walk are very fulfilling feeling. Even though modeling is a competitive business, I like to look at the bright side of modeling. This includes being able to travel and work with different models and designers. Meeting their goals and accomplishing anything I put my mind to.

Love Tucker

Tshibangu Kadima 

TOUR Coordinator


48 Pleasant St, #13

Stoneham, MA 02180



Cell: 339-293-2398




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Bella Nicole

My background is music and the notion of beauty, harmony, timing, rhythm and style is always in me. At my first runway show, I was so nervous! I knew my walk needed work and I was afraid not to get casted, but I did. Over the weeks preparing for the show, I worked on my walk, practiced more. By the time of the show, I was more confident and had the time of my life. It was a great learning experience and also my favorite modeling experience.


 As a model that came from a middle to low class environment, I didn't let the circumstances that I am in define who I am or to determine my destine. My destine is up to me. If you really want something, go for it. I love modeling, the freedom of doing art using my body, I like a human painting, the runway, editorial or promotional modeling, it's all about the visual, just like a painting in an art gallery.

Brittany Martin is a 22 year old model, dancer, and actress, designer, and all around artist. She coordinates shoots and bring your ideas to life! She is looking to work in catalogs and advertisements. She has a bubbly, energetic personality and is easy to work with. It is her hope to network with different people in this artistic world and build her portfolio as well as help someone else’s vision. She has been featured on the ripping runways online magazine site, Vital Magazine, and walked one of the biggest fashions shows in Baltimore, Ripped 2014, and works with First Stop Models. 


Interviewed by RUMBAFRICO.COM, Brittany Martin said that her favorite modeling event was the Ripped 2014 fashion show because there were hundreds of people coming together for a common purpose. I loved the idea of supporting a vision of a fellow designer. I knew my purpose at the show and did such an excellent job, that one of the designers booked me to model their fall fashions this year. Brittany Martin is a soft spoken person with strong beliefs. Modeling is so fulfilling to me because it allows me to display my talent, while simultaneously supporting someone else's dream, without saying a word. I love the positive feedback and motivation I give to woman. This is something I plan to do for a long time.

Stephiney Uzoma

Stephiney Uzoma

I am from Africa. I am working really hard to archive my dreams in Modeling. I gained experience working with Dwhite Eubanks in NCBW 100 MECCA chapter in Atlanta GA. I enjoy the opportunity to wear and show case the creations of amazing designers, who think, sketch and bring their conception to life


Some of the challenges of modeling is to keep up with casting calls and also to accept the rejections. You always learn something NEW every day.

If you ever watch the movie Family Matters you will recognize this Nollywood Star Eva C. Banks.  This lady makes all Africans in Diaspora proud.  Family Matters is a suspenseful Movie.  Can you Imagine a reaction of a wife who catch her husband with an younger girl in her own bed.  Watch the Family Matter Promo and you will know why this beautiful actress received several movie awards.  RUMBAFRICA is proud of promoting The Best of Africa.

Ana Labelle

Speaking about fitness, Ana says: Once you start to see results, it becomes addicting.  I made a promise to myself that I will be in the BEST shape of my life for the rest of my life. It's a lifestyle baby...

It important to make others happy and it is also very important to start with yourself. My happiness is a reflection of my Health. Life tastes so much better when you share it.  Ana studied nursing, she models and she has been voted as uprising model by RUMBAFRICA music and modeling agency.  She accepted the invitation to perform in festivals and fashion shows taking place this summer around the country.  For Fitness and nutrition program inquiries, the Health Coach - Ana Labelle can be reached at:  415-913-8848 or Email her:   She Speaks:  French, Lingala and English.

Pretty Poisson

Modeling gave me an opportunity to have my picture to be featured on buses, trains and hospitals with an campaign ad for osteoporosis.  Besides modeling, I am a female Rap Artist.  I am realist. What you see is what you get and I don't sugar anything.

Brandi Cook

My name is Brandi Cook. I enjoy modeling & I design my own creative line of crocheted clothing. Being able to meet all these creative talented designers and getting to wear their work, it's rewarding within itself; to bless and be blessed. Modeling allows me to showcase the confidence of myself and the designs that the audience is admiring.

Melissa Pierre

My name is Melissa Pierre.  I have a lot of experience in the modeling industry. I've done fashion shows and beauty pageants. I'm very confidence about myself I have the look the body and what it takes to accomplish my dreams. I love everything about modeling it always been my passion ever since I was little I want to be a foot step to other by making them believe in themselves by having confidence that everything is possible as longer you are breathing.

Dancing  and Acting

Kalena Co-Co Everett

I am a Shaw University graduate with a B.A. in Criminal Justice. I did my first Fashion show on campus. I went on to do hair shows, photo shoots, promotional modeling and talk show host. I am a Black Wall Street honoree (Maryland). I modeled in the Super bowl 52 Fashion show in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I have done several shows in NY. I am currently the fashion show coordinator for Xavier Furs International and the brand ambassador.



The beginning was difficult because I was not in the right area to succeed in modeling, and I wanted to connect with the right people. Now I am able to represent designers on the runway or in a photo shoot and I am pleased to know that they enjoy my work.

Eto'o Tsana
Eto’o Tsana is a New York City native choreographer, dancer, singer, model and dance educator. She graduated from Queens College Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Drama, Theater, and Dance. At nine years old she began her African and Caribbean dance training with the dream of making her name known in the showbiz industry. Since 2008, she has traveled extensively throughout the United States, the Caribbean, Canada, France, the Republic of Congo, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, collaborating and performing professionally with renowned artists.

Eto’o Tsana has recently began her career as a singer and with the collaboration of Ngouma Lokito; she will debut her first single “Tobina” in November 2016.  Eto' o Tsana is also the artistic director of her dance company Mabina Danseuses in New York.
Professional affiliations and credits:

Tshala Muana, Papa Wemba, Ngouma Lokito, African Entertainment Awards, Fataki Junior, MC Galaxy, Didjak Munya, Geps Lumemo, Djanelli, Amine, Ferre Gola Ekukuan Lokua, Benyoro, Koffi Olomide, Awilo Longomba, Samba Mapangala Diblo Dibala, Emmerson Bockarie, Dawn Drake, Rafiya, Perfecta Ekpo, Kanda Bongo Man, Nzongo Soul, Sheba Shalemariam, Nkumu Isaac Katalay and Lifelong Project, Prince Adefancy, Groupe Osase, Nabtry Cultural Dancers, Serial Sound Productions

Emmanuela Jolteus

When I walked for Andre Soriano during Fashion week in Florida, I was really nervous and he held me by hand and said "just go out there and have fun, don't focus too much." I'll never forget it because It was my first runway show and my favorite one. I love everything about modeling from the glam all the way down to the early call times and blisters after runway shows. I love it all. Beside my beautiful runway walk and my awesome personality, I am also an actresses of Haitian background. I love double chocolate cake and have over 120 beauty marks on my body (I counted them). The challenging part about modeling for me would have to be the time spent away from loved ones.


Age: 19                         Background: Haitian American.             Language: English, Creole

Height: 5'8                    Weight: 115LB                                        Bust: 32B

Waist : 24.5                   Hips : 35                                                 Dress: 2/3

Shoe : 8                          Hair color: black                                   Eye color: dark brown

Skin color: Brown           Tattoos: no                                           Piercings: ears

Fashion shows: yes        Print editorial: yes                               Sport and fitness: yes Glamor: yes                    Nudity: no                                             Events: yes

Hostess: yes                   Available: full time                              Talents: acting, poetry Agency: freelancer                                                                     Trade show : yes

Venus Leone
I have a positive energy and people always talk about my ability to be a chameleon in front of the camera and on stage. I look different in every shot. My eyes are definitely my strongest feature. They are the source of my expression. Photographers for some reason always catch me off guard complimenting my nose. Apparently, I have a good nose. lol. I am more of a print model, so my highlights are seeing myself on a beauty salon billboard in Brazil and walking into a club opening and seeing my face and body in twice my real size. That was pretty cool. I want my audience to know me for how I make them feel and I want them to feel inspired and motivated when they look at me, read my words, listen to my music or watch me play a role. I definitely don't want people to remember me as just a pretty face... that gets old and fades. What I like about modeling is the fact that I serve as canvas to another artist. Just like acting I slip into a role that was created for me, or someone like me. It's the work of different artists put together: The designer, the stylist, the makeup artist and hair artist plus me bringing the work to life.

Modeling is a very superficial business. The challenge about modeling is to not get caught up with industry people's criticism and comparing yourself with the "competition". There is actually a market for everyone. Rejection is a big part of the business and one has to be able to not take it personal and say: "They were just not looking for me!" and move on, but often times we get discouraged and busy with self criticism.
Celina Whitfield

I was approached by a very talented photographer named Desean Black. He currently owns a fashion and beauty magazine called Astound Magazine. Desean approached me about doing a trade for print shoot. The shots turned out so well that he ended up using one of my photos in the first issue of his magazine. I learned a lot from this first experience as a model. That's when I knew thatI loved modeling. It was exhilarating.


I am also a professional dancer which is actually my main focus right now. I want to inspire people and do something great in this world. I live in north Hollywood CA and I have been dancing since I was 5 years old. I found modeling after I moved out here to LA after graduating high school in my town Reno ,NV. I instantly felt a connection to the craft. There is something about being in front of the camera and being able to be vulnerable ... that, I love.

Farrah Lynn

Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. FARRAH Lynn became interested in modeling/fashion at very young age after watching models like Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell grace covers such as Glamour magazine and Elle. At the age of 9 she participated in a fashion show contest in which she won. Several years after, she continues to further her interest in modeling in hopes of getting signed to a major label and branding herself to be a great example of persistence and encouragement.


I am a very easy person to get along with. I'm very down to earth, and no matter what, I will never forget where I came from. My first photo shoot helped me understand what really goes on behind the scenes of modeling. It was a great experience that will live on for the rest of my life. In front of the camera, It's easy to misinterpret what you're supposed to feel versus how you really feel. You have to be mentally and physically prepared.

ByrdAfly Blyss

I am from Americus Georgia. I am 6'1and grew up in a house full of women. My mom and two sisters. My first modeling audition was in Atlanta, GA when I was 18. A childhood friend and I saved our money to travel to Atlanta. I was chosen by an agency for plus size modeling. I'm thinking how could I be a plus size model wearing a size 8. Not knowing the industry, I was thinking that is impossible. That was in the year of 1999. That opportunity passed and I then moved to Atlanta the year 2003. I was a small town girl trying to figure life out. The year 2006, I started meeting people in the modeling industry and was involved in a couple of videos, calendars and CD covers etc. Things were going really well and life happened and time passed. Come the year 2013 I was back in the modeling industry and things have been great and more opportunities are presenting themselves.



I am not only a model but I am also a TV personality as well an artist. You can do and be whomever you want to be. Never let anyone tell you or discourage you of your dreams. I like being able to express myself through my pictures without saying a word. I really feel that you are only as beautiful as you think you are no matter what anyone thinks. When I first start modeling for JamBoree Mas 3yrs ago and just after the end of the show, people wanted to take pictures with me in my beautiful costume,. That was my favorite modeling experience.



Knowing how to always be creative and stand out from the rest of beautiful models of all shapes and sizes is challenging. However, I learned never to give up. I actually understand the meaning ( No one said life would be easy but it is definitely worth it). I am truly blessed and grateful for every moment of my life and what's to come. I am most complimented for my full lips and long legs, which I can appreciate. If I had a choice to trade them I wouldn't.

Saudia Watson

My name is Saudia Watson. I live in Atlantic city New Jersey. I am black and west indie (Grenadian). I've been modeling since age 13. I am a very proud high fashion runway model and personal dance choreographer. I enjoy performing all type of dances. I'm very international and our group is known as "legacy dance crew". We are a all sisters dance crew. We have performed and opened up for numerous artists from Lil Wayne to Mr. Bentley etc.. As a student, my major is massage therapy


I am an epilepsy survivor. I came down with this illness when I was 16 years old. When doctors gave me the bad news, all odds were against me. I felt alone, lost and sad. Today, I motivate others with the same illness or other illness as well as the abused victims. Walking to raising awareness about different illnesses in the world is now my modeling platform. It truly makes my day to empower others. That's what I believe, I've been put in this earth to do.

When God lifted me up, I looked myself in the mirror and said that I am beautiful, sexy, strong, confident, intelligent and gifted. With that positive attitude I began my journey about live. Doctors told me that I wouldn't be able to conceive a child. Today I'm blessed with a very healthy 1 year old baby girl. Doctors told me that I wouldn't work but now I am working two jobs and I am also a student in massage therapy. I took fashion world by storm because I believe in myself. No matter the sickness, We can achieve our goal when we believe in healing power of God. I have now a right diet and exercise on regular basis.



Kaeche Liburd

I am a model/actress/dancer who writes poetry and composes music. I like that modeling gives me the ability to transform into very different characters with each new look and each new shoot. What is challenging about modeling is the very narrow concept of who is beautiful and who is not, based on very outdated standards about the ideal body size and shape or shade of skin. Most people compliment me on the glow of my skin. I find this especially weird because I often feel really self-conscious about my adult acne. But like many things in life, that problem is temporary.

My arts experience was built on the foundation of dance. I started as a Bamboula dancer, an Afro-Caribbean dance form, and I competed in the communication arts showcases. In elementary school, I also started playing the piano and alto saxophone. Theater became a reality for me in high school. Talent shows and competitions gave venues for performances. Public school made this all possible. A bit more exposure during college as I pursued an Associate’s degree in drama with a focus in dance. Theater connects to film naturally, and my continued development involves moving between theater and film.

As a Caribbean woman, trying to find a place in the entertainment industry is futile. Go build your own place. If you build it, and brand it, they will eventually come to it. That's what I keep telling myself.


I was born in Nevis, British West Indies. I grew up in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands and later moved to California for undergraduate studies at Stanford University. So I didn't live long-term on the US mainland until I was 17. I pursued public health as a career before the arts because it has always been an interest/obsession. I remember asking a lot of health-related questions and reading food labels in the grocery store. Then I had to opportunity to work at the White House Office of Health Reform in Spring2010 with the team that ushered the Affordable Care Act through Congress. That allowed me to check off the major like goal of helping to make healthcare more equitably available to individuals. This satisfaction gave way to my love of art that always lingered but, after high school, I rarely allowed enough time for. I guess you can call art a second career.

Rehema McNeil

Modeling is a beautiful art that allows you to express yourself through body poses and facial expressions. I believe women are beautiful and they own natural light.   The moment you accept who you are, that is when your journey to achieving the greatest destiny of all begins.  I especially want to represent positivity. Everybody has a choice to be everything that they were created for.



Some of the challenges to modeling would be sometimes working with different fashion designers and agencies that are very strict on body type and height and weight in size at times if you are not mentally strong it can be disheartening because there is a certain image that they are expecting. Hence, I love being able to create my own photo shoots and partner with photographers and stylist that also value the art and we make and defined our own rules.

My favorite modeling experience was when I partnered with an upcoming photographer and we held a photo shoot in my backyard. It was so liberating and we were able to be as creative and free flowing as we wanted to.

Kenya Thomas

Traveling and finally getting to see myself on TV or in that Magazine doing commercials to promote products are my favorite modeling experiences. Overall, I love the person it developed me into. I'm a fun, goofy, outspoken intellectual, and if you want to know more about me, come on over and find out what all the fuss is about! wink emoticon.

As of now, I'm in my Mid-Twenties, and I want something totally different in modeling. I simply want to be happy - whatever shape or form that comes in. I don't have anything to prove to anyone anymore, because being me is good enough. I do jobs that make me happy, work with people that make me happy, and make outrageous decisions that other people may not approve of... but makes me happy. In retrospect, I love that Modeling guided me through that journey. Most people think Modeling is simply getting paid to stand in front of a camera, but to me, it's the best thing that happened in my life. It gave me a passion when I had none, it kept me out of trouble after I had gotten myself into it, and it held my hand while I endured the most pinnacles of highs and depressing rock bottoms of lows. It taught me to master self (which is a never ending process), developed me spiritually, and opened my eyes to the World around me & the injustices within it. It made me realize my purpose. Essentially, it awakened me.

What I struggled with within the last couple of years was my sense of identity. When you have a job that requires you to become a Public Figure, an identity pretty much gets assigned to you and that's who everyone thinks you are. Problem for me, is the identity assigned to me was the TOTAL opposite of who I was in real life. I had to be "Model" Kenya when I was working, while on my Social Networks, and while I was out attending events. I hardly had time to be "Real Life" Kenya. And it was draining the life out of me... To the point where I just had to stop, take a break, and learn who I was again - I'm doing things on my term now, and it just feels so right this time around.

Tarian Jere'

I've been blessed with beautiful dimples that makes my smile an object of admiration. I'm passionate, loving, disciplined and caring person. I think these key things not only describe me as a model but as a women. Last summer I was invited to model in Miami for Fashion week. I did a swimsuit edition for 3 different designers. It was so amazing to be around all the beautiful girls and see such talent in one room. I love being able to switch it up. I can change my hair, my clothes, my look but still remain the same person. It's like playing dress up as kid. I get to take on many different roles and styles. I enjoy dancing and workout in order to stay fit and flexible.

Staying relevant seems to be one of the biggest challenges in modeling. In this industry you are here today and gone tomorrow. So you have to continue to find new ways to reinvent yourself to avoid to be far behind.

Indi Little

When I was in school at the Art Institute of Charlotte, my direct roommate was a photography major, therefore I have often several shoots with her when she had projects. Soon enough all the photography majors started using me. For a while it was all good; the teachers didn't even know it was the same model in half of the shoots. But then they found out...and all of the students had to use other models. I was very sad to say the least.


Even though I am short, I have a great walk, and my best work is print. Behind the camera, I can become anything. It's like I get to experience another life during every shoot.  My eyes -- I call them the snipers -- and the bone structure of my face are the two main things I get compliments on. People say that my eyes are so piercing even when I'm not modeling, and a lot of times MUA will say I have great bone structure and cheekbones.

Sade Clanton


I was born in Sierra Leone West, Africa. I am a hard working individual, humble and very passionate about what I do. My favorite modeling experience is coming in contact with my agent Lari Nelson. She has taught me well and because of that I have grown so much as person both on stage (runway /photo shoots) and off

Modeling is not just a hobby for me but a career. On runways I feel like a people-pleaser who is getting them to love the outfit just as much as I am in love with it. Most of us models love clothes and shoes anyway. On sets for photo shoots, I convey a message with emotions/ and poses that makes the audience look at that picture more and more. Having such great cheekbones and tiny waist not being 6ft and taller is really challenging. However, my authentic look, face structure, collar bone, my smile and my friendliness has opened me doors to my happy place.

Kesha Black
Model Shanti

I'm a dedicated individual in all that I pursue in life ! I basically give it my all and I never back down from a challenge. Despite all that I've been through & at some point still going through I Survive. I'm a SURVIVOR.


Having the privilege of walking the runway in Michael Costello's beautiful gown (Michael is Beyonce's personal designer for those who don't know) Also becoming the 1st runner in the Fashion Face of the Caribbean 2007 modeling competition along with being the Top Female Model of Atlantic City Fashion Week 2014! are my favorite modeling experiences.



What I like about modeling is the nonstop traveling and meeting so many people of interest along the journey as well as the makeovers you get for Free from the hairstylists & makeup artists you work with. Most people compliment me for my level of maturity along with my beautiful smile, chink, eyes, and my dimples. 

There are many challenges that come with modeling. A lot of people can't embrace the lifestyle and end up getting tricked or distracted. Also you have to stand out from the thousands of other models that looks like you or shape like you. Difference is key in this industry.
Love Tucker

I adore fashion. I appreciate beauty, clothing, make up, concepts, execution, it excites me. My love for modeling was bolstered by the fact that I have a degree in design and merchandising. So, I am a designer (technically) a stylist, model, I help coaching and also write.  My professionalism, my attitude, my look, my walk helped me be chosen at my first casting without prior modeling experience. The only setback is that there are biases in the industry against models of color that place a glass ceiling on opportunities. This limitation has created competiveness among models of color.

Bella Nicole

Bella Nicole


The most challenging part about modeling is separating the scams from the authentic. There's a lot of people out there who want to take advantage of you. Not all business is good business. I get the most complements on my body. I am an industry standard model, runway model. Where I'm from, there aren't a lot of industry standard models. Baltimore is more of an eye candy city (lol). I'm happy to stand out from the rest

Brittany Martin
Stephiney Uzoma
Barbie Merriweather

Most people tries to determine my ethnicity , because it's not clear right away what I am. They compliment me on my hair , face , legs an overall body. I love to keep them guessing. Usually It leads to a good conversation about the diversity in our community.

Doing a photo shoot on a boat, on a mini yacht for the first time was my favorite modeling experience. I was shooting for Bronx fashion week, wearing garments designed by Sam Davis for ism-wear-USA.

Getting to showcase for so many great designers, wearing amazing outfits , meeting an connecting with new people all the time an getting to be fierce and fabulous on the runway is what I like about modeling . Modeling for me is how I came out my shy shell.

I'm taking courses in Criminal Justice and also work. I feel modeling for me is a great way to express my creativity in fashion. casting calls are most challenging, models are always so nervous , and on edge when auditioning for a show . Even the most confident models will practice their walk 40 times while waiting to he called . Another challenge in modeling is being a sample size , that's a very hard goal to achieve if you don't have the right discipline .

Dimez Yung

I am a real true genuine person who has had a challenging life and has always been a underdog. Everything I have achieved in life is because I am a fighter and I worked hard to attain it. I like to rip the runway. I have played sports and played instruments on large stages and venues but the rush and pure joy I feel on a runway, I can say: there is nothing like it. This is a venue where most people complement me for my walk, long lean legs, and flat stomach.


Modeling opened new doors for me. This includes: participating in boxcutter magazines - domestic violence show, House of Kustomz by Jaszi was the featured line-up and I was one of her go to models.


The challenging part of modeling is letting go of fear of failing and getting through the times of harsh critics. Where is the next opportunity for booking? is the question in the mind of every model.

Eva C. Banks
Ana Labelle
Bless Robinson
With every poem she writes and recites, the prophetically named poet is living up to her moniker, blessing the world with music that is both sublime and divine.Bless Robinson Creating artful blends of word and sound, Bless Robison consistently delivers powerful performances that are smooth, strong, seductive and straight-up soulful. 


Growing up an only child with a mother who was constantly working and a father who was out of the picture, Bless often found herself alone. She began pouring her heart out on paper, journal and writing poetry to explore her emotions. Though born and raised in Boston, Bless frequently spent her summers in Philadelphia, Virginia, and Jamaica.  She enrolled at Clark Atlanta University after high school, where she unearthed a passion for poetic expression and playing and composing music. Soaking in the distinct sounds and styles of the diverse environments she experienced as a teen and young adult broadened her perspective and introduced her to create and experiment with a boldly electric sound all her own

Sera Lubowa Muhenda
Sera Lubowa Muhenda is a Ugandan Born, Texas raised Singer, Dancer, Model and Actress. Sera's performing Arts degree led her to work with Erykah Badu, Chris Brown, and was trained by Linda Lenard from the Broadway musical cats.  She is a former Miss Uganda USA and Miss Uganda UN. Sera blends Afro-Pop, Afro-Beat, Reggae, into a dynamic fusion. In summer 2014, Sera Lubowa Muhenda was backed up in San Diego California by Tshibangu Kadima from RUMBAFRICA.

Success Godis Money

I am a Wealth Coach, a speaker, and a mentor but I enjoy modeling and dancing and have incorporated it into my work. Most people compliment me on my smile and eyes and once they get to know me, they realize that beside my good personality there is some brains with this beauty. I love to share my gift of knowledge to improve people lives. I am currently working on production for my show and videos will be released about my work through our channel soon.


What I like about modeling is that it captures a still moment in time that will never exist again, so pictures are often priceless. Therefore every time I am in front of the camera I love it. However what is challenging with modeling sometimes is getting the amount of pay for your time and professionalism.