Chancé Chantele Gatoro is the Current Miss Black Utah 2015. She was born and raised in the D.R Congo, moved to the US when she was 13 years old. She has an unforgettable face and smile but she is always humble. In addition to modeling, she is also a dancer.


Interviewed by - She declared: My favorite Modeling moment was from my recent photo shoot with the photographer Paul Anthony Belletiere. It was an on location photo shoot at the Beach. I enjoyed the beautiful view and the photographer made it so much fun. One thing I love about modeling is getting to showcase the beauty of Congo. I’m proud of showing people that Black Is Beautiful. Being a woman with curves and darker skin, I noticed that the modeling world is not used to it. Therefore it makes it a little more difficult but I am all up for a challenge.

Fanta Camara

Taylor Monai

I've worked hard to get where I am in my career. Ive had the opportunity to work with celebrity muas & hair stylist , getting to travel to various states doing what I love . It's not always easy because I encounter many obstacles, such as leaving my child behind when I need to travel . But this is what I do for a living. I won't give up because of my passion for modeling. My confidence is boosted when the crowd compliments me on my legs and lips LOL. Modeling is my release, this is the only thing that I Love to do outside of being a mom. I can be me in front of the camera when I pose.

Aziza Allen

I have many talents. Besides modeling, I am a hair stylist, a dancer and a construction worker. I do modeling by passion. Every day, I learn something new about the trade. I love the freedom I have especially when walking on the runway in from of cameras for photo shoots. It's very exciting because you become literally a chameleon adapting to your surroundings, changing or fixing your hair, posing and receiving off guard shots.


The challenge is to meet the designers expectations by reflecting their visions. Behind the scene, I am helpful to other models. I am humbled by the compliments from my peers about my eyes, my legs and mostly my personality.

Demi Lynn

Vanessa Jones

My name is Vanessa Jones. I am new in modeling industry. l' have just done a few gigs in my community for special causes. I am an artist and a very quick learner. I believe that It's never too late to chase a dream. After having two kids, am a great example of a determined woman who won't let anyone tell me I can't because I know I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. What I like about modeling is the clothes, and appreciating the art that the designers put into their work to make us look good.

Akuac Ring

I am a very outgoing person. I love talking to random people because I want to know their background and learn about different cultures. During those conversations, I learn a lot about how people perceive me. Most people love more my lips, my legs my skin color and my eyes. They even ask me how do I stay so thin and also want to find out if my lips are fake or real. It makes me always laugh because I find it funny. I don't even work out and of course my lips are real.


What I really love about modeling is ripping the runway while wearing beautiful designer clothing, meeting different people from all over the world and most importantly I enjoy the makeup, photo shoot and travelling all over the world. From time to time you will notice that modeling has a lot of rejection. Learn from that experience, don’t get discouraged and move on.

I am a model and actress... I enjoy meeting and talking with various people from diverse populations...I want to stand out from the crowd to share my Individuality and show that beauty starts from within and is meant to inspire others to discover their own beauty and unique characteristics in hopes that we can all respect each others differences while appreciating the similarities between all of us as being a part of the human race.    It's tough when doors are slammed in my face or I get rejected for whatever reason but at the same time it has made me stronger and when I do get that role or booking that I want it makes me stronger and motivates me to never give up.   I believe that having faith in Jesus Christ and myself that I can do anything....


Dreams without focus and dedication is a waste of time...dont just say you want it be about it.    Great I need as much help as possible and I'm loyal too

Janesha Levons

Being on the set of VH1 mob wives on the episode “one of true blood” was my favorite modeling experience. The ladies in charge of the set were sweet as pie and so wonderful to work with. In modeling, no matter how many times doors slam in your face, perseverance always pay well. Becoming a pallet for designers to transform is fun. Every day is a new look, new painting and new style. I love transformation and compliments about my eyes and my runway walk.


Where is the most popular place where most of these people I see here will congregate in order to continue the evening party.


Où est l'endroit le plus populaire où la plupart de ces gens que je vois ici se rassembleront pour continuer la soirée.

Onde é o lugar mais popular onde a maioria dessas pessoas que vejo aqui se reúnem para continuar a festa da noite.


Most seats are taken. Is this seat also occupied?   Can I take place at your table? I speak English and French and I’m trying to learn Portuguese.

La plupart des places sont prises. Ce siège est-il également occupé ? Puis-je prendre place à votre table? Je parle anglais et français et j'essaie d'apprendre le portugais.

A maioria dos assentos estão ocupados. Este assento também está ocupado? Posso tomar lugar na sua mesa? Falo inglês e francês e estou tentando aprender português.

I love to eat but, I am not familiar with this dish. I’m giving you the liberty to fix me a plate containing what most people like to eat in the city.

J'adore manger mais je ne connais pas ce plat. Je vous donne la liberté de me préparer une assiette contenant ce que la plupart des gens aiment manger en ville.

Adoro comer, mas não conheço este prato. Estou lhe dando a liberdade de me preparar um prato contendo o que a maioria das pessoas gosta de comer na cidade.

What is the price of this item?

Quel est le prix de cet article?

Qual o preço deste artigo?


What is the price of the hotel room?

Quel est le prix de la chambre d'hôtel?

Qual é o preço do quarto de hotel?

How much are you going to charge me for your service?

Combien allez-vous me facturer pour votre service?

Quanto você vai me cobrar pelo seu serviço?


My name is TK. I live in Boston in the state of Massachusetts in USA. I’m inviting you to accompany me to share some food and drinks.


Je m'appelle TK. Je vis à Boston dans l'état du Massachusetts aux États-Unis. Je vous invite à m'accompagner pour partager de la nourriture et des boissons.

Meu nome é T.K. Eu moro em Boston, no estado de Massachusetts, nos EUA. Estou convidando você para me acompanhar para compartilhar algumas comidas e bebidas.

I think that I am lost. The landmark that I use as a reference to my hotel is a Casino. Do you have an idea about that location?

Je pense que je suis perdu. Le point de repère que j'utilise comme référence pour mon hôtel est un Casino. Avez-vous une idée de cet endroit?


Acho que estou perdido. O marco que uso como referência para o meu hotel é um Cassino. Você tem alguma ideia sobre esse local?

Performance History
Rumbafrica Biography

Rumbafrica was founded in 1992 by Tshibangu Kadima, who was born in Lubumbashi in Congo.  Kadima came to the U.S. originally to study Computer Engineering and graduated from Northeastern University.  He introduced New England to SOUKOUS music.  The Boston-based group performs music and dance combining rhythms of traditional Congolese rumba (a variant of the Cuban rumba) with the modern non-stop soukous beat.  Kadima composes and writes the troupe’s songs and choreographs their dance.  Their repertoire includes songs in French, Swahili, Tshiluba and English and reflects Kadima’s hopeful vision of life and his prayer for positive change in Congo.  Kadima songs convey a message of peace.  He conducts entertaining and educational workshops in schools and universities around the country.

Rumbafrica is the Boston area’s premier dance band and has received numerous awards including the Boston Music Awards for Outstanding World Music Act in 1995 and an Award at Artscap 97 Festival in Baltimore MD for Outstanding World Music Act.  What is NEW is that on November 15, 2014 RUMBAFRICA band leader "TSHIBANGU KADIMA" received the OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN ART, (INDIVIDUAL) from the CONGOLESE BOSTON GALA.

 Rumbafrica has been selected for listing in the Massachusetts Touring Roster.  Presenters will be  eligible to apply to receive fee support for the band.  To find out the guideline and deadline call (617) 951-0010 or visit:  Presenters from other New England states are eligible to apply for fee support through the New England States Touring program, which is also administrated by 

New England Foundation for the Arts.  Here is very important website about rumbafrica: http://www.creativeground

In the above Video Tshibangu Kadima & Rumbafrica is featuring Kanda Bongo Man and keeping the Congolese music alive @ The Veterans Memorial Park in
Manchester NH.  In the bottom, you can see again Tshibangu Kadima playing
guitar to backup Kanda Bongo Man @ Peter Norton Symphony Space - Broadway at 95th St, New York City.

Kinshasa City Tours: An Amazing day at Aqua 

Splash Water Park. ( edited)

Kinshasa city tours: Expo – Beton Fair in Kinshasa

Business, tourisme et top models, le nouveau visage de l'Éthiopie

Keanna Bryant

My name is Keanna Bryant I was born in St. Louis, Missouri and I’m currently residing in New York City. I’m an Independent Professional Petite Model interested in high fashion, runway, commercial, acting, magazines, promotion and catalogs. I came to New York about 3 years ago to pursue my modeling and acting career. I have been modeling for about 9 years. I’m creative, photo-genetic, self-confident, self-motivated, and versatile, with a sense of humor that is captivating with an electric personality. Since, I’ve been in New York I worked with Black Hair and Midwest Black Hair Magazine, (FIT) Fashion Institute of New York, Intern for New Global Biz Magazine, DAKAR Boutique Mint by Diarra Bussa SS’ 15, New York fashion Week, Diva Dynasty Magazine, Breast Cancer Event, Ms. Rebba talk Show, Walk Fashion Show Indie Designer Showcase, New York Fashion Week ‘HBO, Connecticut Fashion Week, Wayne Plitzs Fashion Week, and Plitzs Petite Model Competition, Natural Beauty Magazine Print, and Fashion Print. My goal is to be the Top Petite Model, and grace the cover page of the most elite magazines such as Vogue, Glamour, Bazaar and most of all Victoria Secret. Additionally, I was the first Petite Model to work with top designers at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. I also have aspirations in acting; my goal is to be in commercials, sitcoms, criminal minds, Law and Order and motion films.

While pursuing my dream career I’m currently in school at Metropolitan College of New York I’m pursuing a Bachelor in Business Administration. I’d like to thank everyone in supporting me through my journey, and I’m continuing my journey, even though I lost My Sweet Lady ‘My Granny’ She is the reason’ why I came to New York. I hope to make ‘My Sweet Lady’ happy and proud. I didn’t know anyone; I told my family before I left ‘I am walking in Faith’. I met some amazing models, and some of the best photographers in the Industry. I love Fashion and I want to show the Fashion Industry that it’s not about height, weight or size ‘ It’s all about marketing and advertising’, and putting your best foot forward and showing a side of you that will be appealing to the masses. And through GOD’s grace and the support of my fans I know I’ll reach the stars.

Diva Bena

My name is Bena aka. Friends call me "Diva Bena". I'm a French model/rapper. I started doing music when I was in NYC. Quickly I understood that I was made for this. So I decided to take it seriously and collaborated with some great Americans artists. Nine months ago I put out my first clip video "FreeShmurda" featuring "Jay Wirth". Back to my country, now I'm working on my first EP "Tozokoma". This work will be released on January 2017. My music style involve mixing French, English and Lingala when I rap, producing an unique new style. I am so proud that my modeling images were included in an exhibit in NYC and that has boosted my confidence.

Clara Douna Philor

I am a very reserved individual yet very kind and emotional. I care wholeheartedly for others and therefore give my very all. I'm very easy going and down to earth. I find happiness in the simplest things. I love nature and enjoy being by the beach. I love modeling in its entirety. I love the energy I feel when modeling. I love stepping on a runway and giving that energy back. My most favorite feeling is how much I transform in front of a camera. No matter how bad my day might have been, once the camera is ready, all the worries are out the window. In this field of modeling, it is best to be around people who completely support you. One must have passion to go through with it. It's hard work and it requires many sacrifices. Also, many temptations come with the career, you must remain head strong.




Clara Philor breathes, eats, drinks, lives fashion! She started modeling in Canada at the age of 5 with the help of her mother. She eventually stopped until the age of 15 where she took some classes to sharpen her talent and also boost her confidence and acting skills. To prove her passion for fashion, Clara also holds a bachelor's degree in fashion Marketing and Design. Her biggest pride is having designed and sewn her mother's gown for her 25th wedding anniversary vow renewal. As a professional model, Clara has always been a proud ambassador of her country of origin, Haiti. In 2010, Clara held the title of Miss Haiti international where her platform focused on showing the beauty of Haiti and its rich history and culture. Aside from a bachelor's degree in fashion design and marketing, she also earned an MBA in project management. Throughout her professional career. Clara has organized and participated in several public events. She is known for her sparkling personality which is always led by her gorgeous smile.

Tiffany Marie

My name is Tiffany I prefer to go by TiffMarie . I've been going on casting since I was a child . My mother never supported me modeling. So I waited till I was grown and begin to pursue my dream. When I was around twelve or thirteen years old I went to a casting NYC fame. The casting directors all ramped and rave how I could be the next Naomi Campbell. That's when I knew I was destined to be a model. I am just an ordinary woman. I am Co-owner of Heart's Desire home maker and companion services, inc. When I'm not modeling I love helping the elderly. I love giving back to the community and helping those in need. I'm also a proud mother. Modeling gives me opportunity to express my love for art and others talents. I love the idea of wearing beautiful designs rather apparel, shoes jewelry or etc . It's my outlet to just allow my inner beauty to shine. All while grabbing every attention. Intriguing them to purchase the product being sold. The challenging part about modeling is not being small enough. Often race and most of the time, ethnic looks black women is not what designer's are looking for. Most of times I attend a casting, they want you to be under a certain age. Since I am thirty Year's old it's often frowned upon. I receive more compliments on my back than anything. It's my favorite part of my body.

Savannah-Paige Fields

My name is Savannah “Vann” Fields, and I am a 23 year old Freelance Fashion Model from Fresno, TX. Graduating from Stephen F. Austin State University a little over a year ago as a University Scholar with a BA in Radio/Television and minor in Fashion Merchandising. My favorite color is pink, I love to relax and hang out with friends, and traveling around the world has been a lifelong dream of mine. I also love all things fashion and mentor young women on modeling and self-confidence. I have been modeling for about 4 year’s total, and I am based in the Houston area. My overall goal is to “Aspire to Inspire,” and to show others that hard work plus faith pays off.  Becoming a High Fashion and Commercial Model for some of the world’s biggest name brands in clothing, make-up, perfume, and many more are just a few of the goals I have in mind for the future. I plan on starting my own line of cosmetics and expanding my brand out even further than that. Right now I am signed with MODEL & TALENT INC.  Modeling Agency. Modeling has always been a passion of mine and I believe that you never give up on the things you are passionate about. If you want it bad enough and work hard enough....ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.



September New York Fashion Week 2015 hands down has to be the best modeling experience because I never thought I would be there. I had always dreamed of going to New York and as soon as I got there I cried because it was such a great feeling to know that I am actually living out my dream. Going to New York and walking in Small Boutique Fashion Week and New York Caribbean Fashion Week was something I am so glad that I had the opportunity to participate in. Being around all of those various designers, models, agencies, and bloggers was a great experience and I learned so much in the time that I was there. I love the fact that modeling is very expressive, especially when it comes to posing. Fashion in general is expressive, but with modeling you can take any amount of concepts and put them together in a way that makes others think differently. The posing is also in my opinion what really captures the audience’s attention and brings the image to life.

Mally Mally

I am  a queen from a small town in North Carolina, my beauty is very unique.   Like a chameleon I can wear several hats and be whatever the job calls for. Today I'm making a room for myself in modeling and my dreams are becoming more real. Working with me is a experience you will not  forget or regret. I love to deliver what the mind is thinking. 

I love modeling because of the people I meet and of cores (giggles  ) the clothes. I meet all types of people during my traveling and enjoy networking and the love that my fans give is amazing. My legs are very tone for my size and my eyes are bedroom eyes. My smile can brighten a room. I know all that from compliments I get from people. Those compliments help to build my confidence. I believe that every model has a market. I plan on taking every storm on my way for I'm not your conventional looking model. I will broaden the sights of modeling and beauty. I want to acknowledge my coach & friend Tori Mckoy for being instrumental in what I have achieved so far.

Instagram @mally.mally
Facebook/ mallymally

Uxposed mag 
Swank fashion magazine 
Crush model magazine
The session
The house of kolors inc.- model
Konterversi Boutique- model
Platinum by Plush - model

Requia Binion

Before I was Into fitness, I used to party 4-5 days a week and indulge in alcohol and other bad habits on a regular basis. At the age of 28, I realized my life wasn't going anywhere. I finally cut "friends" loose, changed my life and now at the age of 30, I am in the best shape I have been in my life: mentally, physically and emotionally. I am training myself to become a bikini athlete and fitness shoots give me life!  My body is my "work of art". I am the artist and the art. I work hard for my muscles and physique and no one can take that away from me. When I do fitness modeling, I get to show that off to everyone. Like, "hey, look at me! Look at what hard work and dedication can get you!". No pain No gain is our philosophy.


Giving back to my community is very important to me. That's why I have a fitness YouTube Channel, currently with 14 videos showing different workouts for different parts of the body. You can search my name "Requia Binion".

Model Mercury

I'm a hard working model who knows that it's a fight to get far in the modeling industry and I will keep on fighting till I reach my goals. I will not let competition be my fear. I'm a kind hearted person who don't only focus on my goals but I also coach and mentor young teens who are interested in the modeling field about the Runway Walk and teach them also the dos n don't and encourage them. Throughout the year I saw their progress and the success they achieved.



Meeting the right people that have your interest at heart and who can bring you at next step up in modeling is challenging but I like the opportunity, the exposure, meeting and creative people. Modeling build myself esteem to a high point that when I'm on the runway I'm confident in myself. I enjoy doing photo shoots and I love the compliments I get from my fans because my fans good feedback is an indication that I'm doing a great job. They compliment me on my smile, my poses, my runway walk, my fierceness and much more.

Kim Kim Hill

I'm originally from Virginia and moved here in Charlotte North Carolina little over 3 years ago. I started modeling shortly after moving here and things just took off. I also am a clothing designer with my own line it's called Fabulous Ambition and Brains. It consists of mainly a women's line but women and men t-shirt line to start and then I will be releasing the actual line in 2016. I've been blessed to have been in 3 magazines and  1 online feature, and 2 more model features in the making. I'm working on a Youtube channel now and a new website for my fans and supporters. Also I will have a mini magazine of different shoots never before seen coming out real soon so keep a look out for that. My resume is getting pretty long and I owe it all to God and having ambition. I do runway, fashion, hosting, photo shoots, special appearances, videos, magazine and so forth. I consider myself a versatile model that will be accomplishing even more in the future. Modeling is my passion and I am just at the beginning of my entrepreneurship. So stay tuned to all my social media pages FACEBOOK- Ms.Diamond- model, IG- msdiamondtheboss 

Asha John

Asha John was born on the islands of Trinidad & Tobago. She moved with her family to New York at a very young age. As a child she attended numerous schools for the gifted and talented and excelled in both academics and performing arts. After graduating from The High School of Telecommunications Arts & Technology, she obtained a full academic scholarship to Penn State University, where she obtained her Bachelors of Science in Actuarial Science and her minors in Mathematics and Spanish. Post her Baccalaureate career, Asha pursued a career on Wall Street as an actuarial analyst. Although feeling very accomplished in her career, Asha knew that she was missing following her true dreams, so she pursued a career change and decided to focus on her acting, modeling and dancing career as one of her passions. She soon realized her other passion which was teaching and working with children. Asha began auditioning and working on numerous stage productions and in 2011 Asha began working as a teaching artist bringing her love of step, theater, dance, and math to the students she works with. Asha’s hobbies are reading, watching movies crocheting, listening to music, taking dance classes, and hanging out with her friends. In the near future Asha hopes to be cast in a major motion picture as well as a tony award winning production on Broadway.


Speaking about modeling she declared that my favorite modeling experience would have to be the most recent work I did for the ECO Fashion show on the high bridge. It was about celebrating a part of history while helping the community and environment. Anytime I get to use my craft to help uplift others, it's worth it. I love what I do as an art. I believe we all can accomplish what we set our minds too and with the right support. I enjoy giving others positive feedback and helping them feel empowered. I love giving the designers piece life. This is their craft and to be able to use my body to give their craft life is an amazing feeling. I'm telling a story with every photo, every runway step, every pose and every smile. Modeling can be challenging when you are not sure of yourself. Others can see it and it can take a toll on you. However, if your grounded and know who you are, you will always come out on top.

Jaleesa Ann

Jaleesa Ann was born in August 1989 and raised in Southern New Jersey. She has a passion for acting, writing, and also Basketball. She enjoys Dancing and Riding Atv's and motorcycles. Jaleesa has steady hand for art. She graduated from Barbizon Modeling Agency at the age 16. She is featured in a short film called "Don't Throw Me Away" and a Indie Film called "Last Love Lost". Jaleesa is currently working on other projects as an actress and so her own projects which she is very passionate about. She will be casting in the year 2015. What She like about modeling is the outcome of emotions in the photos. Her smile can brighten a room.

Deyzire Christopher

I was born on January 4, 1993 in Orlando, Florida. I grew up in a low-income family, who always struggled to make ends meet. While growing up, I became attached to the entertainment side of life. During the summer of 2009, My mother and I moved from Orlando to Atlanta, GA. Everyone says that I have unique modeling features. From my eyes, head shape, long neck, to my slender body, and long legs. These features are what makes everyone come up to me and ask "are you a model?". I'm very passionate about modeling. Some days I just sit there and wonder where my next step will be. How can I be different then what's already out there? How can I stand out? When I was younger I always knew that my passion was in the entertainment sector. Whether it was singing, dancing, writing songs, choreographing, and even modeling. So in my down time, I would practice everything so that one day I would be GREAT at it. I even use to walk in straight lines with a book on my head so that I could build posture. Now, it's coming in hand. I enjoyed an extreme shoot with my photographer. He had a vision and I just played it out. I came and everything was ready for me. The outfit, headpiece, makeup artist, jewelry, everything. He even had a ranch booked for the shoot so we could take shots with the horses. It was different, and adventurous, and I enjoyed every minute of it, especially the ending results.



Getting dolled up with different looks from the makeup, hair, clothing is fun. It really feels like an alter ego sometimes. People have a vision for you that you never knew you were capable of producing. And once you see the final product, you just can't believe that you did that. What I've learned is to have more than one style of walking. That way, you will always be prepared. On the runway, everyone wants a different walk. You have some individuals who want an urban walk, then some who may want a European walk. You become so use to doing one walk, then someone tells you to switch it.

Jesula Bryant

Jesula Bryant is a model who is ready for anything. She has a bubbly personality and is a very hard worker. When she gets in front of the camera her talent flows naturally. She can take on any challenge and conquer it. There's nothing that this girl can't do. She has a commercial face and the figure to go along with it. She is that girl that you want to see on your tv screens. She is marketable in every way. She has done a commercial for PGA as an extra. She would like to conquer more commercials, print work and runway shows in the future
Arielle Jackson

Modeling has always been my passion and I love being a role model. I would like to do more but having 3 kids makes that difficult but I'm still not giving up on my dreams. My favorite modeling experience has to be when I walked in the serenity nights runway show In NYC a few Years ago. The confidence to take risks has made me doing amazing things on the runway.

Chancé Chantele Gatoro
Fanta Camara

Every modeling experience is different and unique said Fanta Camara. I find each and every of my modeling experience a learning opportunity. Not only does it help me grow as a model, but it also allows me to become a better, smarter and more humble person as I move more into the modeling industry. I try to be the best that I can be to make my family proud.


Modeling is something that allows me to express myself. I have always wanted to model, not just for the money or for the designer clothes, although all that is nice. I wanted to model because it is something that allows women to feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful in their own skin. No matter the shape, size, color, or age, modeling allows women be who they are in front of the camera or on stage. I love the idea of bringing my own style, taste and attitude to a new audience. It allows them to get to know me better as an individual.

The credits for black dress:

Photographer:              Steve Bennetts Photography

Designer:                      Margaret-Gamacke Designs

Model:                           Fanta Camara

MUA:                             Keena


The credits for African Vintage Pieces:


Photographer:            Falcone Oz Millennia
Designer:                    Stellah - Tribal Groove
Model:                         Fanta Camara
MUA:                            Kristy Marine
Taylor Monai
Aziza Allen
Demi Lynn

I believe that dreams can only be made if you wake up. I love shooting, especially the wow moment you get when you see the finished product. I give some credit to my Make-Up artists for their experience. Their comment about my eyes and my personality always boosts my confidence. Seeing the smile of the fashion designers and photographers as result of my work is very fulfilling. At the end of the day we're a team with the same goal. The most recent shoot I coordinated with Rich Hardt photographer at his studio in Staten Island overspray for breast cancer awareness was my favorite modeling experience because we are reminded to give back to our society in order to make our world better place than we found it. It was inspiring.


Protecting your image and trusting someone else to do so are some of modeling challenges that we are all facing. It's so easy to be judged but it's even easier when you're in front of a camera.

Vanessa Jones
Syndia Saint Jour

I have a big heart and am very passionate. I'm hands on and independent with every project I do. As a nurse, pageant queen, student and musician, sometimes I don't sleep in order to take care of others or entertain others or put a smile on someone's face. The best part of what I do is the enjoyment of benefitting others. I like modeling because pictures say a thousand words. I like to showcase the human in me in every photograph because it's what myself and the spectator definitely have in common. We are both human with human struggles. People compliment me most for my natural body language and image. Photographers and people alike are intrigued.


My last photo shoot for my upcoming album was special and different to me because one of my best friends joined me on the beach shoot. That made it my favorite modeling experience. However the biggest challenge in modeling are the frauds. Trying to decipher the real from the fake. Or trying to figure out who has your best interest or want to exploit you.

Akuac Ring

Rejeanne Raymond

Rejeanne Raymond

I'm very outgoing, fun and loving. I love to travel and make new friends. I'm also very determined in any goals that I would like to accomplish. My favorite modeling experience would have to be going down the runway for The Connecticut Fashion Week for the first time. Not only I had a blast but it really opened my eyes to become very serious about this craft along with acting.


The prospect of walking the runway and being photographed at many different locations locally and potentially around the world is what I like about modeling. Getting the nerves out of my system before going out on the runway or shooting at a public area is challenging part of modeling.. I usually think very positive and immediately I become confident of what I am doing.

Angel Juanso
Janesha Levons

Red pants and black and gold top
Styling by Debora Wolf 
Photography by Kamrul Hasan

Indian wedding dress images
Designed by Lashkara Couture
Sylist Dipali Shah
Makeup zeeshan shamji /glow zee
Photography by Pandya photographey.

Green dress runway photo
Design by Clear boutique 
Photography by Adam lein. New York fashion runway