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Kanda Bongo Man Biography


Kanda Bongo Man becomes the singer for Orchestra Belle Mambo in 1973, developing a sound influenced by Tabu Ley.[2] His solo career only started to take off after moving to Paris in 1979, where his music started to incorporate elements of then-vibrant zouk music (originating in the French West Indies). His first solo albums, "Iyole" in 1981 and "Djessy" in 1982, were hits.

He is most famous for the structural changes he implemented to soukous music. The previous approach was to sing several verses and have one guitar solo at the end of the song. Kanda Bongo Man revolutionized soukous by encouraging guitar solos after every verse and even sometimes at the beginning of the song. His form of soukous gave birth to the kwassa kwassa dance rhythm where the hips move back and forth while the hands move to follow the hips.

Like many African rumba and soukous musicians before him, Kanda Bongo Man also had an entourage of musicians. Many of Kanda's musicians later moved on to start their own solo careers. Most notable of these was Diblo Dibala. Known as "Machine Gun", Diblo Dibala was a vital part of Kanda Bongo Man's lineup on several albums, including "Kwasa Kwasa" and "Amour Fou".

Kanda Bongo Man still tours in Europe and the United States. On July, 2005 he performed at the LIVE 8: Africa Calling concert in Cornwall.
Charlene Anderson

I may be a model but I am Human just like everyone. We all have flaws and I want my followers to know that just because you may not look or act a certain way you’ll still be fine and you can do what you want in this world with hard work and determination. Most people won’t know or imagine that I am a Psychology Major. I hope to earn my PhD one day. As well as inspire young black boys and girls



In modeling, going out of your comfort zone or “act” a certain way to conform to that given environment is not easy.  My Favorite modeling experience by far would have to be Modeling in my first major fashion show In Winter Park During Park Avenue Fashion Week as well as Doing the “Game Day Fashions” Segment for Meow and Barks Boutique on NBC when I was 19. I can’t wait to go to NYFW one year.

Pa Oki - Guitare soukous

Mbilia bel nakeyi Nairobi