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In September 2012, I got the chance to walk for 3 famous designers at the New York Fashion Week which was a great deal for me because I just moved from Ethiopia to New York City 6 months prior to the 2012 September fashion week. Currently I am only doing editorial work than runway that’s what my interest is. I work with different photographers and designers . Modeling gave me the opportunity to meet people of different background, a chance to travel to interesting places and inspire people. The glamour may attract people but to get to that point, you go thru a lot of challenging things specially once you are in your mid-twenties, it is difficult to keep signed by your agency and also find new ones. However, I enjoy the challenge because nothing great comes easy.

Shante Armstrong

Q4: What is challenging about modeling?


The rejection... but, the key to overcoming rejection is to get back up and try again. Models or anyone in the entertainment industry must understand that receiving rejection(s) doesn't mean that what you are doing isn't your purpose. You just have keep striving with improvement until you receive acceptance in your element of work. Don't let rejections degrade your value because no one in this industry is better or lesser than you are. We were all created as equals, despite our position or title.



Q5: What most people compliment you more for?


My confidence, as a designer once mentioned, "my confidence gives me more height!"

Kamilla Stevens

Kioshi Yang

Kioshi Lee Yang was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She is 5"6 and lives a nomadic lifestyle. Her first photo shoot that She have ever done was with a now her great friend and photographer known as Martell. (@mentionmartell on all social media accounts), it was his first time in New York. They traveled all around SoHo, to museums, Upper Manhattan, and Brooklyn shooting multiple looks all day and all night.  Kioshi Lee Yang admits that, It was her favorite modeling experience.


EVERYTHING is challenging about modeling, She said. Starting from knowing your body, knowing your face, the best positions, knowing your  structure as a whole and mastering how to translate your beauty from real life to on camera. knowing what looks best on you and what doesn't. Not comparing yourself to other models, and not allowing other people's' comparisons get to you. Being strong steady and secure in who you are, without feeling pressured to look or be like someone else who society deems as being "better". Lots of things are really tough about modeling. That's why She prefers the term visual artistry.

Melly Mel
Mitchie Rae Johnson

Working with my favorite designer Happy Couture HCR in Manhattan doing the R.A.W show was my favorite modeling experience. I am a proud mother of 4 children two boys two girls. I love to do runway and print, love to read and meet new people and I'm just a silly girl from north Philadelphia who is reaching for her dreams


Finding your voice and making sure you are doing something you really love and not just having a pretty face is the most challenging aspect of modeling.

What I love the most about modeling is the fact that there is always something new to do and to try. There are always new people with new ideas and they need a muse to make them come out and I love being that muse.


I used to hate my high cheek bones but everyone else loves them especially the makeup artist and photographers lol People just love so much my bone structure. Now I'm hired to shoot often because of my high cheek bones so I've grown to love myself beyond. They helped me to see my inner and outer beauty

LaTanya Pratt


Raja Mirage

I am an ordinary woman but I was born to do extraordinary things. Modeling allows me to express myself in a way that I wasn't allowed when growing up. Now I am comfortable to work through my insecurities. My attitude has changed. I see my lips, eyes, and long legs as an assets and not a liability. At times I second guess myself, but I'm working to allow myself to let my talent flows.

Modeling for the" Carols Adams Foundation Strut 4 Domestic Violence Fashion Show" was for me an eye opener. Many people came together to support the cause and raised awareness for domestic violence. I met a lot of new people, and applied what I learned in life in general to modeling.

Sa-Tease Roseberry

The photo shoot I did in honor of the Black Panther party actually reflects my believe that If you want something you should definitely stay positive and work hard to make your dreams come true.  That shoot actually stood for something big in black culture.


Trying to make the next set of photos better than the last ones I took to show that I am learning and growing is not easy but I am ready for the challenge.  I love to express myself through photos and become someone else as well as get to model someone else’s creations and make their clothes the star.

Rita Hyre

I love to pose for photography looking different. Print modeling is what I like the most. I love to promote and to serve as a visual aide for people who are creating works of art. When people compliment me on my look and work, I get motivated and my desire is to continue to grow up professionally.

Tonya Nichols
Imperfectly Perfected hand made designs by Tonya Nichols

I first found my love for modeling and fashion design as a young girl by watching my mother. After losing my mother in 1993, my passion for fashion and modeling became an afterthought and I began to put all of my focus into my job and being the best mother I could be to my 3 children. After having a near death experience and having emergency surgery for a brain aneurism, my life took a change for the better. With my mother as my inspiration and my children as my motivation, I decided to go forward with this dream that my mother and I once shared together. With my mother in mind, I created Imperfectly Perfected hand made designs by Tonya Nichols in September 2015. I wanted my designs to be a reflection of who my mother was as a woman. My mother was beautiful, strong, confident and full of confidence. Imperfectly Perfected hand made designs by Tonya Nichols is a line of high end fashion for women. It is a blend of national as well as international cultures with an urban edge, making this line of clothing eclectic, elegant and regal. All pieces are carefully thought out and 100% hand sewn making each piece exclusive. The women that wear Imperfectly Perfected hand made designs Tonya Nichols will not only feel beautiful, powerful, regal and unique but will look the part as well. “We are Women and we all have flaws, but this is how we were created, but..We are Strong, We are Unique, We are Beautiful…..We Are Imperfectly Perfected!!!!!!!

Divanita Nuwame

I’m mist of Senegal and Ghana in West Africa. I always dream to be a supermodel, but I 

never had parental support because of traditional things. I started modeling in secret, and  my parents discovered it when I was nominated miss vad of my city.  Today my reason to pursue modeling is to realize my dreams as become an international supermodel and be a model for all children who let down their dreams because of parents or/ and tradition influences. I strongly trust that Love and belief are only things that can help to realize dream!

Vanessa Blaise

My name is Vanessa Blaise, I am a very talent beautiful model with a large dreams. I was born in Haiti. My modeling journey started at The Rubens creation School located in port au prince where I practiced the catwalk and the poses. Later, I moved to Miami just to pursue my career. Now I have a job, I go to school and continue modeling activities. Modeling is not easy. It requires patience and accepting challenges that comes your way. To achieve your goal you need to develop your skills and learn from others.

Living with a Christian Guardians, you need to be strong and diplomatic when you talk about your modeling aspirations. I don't have a modeling agency but I wish to get one soon. My modeling career is successful. So far I did many fashion shows that gave me good exposures. I walked for great designers and met new people with different culture backgrounds and that is amazing. I was selected among the top 10 finalists at Summer face Competition of elements magazine. Also I had been featured in magazine book with Modella Bella. I want to thanks Rose healvenrich for mentoring me in my debut. I thank also these amazing Designers: La belle couture and Classy lazy. Thanks to my Boyfriend (big supporter) who always GPS the location of the venues to help me out when I don't even know the locations and thanks to my family, supporters and friends.

Malika Johnson

My name is Malika I have a passion for modeling and that has been burning inside since I was a young girl growing up in Kingston, Jamaica. I came to the states when I was 13 years old, moving to the heart of Miami, Florida. Caught in the hustle of paying bills and trying to make it, currently I’m working as a receptionist at a nursing home. Though this job is rewarding caring for the elderly, I would, however, rather be walking the runway or posing for the camera. Presently, I’m working hard to take my modeling career to the next level. My main interest is fashion shoots, runway and commercial; however I am open to other aspects of modeling. I am prepared to travel anywhere in the world to pursue my passion; I take serious all job opportunities, provided that my travelling expenses consider that I am working on a receptionist’s budget. No challenge is too big, or assignment is too small for me.

Shenandoah Walker

Growing up, I used to get teased about how big my eyes were. But once I started modeling, that soon changed. I was getting a lot of praise and compliments about my eyes. Winning my first runway show and modeling competition for Nzuri Top Natural Model has boosted my confidence a lot. It was a confirmation that I could live my dreams. I am able to express myself artistically whether by using makeup or clothing and becoming anything I want. I like proving to people that I am more that what is on the surface.


The challenging thing about the modeling industry especially for me is the fact that I'm what you would call a "petite model." Meaning I don't fit the requirement of a High Fashion model which has to be 5'7 and up. I take that with a grain of salt and don't let that stop me from doing my passion. I am a proud black woman with the goal of changing what is considered beautiful in this society and helping my people in any way I can.

Coco Williams

Walking in the Beach Bling Summer Show was so amazing because I got to share the experience with my son as he walked for the first time. As I was living my dream, my children were able to live theirs with me. I realize that Dreams do become Reality no matter what hardships you come across. Have faith, work hard, be dedicated, consistent and don’t be afraid to take the first step towards your dream. You never know what the future holds if you actually try and never give up. Modeling allows me to be a real life positive role model. There are so many faces out that are leading our youth astray. I’m able to show that it's ok to have morals, respect yourself and others. It's actually Cool and rewarding to Love and help your fellow man. For me the most challenging thing about modeling is being disciplined in diet and working out. I must remind myself of what I’m doing and why I’m doing it.




Coco is a Barber, Published Curvy Model, Pregnancy Counselor, CSO (Chief Serving Officer) of Kingdom Boss Inc. and founder B.O.S.S. Models Empowerment/Entrepreneur Program. Her goal is not to become a super model but instead to become a Super Role Model. Our young people need positive role models to help guide them and show them how to reach their goals and become successful. Kingdom Boss Inc. and B.O.S.S. Models was birth from the needs of all the people Coco has come in contact with while styling, modeling, and counseling. So many clients confided in her about their needs and hardships that she felt compelled to help. “My Dream is to help make your Dreams Reality, in doing so my Dream becomes Reality!” She resides in Demopolis, AL with her husband Gary and 3 children. Coco’s goal is to show that dreams really are attainable you just have to have faith, work hard, be dedicated and consistent. Don’t be afraid to take that first step. You never know what the future holds. God is good and we are blessed!!

Anita P Taylor

I was born and raised in Raleigh, NC where I currently reside. I have been modeling for 5 years and I am 22 years old. Modeling is a huge industry and becoming a model does not happen overnight. There are many obstacles that one has to overcome. I am as goofy and as clumsy as the actual fictional character named Goofy, and I live to love. I love that modeling allows me to express myself. I call it "my art". When I am on the runway, everything goes blank and I am in my zone. I feel powerful and I am most happy in this moment.
Karizma Dabney

Kari Dabney have walked for a number of fashion shows, such as Taste Of The Runway, Cosmic Runway, Amarachi Bliss, What is Love and more. She modeled for many designers and was recently published in NJ Trentonian newspaper on page 6. As the model of the day! She received training at PSDSN INT Magazine and Modeling Company and also received tips from America's Next Top Model Winner Bianca Golden. Kari Dabney have done print work for Charles Phox, Julius D.C Bryant, Sean carter and more. She has an upcoming show with Mercedes Benz in 2016. She wishes to accomplish some works with Victoria Secret and She enjoys meeting new people. Overall She is very serious about her career and have high expectations for herself.


Name:            Karizma Dabney

Model Name: Kari D.


Phone number: 347-849-6762


Measurements                     Height: 5'8                Weight:120

Bust: 32         Cup: B            Waist:22                     Hips:36

Kamìko Walker-Frye

My aunt moved home to Pine Hill Alabama from Long Beach California, and I was given an opportunity in modeling at age six. I realized I loved it! It was a very small show at the local city hall, but I knew that I had a zeal for it. She also was a cosmetologist, which also gave me my next love of hair, makeup, and everything fashion. I knew I had a future in it, but I felt I lost it after the deadly car accident we both were involved in and took her life. However, many years later, that old passion resurfaced when I was chosen to walk in a runway show at The House of Adrene. Meeting new people and the photo shoots is what I like about modeling. In front of the camera, I'm an open book. I'm able to express myself in a varieties of awkward poses and still feel confident and beautiful. The feeling of becoming one with the photographer.



I'm just an ordinary girl from a very small town with really big dreams to inspire and encourage others to believe in themselves and never give up hope. Also that I'm a wife of a very supporting husband, a mother of two beautiful children, and I love life. I may not be where I want to be in this present, but definitely have faith that my future holds something greater!



The most challenging things about modeling; is the oversimplified image of a particular person that limits one of their potential. I think age, height, and size shouldn't matter. However, as long as one can go beyond what is stipulated by a role or job then the stereotypes should be overlooked. What I'm mostly complimented on is my natural beauty, my eyes, lips, and natural hair.

Paidamoyo-Janet Azehko

I love Shpongle. Simon Posford is my hero. I would not be doing what I do if I had never come across his music or met him. I heard "Nothing Is Something Worth Doing" during Shpongle live in 2010 and it made me change my whole way of life. I had this vision of Shpongle and my part in it and from that moment on I went after it. Everything you see me do, whether it's modeling or dance or painting it's all based off that split second vision. I was body painted by Matteo Arfanotti who was once World Body paint Champion. I loved that modeling experience most because watching him paint was mesmerizing.


In a time where black women are fighting to be seen as equals, I've gotten to meet and talk to some amazing artists in all media from fashion to art to music to performing arts and it's because people are open to seeing me inhabit a space. I like that people want to work with me. Everything about being a model is challenging. When someone says "model" it's easy to think of Linda Evangelista or Naomi Campbell. There's a perception of the high fashion agency model, but no one really thinks of art models or illustration models. There's a large part of the spectrum in the industry that gets ignored, but we all play our part. It's difficult being a model of color because you have to be able to hear "the concept wasn't envisioned for a model of color" and keep trying. I've done jobs where the client reshot something to edit me out. You just develop a thick skin.

My Instagram is @corderosaamada and my Facebook is:

Cavi Ande

I am full of LIFE on the runway. I practice day and night to obtain a signature walk so flawless, so whimsical yet polished, undeniably enticing. When I did.....the rest I leave on the runway. The Atlantic City fashion week 2012 was my best experience ever in modeling. Everything was amazing, from the runway setup over the fountain, the amazing MUAs, Hairstylists and crazy models. Not to mention my stay at one of the best hotels with a huge night life and casino at my fingertips.


More than anything in the world, I live to make others feel good about themselves. Ultimately I aspire to have my own model management business. Seeking and aiding all new comers to this harsh industry. Sometimes without knowing we alter ourselves to please others. I want to change that. Besides my obsession with the fashion aspect, I adore meeting new people. The good, the bad, the shallow and the downright evil. I feel there's something to take from them all. As I learn who I am, I realize that I come across those struggling with tasks I've already conquered. It feels amazing to be that insight to their solution.


The most difficult part about modeling to me has to be, remaining true to your identity. Again, without knowing we alter ourselves to appease others. I know that being a model means to be versatile but I've watched so many lose themselves completely. I refuse to be that model. I want to forever and always remain Cavi Ande. Sassy, curvy, dark and beautiful inside and out.

Tina Richardson

My name is Tina Richardson and I have been modeling for 3 years now. I'm a published print model and I have been featured in numerous publications stateside and international. My biggest accomplishment as a plus-size model who had only 5 months of modeling experience is making the Front Cover of Midwest Black Hair Magazine November 2012 Issue. Since then I have been a featured model for Midwest Black Hair Magazine. Standing at 5' 5 ", I have grace the Front Cover, Back Cover, Inside Cover, and made Centerfold for Midwest Black Hair Magazine and featured on ad campaigns for Midwest Black Hair Magazine. I have also been featured in numerous print publications, featured on websites, cosmetics ads, blog spots, and recently did an advertisement photo shoot for SONIC Drive-In Fast Food Restaurant.


I enjoy getting my makeup done professionally and I love to look like a different person. I love being a chameleon because no one ever knows what I will look like. On top of that, being a model is like being an actor. You are always playing a different role when you are doing a photo shoot. My only challenge is that I’m not with a modeling agency, so I have to look for my own castings, photographers, hairstylists, and make-up artists to work with. I have to do my own promoting, advertising, and marketing. I’m very thankful for having my own wardrobe stylist and hairstylist which is important. When I lived in Kansas, I had my own Professional Makeup Artist and her name is Mieisha Musawwir who is one of the best makeup artists that I have worked with in the industry. As a model, it is important to work with a great makeup artist especially for your photo shoots.


To see my resume and my professional bio please visit my professional modeling website at and for bookings please contact me at


Photo Credits                                                               

Photographer D. Brown                                     Photographer: Kia Randal with Celestial Picture, LLC

Hair Yalanda Young                                           Model:                       Tina Richardson

MUA Penelope Santiago                                     Hair/Makeup Artist:   Mieisha Musawwir

Wardrobe Stylist Toni Alexander                         Wardrobe Stylist:     Toni Alexander



Photographer:   Fredonja Anderson                   Photographer:           Marco Simonelli

Hair Yalanda Young                                           H/MUA:                      Mieisha Musawwir

MUA Jazzy Baptiste                                          Wardrobe Stylist:       Toni Alexander

Liang Senn

I am a risk taker and a free spirit in their purest forms. I am unafraid person. The thing I love most about modeling is the freedom to create and inspire. The fact that a moment can be captured in 15 different ways in the span of a few seconds excites me. The most challenging thing about modeling to me is portraying EXACTLY what you want to, usually 10 to 50 shots can be produced to convey one emotion. The repetition is the most challenging to me because I like to keep it moving. Most people compliment me on my hair, lips, waist and legs.


I have a few favorite modeling experiences. One was a dance inspired body paint shoot i did with full body paint and my Pointe shoes. Another was a caution tape shoot I did during rush hour in Columbus circle in NYC. Another was a project I worked on entitled "We are Queens" inspired by African Queens in which I was chosen to portray Queen Nefertiti. Lastly, another favorite of mine was a recent shoot I did just for fun on the upper west side of the city featuring still motion shots.

Rasmiyyah Sahirah

My name is Rasmiyyah Sahirah I am a Petite Model, Trained jazz/contemporary/ballet and hip hop Dancer/Performer/Instructor and aspiring Actress. I am from a small resort beach island in Ocean City New Jersey. Being raised in a city with an average population of 7 thousand with only 2% African American population has been an enlighten experience of growth. One of the hardest struggles in growing up in a small town is understanding the best way to adapt in such a racially split population. I am beating the odds in my city so I will achieve greatness in this entertainment life and reach success. I have learned that you must risk it all and must strive to be a success and stand out from the rest. I know I will put my small island on the map with one of my many entertaining talents in Dancing, Modeling and Acting. I love the platform modeling gives me by expressing my artistic style and meeting interesting people in the process.

Height                        5'3 32 26 39

Instagram:                 dancluver

FACEBOOK:                 Rasmiyyah Sahirah

Cash Lane

My name is Cash Lane I'm 23 years old. From Brooklyn NY, now residing in Jacksonville Florida. I started dancing and have been since 13. I recently decided to take on the challenge of modeling. The best experience in modeling is being able to express myself. I love that I can be whoever I choose. I like for people to see different sides of me. I know if I stay focused I can go far in this career. I get so many compliments fire my smile and how comfortable I am in front of the camera. The most challenging in modeling is keeping up with what's new but also staying healthy because in modeling you are judged so much.

Asiavon Bell

At my first cat walk, I realized that modeling or fashion is really what I want to do. It was nerve racking, the makeup, the switching and the changing outfits. I showcased 3 outfits that night and I was so scared, my legs where shaking. By then I was already in line and just like that I'm on the runway. I remember thinking "please don't fall, please don't fall, stay steady" and just like that it was over. It was the longest minute of my life but I loved it.


I am a humble and devoted person who is a team player. People compliment me most on my eyes and surprisingly enough my poise. No matter how far I get I will never forget where I came from and who I'm doing this for. Of course everyone does this for family. But I'm also doing modeling to benefit and inspire our youth whom I believe is our future and open doors for more models, designers, and artists who get over looked. Together we will make noise for the east coast and show that hard work and dedication for a positive purpose does make a difference. I'm trying to start a movement.


Trying to stay away from so many delicious treats is very challenging because I struggle with self control in trying to stay away from certain foods that may break my skin out like soda or birthday cake. Having a healthy diet for a model is very important. Maintaining a good skin and weight. is a small sacrifice but it's worth it. I may sneak a cupcake here and there from time to time.

Sey'Sey Seymonne

I've had dreams of modeling from as early as age 5 but didn't begin working in the field until 2013 when I later was discovered. I am a 2012 graduate of Gray's Creek High School. I am currently attending Fayetteville Technical Community College pursuing my career in cosmetology. My hobbies include: studying fashion, shopping, doing hair, and spending time with my loving family. What I like about modeling is not only does it allow me to show my creativeness through my pictures, my walk, postures, and etc, but it also allows me to show off my best features that also include beautiful smile.


Although, I didn't come from a wealthy background; I'm a hard worker and very confident person. My goals in life are not only to win America's Next Top Model, become a Victoria's Secret Angel, but to simply be an international super model. Being published in Crush, Sweet Tart, and Pinup Magazines were my favorite modeling experiences. However the most challenging thing about modeling to me is shooting with partners.
Tenesha Dennis

Doing Baltimore Fashion Week is unforgettable experience. I had an opportunity to work with a lot of very ambitious designers and the crew was great to work with. The production was phenomenal. Modeling has been my passion for a very long time, and being on the ready is the best high of life for me. I enjoy the spot light I get for my 43' legs and my long eyelashes. Meeting people through networking and social events is great and modeling offers plenty of these opportunities. My modeling experiences include ripping the runway at MBFW WITH Anna Francesca, PLITZ NYFW , Philadelphia Fashion Week. And MD Fashion Awards


The most challenging thing about modeling is the amount of travel to do. I am the proof mother of 3 beautiful daughters and I have to balance my duty and my passion. I am very ambitious and have had some major challenges and setbacks but I am a warrior.
Jasmine Metivier
Jasmine metivier was just a little girl from Brooklyn with a dream. She started modeling at the tender age of 8 and didn't stop there despite the obstacles she encounter, she continued to push further closer to her goals and dreams. As she was on  her journey she also found a love and passion for music and film. And that was only the beginning. 



At the age of 17 she got the honor to walk in Couture Fashion Week as well as Mercedes-Benz for incredible designer. Also she go the opportunity to star in a film as lead, that will be Released in 2016. Also with her EPK arriving for the new year, with her ambition and drive for success and the love and foundation she has it's  not telling what else she would be doing next. 


Favorite quote - When your dreams are so big you feel uncomfortable telling small minded people. 

Yemi Aberra

Nicketa Campbell

Nicketa Campbell is a New York based Make-up Artist with experience spanning over a period of twelve (12) years. Born in Guyana, however, Nicketa gained her first professional experience working for the 2003 Miss Guyana Talented Teen Pageant under the guidance of veteran make-up artist, Paulla


Now, fully established in New York, Campbell is sought after by some of the city's finest Photographers, Show Producers and even Magazine Editors for her intrinsic make-up capabilities. In the past, she has worked for both Plitzs New York City Fashion Week and Couture Fashion Week. In addition, Nicketa has also worked with Hype Hair Magazine - the number one hair and beauty source for women of color.  Other notable clients include Former Miss Guyana Universe 2012 and Reigning Miss World Guyana 2013, Ruqayyah Boyer, among many others.

As both an experienced make-up artist and print model, Campbell stresses the importance of a good

skin-care regimen and also shares the belief that "make-up is just an extension of your natural beauty;  it plays up the beauty that you already have." For this reason, Nicketa is anxious to work her magic on this year's Miss World Guyana contestants and wishes to thank the Miss World Guyana Organization for the opportunity.

Shante Armstrong

Q1: What is your favorite modeling experience?


Out of the endless list of favorites, my ultimate favorite modeling experience is definitely making the cover of Fashion Avenue News Magazine's August 2014 issue. That one opportunity opened the door to numerous opportunities in New York including signing with a New York model management company, i-Fashion Management.



Q2: What do you want your audience to know about you?


I am best known for my slender, versatile physique and illuminated stance. My

appearance can transform from youthful to androgynous to regal. In this industry, I am considered a commercial model but, filled with the creativeness of a fashion model.

Friends and industry professionals recognize me as the 'all-in-one' model as I have more traits than modeling: I coach aspiring models on model techniques and runway; and I am also a fashion blogger at Fashion Under 20.



Q3: What do you like about modeling?


One word: Entrepreneurship! The marketing, promoting, selling the brand(s) or product(s) without little to no words - just, beauty, confidence, and emotions.


Kamilla Stevens

My name is Kamilla Stevens. I am a very generous individual that enjoy helping others and also expressing myself through my style and joyful personality. I like to make others feel welcomed when they are in my presence. I am a very ambitious and outgoing women that seeks any path within the fashion industry. I plan on furthering my career within the

modeling field and also the fashion field. I always get compliments on my beauty and also my kindness. People says that my eyes stand out a lot.

I love every moment of modeling it helps express who you are through creativity and

passion. With every project that I accomplish I start out with a mentality that is grateful

and also passionate. There is a lot of art within modeling and I enjoy showing the world

many different ways to help make yourself standout and also be unique. My most favorite modeling experience was on top of a rooftop in New York City. It was a 16 story building

that I had shot on. I was totally excited. I do not regret any shoots I have done thus far.

The challenging part about modeling is that you cannot expect to go into this industry

thinking that you will be paid for each project that you accomplish. Every part of modeling to me is considered a job and also a passion. You must work your way towards gainingexposure and also paid work.

Honey Budzinsky

 At the last Caribbean American Heritage Show, a 75 year old lady and her husband waited

2 hours just to tell me they were my super fans. That gesture stands out as my favorite

moment in my carrier. I want my audience to know that I care about them a lot, my fans

are the oil behind my engine, they make me want to keep keeping

I love being able to express myself through my music and my pictures.

One of the most challenging things about Modeling is the impossible standard set by the

Fashion industry. You have to believe in yourself and stick to your values to not lose

yourself in the 'you must look a certain way' agenda.

Kioshi Yang

Visual artistry, is a whole lot of things. visual artistry opens a lane for you to be completely who you are, without having to "perfect" or "tweak" or change anything about yourself. It gives you the ability to create based on how your spirit feels, rather than looking and being a specific way that society wants you to, in order for you to gain recognition for your beauty.

Melly Mel
I grew up in Toronto to Cameroonian parents and started dancing at a young age. I have done solo shows around Canada mainly Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and British Colombia. Last year we formed a group called MELTgirls which is based in Toronto. we do live shows and have performed with artist such Iyanya, Timaya, Psquare just to name a few. as well as performing for local Canadian based artist. we do almost everything from zouk, classical, contemporary to Spanish fusions like batchata and salsa. our main forte is Hip-Hop, dancehall and Afrobeat. our mission is to teach dance and incorporate It into the educational and health system not just as a fun or competitive act but as a method to keep our youth involved in the community, out of the street and a distress relief. Adults can also benefit from this as a workout tool and female in particular are our main target to increase their self esteem while reducing obesity rates in teenagers.
Mitchie Rae Johnson

LaTanya Pratt

I was nominated as one of the top 5 best runway models at the Stars & Stripes-Project Runway fashion show in Hampton, VA. I was so nervous and shaking like a baby. I couldn’t believe it, all of the models were excellent walkers and have been modeling way before me who has just started in April 2014. When it was time to do a “Walk off” against the other models, my nervousness immediately went away, and I walked for my life! I received several complements about my skin and complexion and my lips. Though I didn’t win in the end, I was still honored that I was even selected as a nominee to showcase the art of the designers and bringing their pieces to life. I’m 30 years young, have 2 children, currently majoring in Social Work, and want to become a Probation and Parole officer.



Keeping up with your own personal items behind the scenes at the shows was challenging. Getting exposure and making a name for yourself is even harder. it's rocky road when starting off, because no one knows you, designers like working with people they have a history with and all designers have their picks… So whenever I get cast for a show… I bring it!

Fontaine Felisha Foxworth

I am an ambitious, go getter that stops at nothing to fulfill my place in this world as a filmmaker, model, business woman, and innovator. I'm magnetic and unlike anyone you'll ever meet! I guarantee that!


I felt most connected to my African American Heritage on the runway for Africa Fashion Week - New York City. I love fully expressing myself, and giving people a glance inside who I am with every photo. I must say that while I love showing off, I remember to always remain humble. Breaking the ethnic boundaries I would say is the hardest thing about modeling for me. It takes passion and positive energy to do modeling.

Natalie Oatman

I am a classically trained singer with strong roots in gospel and musical theater I landed my first professional singing gig at 11 on Broadway in a gospel play. My music is soulful and inspirational yet current . What I love about music is that it is a universal language that expresses the deepest part of your being. Music is a healing for your soul.


Maintaining your integrity while balancing the music and business parts is the challenging thing about music. My favorite music experience was when I toured Europe for the first time. The people, the history and food were amazing.


I have a single out called I Need You and My newest single I Forgive You will be out this fall. "I Need You" is available on iTunes Google Play and The video on this page is a tribute to Mahiala Jackson.



Event Production

Consultation and Design


Concert Sound Systems, Sound Reinforcement, Wide Dispersion Public Address

Stage Lighting, Intelligent Lights, Spot Lights, Gobos, Mood Lighting

Special Effects, Laser Light Shows, Fog, Mirror Balls, Strobes

Back-line Instrument Rentals

Stages, Rigging, Barricades, Fences, Ropes & Stanchions

Crew, Security, Metal Detectors, Radio Communications

Large Mobile Movie Screens, Projectors, Big Screen TVs

Decorations, Props, Backdrops, Banners, Flags, Bunting,

Pennants Tents, Dance floors Seating, Bleachers, and


Transportation, Golf Carts

Catering may include African and Caribbean food

Posters, Tickets, Backstage Passes


Entertainment and Event Insurance