Tshibangu Kadima



Bofenda Ilonga
Master Drummer

Bofenda Ilonga is more than a performer. He is an ambassador of Africa, the largest and most diverse continent on Earth. Bofenda’s performances and presentations unlock the beauty, mystery, customs and ceremony of Africa through music, dance, and the stories of his ancestors. You will be entertained and transfixed.
Bofenda's career as a professional contemporary drummer began in 1974 with Afrisa International of Tabu Ley Rochereau.  He also has had the opportunity to play with some of the biggest names in popular music from Africa and Jamaica including Franco, Kanda Bongo Man, Jimmy Cliff and many more.  During his career, he has traveled with various international groups throughout Africa, Europe, Australia, South America, Canada and The United States.
Georgette Adjie

Background About This Event & Cause

To address what was happening to my people, I started Bantu International in 2003.  My goal involved raising awareness and promoting African culture with a specialized focus on the Baka Tribe of Cameroon.  For several years, Bantu International has exposed the New England area to aspects of African culture through workshops, lectures, and presentations.  Many efforts also included establishing partnerships with a number of community groups and schools.

In 2009, the U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation was interested in supporting International efforts to preserve culture.  Cameroon was one of nine international sites selected to record dance rituals and games of the isolated Baka using film.  Documentation of a culture's expressions can save them from extinction by creating an enduring record of key pieces of the culture while instantly bridging Younger generations to their ancestral roots.  I received funding support from the U.S. Ambassadors Fund to document the loss of culture that the Baka faced.  During the filming in Cameroon, I discovered additional challenges that my tribe faced in attempting to save their land.  This event is a part of my continued effort and goal to save the traditions and culture of my people-the Baka Tribe.
New Design
Featuring Models

Niecy LaShawn Majors

I love a challenge in anything that comes my way. Modeling is one of them. It requires a lot of work and I love getting to wear all the different designs of clothing and accessories and I also enjoy the attention of all eyes on me when I’m on the runway. The 2018 Meet The Artist Fashion Show in Indianapolis, IN with special guest speaker Ms Vivica A Fox was an experience that I will never forget because it was well organized and everybody was helpful.
Daphnee Abelard - Photo Shoot

This month, we got in the summer spirit with the gorgeous photo shoot from model Daphnee Abelard. She headed to one of her favorite beach communities in Florida to pose for the summer 2016 line. Everything needed to make the shoot a success were there. This include a sunny day and a great sand. We'd like to extend our gratitude to the photographer "George Wakefield" for an excellent work.

Growing up She didn't have much self confidence . She looked at others and wished to have their hair, eyes, their body type, neglecting the beauty God gave her. Modeling has given her that self love that She so desperately seek.

Shekina Saw Williams

Shekina Saw Williams who is known as SAW was born in Brooklyn NY. She is 22 years young and has always dreamed of ripping runways and slaying shoots. She is always being complimented on her eyes, her cheek bone structure, height and very short hair.

SAW is an exclusive brand model for a reality TV show known as "Web Series Elevate My Runway", hosted by Levy Paul (TAZZ) . She has so much to bring to the table to elevate modeling industry. She walked for a countless number of designers, worked with so many Make Up Artists and posed for a great amount of great published photographers.



SAW has been published in:

New Jersey Trenton News Paper

Prizm Magazine

A Look Book


The fashion shows she walked in include:

SKKN Fashion show

LTC Its A Red Carpet Christmas Fashion Show

Cosmic Runway

Olaquan Winter Fashion Show

Lupas Purple Runway

Hip Hop Meets Fashion Runway




NGoma Za Kongo

Ngoma Za Congo


Ngoma Za Kongo, meaning drums of the Kongo, is collaborative project with RUMBAFRICA composed of several artists in continuous research of new sounds and expressions inspired by Congolese traditions. As a result of this research, the group presentation known as TIYA represents a diversity of sounds and colors from different regions of the Congo. The work is an original fusion of traditional rhythms, ritual dances, and the influence of a contemporary environment.

The artists of Ngoma Za Kongo dance, sing, and play various sounds of the African drums. Their explosion onto the stage drives you into the essence of their mythical rhythms, leaving you between a traditional and modern world. Enriched by the songs and sounds of the African drums, these rhythms and dances make Ngoma Za Kongo an outstanding group beyond the usual. Coming from different ethnic backgrounds, the members of Ngoma Za Kongo also naturally contribute to the diversity of this group

Ngoma Za Kongo - Performance History

Thailand from Feb. 14 to Feb. 28 2012                          The Earth Music Festival

Bangkok (15-19th) 2012                                                 World Colors at Chiang

Rai Festival (23-26th) 2012        

Arizona on March 8, 2012                                              

Series of performances and workshops in Phoenix, Tucson, California and New Mexico.
 The group will perform at the Premiere of Playing For Unity in Diversity Music Festival to be held on March 17, 2012 in the Grand Palace Hotel & Saloon at Old Tucson Studios in Tucson, Arizona.
Congolese Drumming and Dance

Georgette Adjie

Help Us Save Our Land and Culture

Georgette Adjie

Help Us Save Our Land and Culture

Georgette Adjie, a singer and master dancer from East of Cameroon.  She is devoted to using music and dance to preserve cultural traditions.  In Georgette clip "Boumba Ngoko" You can see the body of her work.

Help Us Save Our Land and Culture

This benefit is an effort to help save land and culture of the Baka Pygmy in Salapoumbe, Cameroon, which is being destroyed by deforestation and modernity.  This cause is dear to me because I am originally from the eastern region of Cameroon and I am seeking to help preserve my culture.  I hope you will join me in this cause!

For the Background About This Event & Cause - Watch this video "Baka spot"

Forms of traditional cultural expression are susceptible to inevitable changes.  For example, parts of traditional dance unique to the Cameroonian Baka have been forgotten due to the deaths of elders.  This also includes the loss of practitioners of other expressive forms of culture, which include dance, music, poetry, language, and crafts.  Additionally, deforestation has resulted in the displacement of the Baka.