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Ms. Maryland United States 2014, is a multitalented person. Helping others is her passion. She is a founder of an non-profit organization called " Empowerment Essence". This organization mission is to eradicate suicide and bullying for youth and young adults. This will be accomplished through prevention education, awareness campaigns, counseling services, mentoring/life skills programs and referrals to mental health organizations-facilities. She believe that those actions therefore will be able to empower our youth and young adults to live and lead safe, healthy and well balanced lives.


In addition to Modeling, Shenetta Malkia is a Motivational Speaker, Commercial Actress (Medstar Health), Television Host/Expert, Live Event Hosting, Teleprompter, Cooking, Swimming, Dancing, Racing, Hosting and Promotional Events.

Tiffany Hope works as a Promotional Model for various brands in the DMV. Now, She is the reigning Miss National Harbor United States 2015 and will go on to compete for Miss Maryland United States 2015. Her platform is Mental Illness and Suicide Ideation Prevention, where she has raised over 10,000 dollars toward psychological research. Furthermore, Tiffany founded the youth group organization, Beautiful Beings, where she mentors young girls ages 10-19 in Baltimore. She plans to obtain her PhD in Clinical Psychology by the time she reaches age 30.


During a New York Fashion Show and Networking Event for The Platform Magazine in September 2014. I walked in the fashion show for two designers and was also featured in the September issue of The Platform Magazine. I love the confidence that modeling gives me. The display of my talents gives me a sense of accomplishment and self-actualization. I won best swimsuit at the 2015 Miss Maryland World pageant. I have been complemented for my fitness and tone that I have developed following hard work.

Tshibangu Kadima 

TOUR Coordinator


48 Pleasant St, #13

Stoneham, MA 02180



Tel: 781-438-6103


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Phylisia Slim

The photogenic Phylisia Slim has a nice and distinctive catwalk. She is a very outgoing person who works hard for what She wants. Currently She has a book coming out this year that would explain more about her. She loves the feeling of being on the runway and of being wanted.

My name is May Okongo. I am a student at Boston University Metropolitan College. I am from Kenya but I do not prosper at running marathons. There are other things I do well however- such as dancing and playing volleyball. I translate Swahili to English and English to Swahili as a volunteer in conferences that take place around the country. Other things I love but I am not very good at are singing, knitting and crocheting and elephants.

My platform is about helping immigrant students. Being one of them, I fully understand some of the challenges that they have to overcome in order to achieve their goals. Most of these difficulties can be overcome once these students are informed about the opportunities available to them.   As such, it is my dream to create a network that will seek to help these students by availing them the information they need to take advantage of the opportunities coming their way. I will rip the runway at the Queen of Africa International and Rumbafrica Pageant for a cause that I have a passion for.


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Imani Weatherington

My name is Imani Weatherington, I’m 23 years old and I was born in a small town of Kingston, Jamaica! Model is something I’ve always dreamed of becoming. It’s what I love to do and it’s a chance at a better life not only for myself but for me and my family, my children and my husband. There are certain things in modeling that I can’t control. I’m a plus size model but I love my body but most designers don’t want that and I want to show the world that being plump is beautiful. I mostly get attention about my height and how my body and legs look beautiful on film and on the runway. I know how to strut and sell garments in any show that I am involved in.

Kei Jones

My name is Kei Jones and I am 20 years old. I feel like time is ticking and it’s only going forward but I make the best out of every experience I’m able to get. Some people are hard on you, not everyone is going to like you and if you’re serious about it then it’s best to start off young.



Makeover in modeling is really fun. I love being able to put on someone’s designs and a wig and become completely different person. I want my audience to know that Kei Jones is an actor, singer and model born on September 16 in Mt. Vernon NY. At the age of 5 she was diagnosed with a severe speech impediment, but you would never know this when she hits the stage. She started modeling at 14 doing photo shoots for friends and small designers then at the age of 16 she started walking in shows like Couture Fashion Week, African Fashion Week in Toronto and charitable events such as The Friends and Family of Mustard Seed Lucheon and Fashion Show. She is a young lady on a mission and she is ready to face any obstacle that may come her way.   

Star Fae

Modeling gives me a chance to become a chameleon and it helps me clear my mind when the camera starts clinking. No time to think of anything else, just work. Modeling for <Outre' Hair> and meeting a few cast members from America's Next Top Model gave me a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.


I appreciate my audience very much because they humble me. My motivation to keep pushing comes from them when complemented on my acting and singing ability or my ability to transform into character so easily.

Chasity Burns Cotillier

My modeling carrier opened me many doors including, auditioning to act in a show at the ANTM 5'4. Although I didn't get on the show, the fact that I was given the opportunity to do so gave me the confirmation I needed to know that my dream was not a spoof but something God put in me to do. I received a good review from those that was organizing the event as well as from my family.

I believe in going for my dreams, aim for the stars and never give up. I believe that when you are given a dream it is our responsibility to breathe life into it ourselves, God already has when He placed it in our hearts.   I love walking on the runway and shooting, I am a bit of a daredevil and although not allowed to do some of the crazy stuff that pops into my head, I just love it. Cheaper for me than

Finding representation is challenging. I am shorter than they desire by literally 1.5 inches, but have beat out some of the taller competition for fashion shows because I can walk. Don't read that as being arrogant. I am far from that, I am just stating I can get the job done. I am a mother of 2 who are my motivation to push for my dream coming to life so I can be an example of what to do, not just a mouthpiece. They will see as well as hear it.
Roseann Lawrence

I am a family person, I love being around them and I am a little bit scared if I have to travel all by myself. I get home sick and sometimes have panic attacks when I don't see my family cheering me on. The first time I did a International shoot, I felt so special to be in a different country other than Jamaica in front the camera doing what I love. I felt grateful and one step closer to my dream. I love being in front the camera, getting dolled up, the outfits, the travel to different locations and learning about different culture and environment. Learning from different photographers, designers and shoot coordinator to help master my skills at what I do.

I get compliments on my check bones and such long neck. But for me is my eyes. They are dark and deep and it is easy to express my feelings with them. The eyes are the windows to the soul. Rejection hurts. To hear "no" and someone else get the gig. It plays a little on your self esteem. But you have to be strong in this industry to make it.
To read up more about me and get updates on my progress or to find out if I'm Jamaica's next super model, check me out on instagram @roseannlawrence for daily post.

Chasity Salcedo

I'm very passionate about any project I set my mind to, and at the end of the day, in my opinion no one is better than the next, we are all humans, we make mistakes, but learning from them is the key. Follow your heart, not the liking of others. Participating in 1426 Fashion Week the year of 2014 with Ms. Linda Scott Houston was my favorite experience. It was my very first show, and I met a lot of people that helped my career in the modeling world take off.  I'm often told I never age, that I still have my same face since birth, weird but hay it will take me a long way lol.


In my opinion the most challenging thing about modeling is women trying to keep up with the latest trend, the smallest waste, the best skin, instead of being themselves loving who there are and owning it. Confident is the keep to any modeling jig, in my opinion. In the fashion world there can be a lot of do and don't but confident in who you are is what makes the look. Wear the clothes don't let them wear you.
Florentina West

I am from Equatorial Guinea, a very small country in West Africa where, just taking a flight to go to the country capital is a huge deal.  Now I am based in Florida.

After been rejected by many mothers agencies, one day I decided to just go to Elite. I was nervous when I walked in because I had in my head that if I was rejected by all those small agencies why would Elite say yes to me? The minute the casting agent saw me, she loved my face and we planned a photo shoot. That was an experience that I will never forget. Dreams can become true when there's faith. Everything is possible and don't let anyone to tell you otherwise. When I am on the runway. I feel like I own the world...jajaja

Jonae Helem

I love the Runway, commercial, pageantry and truly appreciate my audience support and loyalty in this "self made" journey. I've not had any formal representation throughout my career, but through the blessings that networking has afforded me, I've been able to accomplish goals beyond my initial intentions. For example, I was in a BET commercial for "Silent Hill 3D" for a week, THE WEEK it was releasing. The executive producer of BET scouted me at a video shoot. I was modeling in at BET that I only caught wind of via a Facebook friend/supporter who I'd never met (in person)....until after these events, and because of this we then met. I had to thank him, and we have every since had a real friendship! I have countless remarkable, miraculous stories/memories of how I've been blessed through others to succeed in this extremely competitive industry. I've said all of this to say to my audience, whether it's a school/academic, financial, relationship, spiritual, career, dream, athletic, artistic, entertaining, or something everyone else says is impossible or far fetched, DO NOT ever underestimate the power within you to accomplish whatever you desire! Some people will say it takes this or that...or you must be this, have that...they're not you! Surround yourself with like minds, positive individuals, do as much as you can each day to get closer to what you wish to accomplish, be patient, have faith and persistence. That's how you'll succeed! I am a testimony of this truth.


I love the uniqueness brought to each shoot, stage, footage, show, etc brought by various forms of beauty. I love appreciating beautiful things and embracing beauty in all forms. The arts and creativity of it all has always spoken loudly to the inner me, that makes me, me. My mother, father, brother, family, and myself share memories of me changing from dress to dress to whatever creatively unique outfit I'd throw together and essential entertain our family and company with by modeling these creations in runway style as music played. I mean seriously, staying professional, charismatic, appealing, and fun while they're looking....and literally RUNNING and RUSHING into the next outfit as soon as I was "off stage" (out of their site). Some of my best memories and industry practice comes from these memories and times.


Modeling is competitive and for an individual who is not competitive or someone who is easily discouraged this could be challenging, but for me it's exciting and motivational.  Mostly, I've heard compliments in regard to my facial structure/bone structure....more specifically my cheekbones, my nose, eye shape. Also frequently complemented are my lips, legs, and voice. The most noticed, and only mentioned by the bold, would be my breast lol. Everyone looks. I understand and I'm used to it. It's not offensive as long as they remember to look me in my eyes when we are engaged in an conversation.

Colombus Mara Zilwa

My name is Zinzi Hope Zilwa, and I'm just a typical girl from the hood who is very conscious. I'm a student at Cape peninsula university of technology, studying Business management and I'm 21 years old. I'm a fashion designer/stylist by nature and I just have an eye for sophisticated things. I love style because I believe it introduces you before you say a word. I'm more than just a face and perfection they see. But the beauty within me makes me more interesting and that I aspire to inspire. When I walked for Gord Gord at her launch, and when I walked for Miss Anke launch I was able to feel at peace. This experience was an eye opener for me because it made me realize that Africa is the best when it comes to fashion and that our industry is indeed growing. When I showcase someone's clothing, I showcase more than just the clothing but the authenticity of the African taste. I'm able to showcase freedom of expression.


What's challenging is the fact that beauty is only seen in one angle. In South Africa there are not a lot of black models. It's only white models who get booked for commercials or are ranked first worldwide. So people like us struggle to get into the industry. People compliment my eyes, height, body shape and my smile.

Tania Christina

I've an unique style of modeling that portrays positive energy through the pictures.  I worked with a makeup artist who really wanted to include black models. It was very nice to be a part of that experience. Recently I had a shoot for an Awards Winner Makeup Artist in Holland where I was dressed as an Egyptian Goddess. Together with another model, makeup artist and photographer, we made a beautiful creation. I enjoy to work together with creative people. I like to travel and to make new connections. As a freelancer is sometimes hard to find modeling assignments. Sometimes you have a lot, sometimes it's very slow. But I keep myself busy with other things.




Tania Christina is an international model and participates in beauty pageants. She has regularly shone as a model on the catwalk and has brought several creative designs to life in commercial shoots. Currently she is the face of designer Albert Chapel creative productions. She is known for her enthusiasm and positive attitude among the public. Her goal is to showcase the inner beauty of other women. She also obtained her Master's degree in Educational Sciences and worked as a coach for families and young people. Because of this she has learned how to motivate others to achieve their goals. In addition Tania is a yoga trainer and helps others in understanding the how mind and body are connected. Tania gives Catwalk training under the name BYou (part of Balance Yourself). These courses focus on coaching (starting) models, women and children in their posture and presentation in catwalk.

Natasha Blackisis Auset

Born in USA, 1980. The Elite Brand Ambassador and Spokes Model Natasha Blackisis has certainly gained the experience and background in the Marketing and Promotions industry. When it comes to health, beauty, and style, this "black diamond" has a passion to inspire and motivate, reaching towards building better communities for our youth and single parents who want to successfully regain financial stability through entrepreneurship by advertising our most valuable resources with quality and high standards.

5k Black Diamond Branding is created to provide products and services to companies who understand that professionalism, accuracy, and organization is the key to success but in order to walk through the correct door we have to aim directly at the path we are destined for with a positive attitude. This company's mission is to support the vision of the Children's Human Rights Commission along with families who strive to keep their families safe. To inspire and motivate through goals, we encourage independent entrepreneurship which allows families to end cycles of poverty by educating them on the importance of gaining financial stability. You can check out all of her blogs and recent posts on current community issues with resolutions to reunite and empower one another.



During the interview with she declared: I am very authentic and consider myself a trendsetter and believe in building from helping others which is why I've decided to start my own organization that focuses on empowering woman and helping them focus on building better families and communities especially in the African American society. Being a Role Model in all aspects of life, whether if it's fashion, music, art or culture is fulfilling. There's something special about presenting a picture with a cause. A picture effects eyes and soul. I consider it a "rare piece of art in true form"!

People have their own opinions about modeling. There is a category of people who are labeling it in a negative way. As far as I am concern, if you are being majestic and creative in your own natural way, it's a God given way. We come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.   I'm unable to focus on 1 flavor when there's a whole rainbow available for me to look at. Most people compliment me on my lips and my long legs. Apparently, I appear taller than I really am... lol

Brittany Hampton

My name is Brittany Hampton. I am currently signed to Models Inc Talent Agency in San Francisco. I have done everything from photo shoots, catalog modeling, ripping the runway in local fashion shows, to commercials, acting, go go dancing, hosting live events and currently a co host for KMVT15 Community Television. However, I'm not stopping there. I have many more goals I am still striving to achieve in the entertainment industry. Amongst everything I've done so far, modeling is my passion and first love. It was the door of opportunity that opened to the different avenues I was fortunate and grateful to experience. I enjoy it to the fullest. Modeling is not only my job but my lifestyle. I leave it and breath it. When I am in front of the camera I turn into my alter ego which I don't have a name for at this time, but as my audience, please feel free to come up with some options. I belong on stage in front of the camera and when l am there, it's an escape for me from the world and I can be whomever I want to be in that moment. Although the experience goes by quickly, it's the greatest feeling I've ever felt. Of course modeling has its challenges just like every job does. Yet I welcome them with open arms because it truly makes me happy. And being happy is success.


Beach Photos Photography by: Rory Keith
Fashion Show Designer: Mastahn Fanaka
Swimwear Photography by: Aldean Adams

Lori Livingston

I just had a dream and went after it. I'm now modeling in Paris France. Modeling is who I am..not something I do as work... Modeling is a skill, and an art! You really have to know what you are doing in it in order to be in it or survive it as well as taking it seriously!

On the runway, It's never about you. It is about bringing a work that started as an idea, became a sketch on an piece of paper and finally a designer creation that you gladly display as the audience is entertained.



People always complement me for my beautiful legs and smile but the quickly you learn that you are not the only beautiful woman, or talented person in the world, you will be on the right path.

Jalysa LadyRemedy

My name is Jalysa (Lady) Remedy. I worked on several mini recording projects and participated in a couple of live performances. I choose to fully pursue my modeling career in association with the best, good and high quality professional men and women in the modeling and fashion industry. I was selected out of 1,000 plus young women to participate in the 2013 women's empowerment fashion show. It was the first time I was able to experience modeling on a semi professional level. Seeing the photos of me on a big stage, in front of a stadium of people was the first time I realized that I was 1. beautiful and 2. that there were people out there who enjoyed seeing my face, even if it was just for a moment. I lived in that moment. I Thanked God for opening my eyes to see his beauty in me because I did not really "understand" beauty. I get more compliments on my smile and my long, long legs during the summer months when I wear shorts and cute summer dresses!




In modeling, I like the passion, and the family oriented feeling I get during practices. For example, right now I am in my first lingerie show Sept 12, 2015 and the process that it takes to put the show together is what inspires me to be in fashion and runway shows. You put in all that hard work weeks in advance before the show and then when the show arrives, it is a great celebration! I have seeing hard work, being celebrated and praised! I can't wait!

When Brandi Kay The Muse decided to start living for herself and not for other people, her life took a complete turn for the better. She wasn't always confident in herself due to insecurities, past hurts and depression. Brandi Kay has and still is evolving into whom God has called her to be. She is fulfilling her dreams on a daily basis. From being featured in several international publications to burning down the runway at numerous shows, she has barely scratched the surface of her destiny. Look out for her. She's going places...FAST.


Speaking about modeling, she said:


Modeling is not just a hobby for me. It is my life. I don't just take pictures and burn down runways for fun. When I'm in my zone, I feel like I'm in a different world...A place where I'm understood and accepted. The feeling may only last for a minute or two, but it's well worth it. With every assignment, you have to be able to adapt to a new task. You MUST be a Chameleon if you're going to be a model. You may be asked to portray a Tomboy at one shoot and a Victoria's Secret Model at the next shoot. It is important to stay ready and be able and willing to do what is asked of you.


I'm not afraid to step outside of the box and try something new. Some of my photo shoot concepts may be peculiar to you, but that's expected. How can you grow in anything if you don't try something different?  My favorite modeling experience was working with Designer Cathay Dawkins. He created a dress out of condoms and I had the opportunity of working it on the runway for the Condom Couture Fashion Show!

Atiya DeDuckson

My name is Atiya DeDuckson & I am a 22 year old aspiring model/designer. Creation has always been my first love! As a little girl, I was always interested in art. Drawing, fashion, music, dance, make-up, hair, poetry... I love it all! When I was about 6 or 7, my grandmother taught me how to sew by hand. I started off making doll clothes for my Intensive Barbie collection. As I got older, & got to learn more about myself, I began to connect more of my natural talents with learned skills. I began writing poetry and my love of music brought me to writing raps by 4th grade. My father, being a former DJ, had much influence on the type of music that I listened too. By the time that I was 10, Erykah Badu, Maxwell, Nas & Jay-z were among some of my favorite artist. People would say I had an 'old soul'. By 14 I was coming up with crazy deep quotes that people of all ages could feel. & when I was 15, I decided that I wanted to have my own urban clothing line. Although I grew up in a small town in Coatesville, PA, the New York streets of the Bronx culture really influenced me and my art. My mother was from the Bronx, so it was like my second home. We would spend our summers in our New York apartment. The abandoned graffiti buildings were art to me. The Puerto Rican, & reggae music would brighten my spirit. It was just a good feeling to be in New York. So much culture & art. I loved it. Being able to experience that culture really influenced me wanting to create my urban clothing line. By the time that I got to high school, I would spend whole summers on my sewing machine re-creating old hammy downs, & turning fabric into pieces that I could wear to school the next year. I remember watching America's Next Top Model, & thinking 'I could never do that, those women are so brave and confident!' I grew up very insecure, and still struggle with insecurity. People would always tell me how beautiful & talented I was but I never saw that in me. Maybe because it came so naturally and easy to me I didn't realize how amazing it was for someone that didn't possess the same natural gifts and talents. Originally, I never wanted to model for anyone else. I like full control over my art. I only wanted to model for myself. I started modeling & working on my portfolio last summer of 2014. I love working & networking with all types of other creative artists. I still feel like I have a long way to go as far as being the greatest model & person that I want to be, but I am still working towards it. I love creating. & I get to do that in a different way through my modeling.


I am an encourager. I love getting to know people and their passions. If I meet someone and can help, I do. If I meet someone & I think I know someone that can help them attain their goals & dreams, I connect them. I love beauty shoots with multiple models. I love getting to work with amazing MUA, & having fun & collaborating with other great models on set. We help each other, we encourage each other. I get a lot of compliments on my eyes & my complexion. I have big eyelids, so makeup artists love to get creative with bold colors. People always compliment me on my brown skin. I love that. I love to be able to become a new character when modeling. I already have a bunch of personalities lol, but I'm trying to get better at learning to get outside of myself & take on a whole new character to give to other artist/ creator(s) that I work with the look that they envision.

What is challenging about modeling is to keep your confidence even though there's a lot of gossip that goes on in this modeling/ photography industry. People are CONSTANTLY throwing shade. But you have to be confident, know & love yourself. & that's something that I am working on.

Sonya Kay

My name is Paule Kamegni Sonya. My artist name is Sonya Kay and I was born in Cameroon in Douala, I'm from west Cameroon Bagante and Bafang, I have a bachelor in communication and marketing. I was miss university Africa Cameroon in 2012, and I was on the cover of annual show commercial magazine in 2010 , and also the cover of afrikfashionmag in Ivory Coast the same year and also inside a lot of magazines. Now I'm living in Los Angeles since 2013 and I started doing music, the title of the song in YouTube is (avec Toi ) SONYA KAY. But still open for modeling.

My first big runway show in Cameroon was called the ANNUAL SHOW 2010. The show showcases models in Cameroon. I was new and scare a little bit but they like my profile and that was a dream come true for me, and also I did the cover of their commercial magazine that year too. I was so honored and blessed to have that opportunity. I learn earlier in my modeling carrier to never give up on your dreams, and never let nobody telling you that you can't... Do what you want to do and if it's not working at list you tried and always be humble. It's just amazing what modeling can give you. Modeling is a platform that when you are in the top, open you multiple doors such as acting, do photo shoot, be on cover of magazine, represent a fragrance, be on TV show and travel around the world. My recent shoot in Cameroon was by Alain Ngan. My second big runway show in Cameroon was Africolection.



However, modeling has also some stress. You always have to be on point with your weight , have a good profile, be on time at event as runway , photo shoot and more, it's a world of competition all time.

Tory Ross

I am from little ole Dyersburg, TN and the oldest of 3 sisters and a brother. Modeling has been a passion of mine since I was little, and I'm glad I have been able to live some of my dream. I am very versatile and do runway, print, and promotional modeling.

One thing about me is that I will try ALMOST anything twice to ensure a best result. I believe in a second chance.


The most challenging thing about modeling is the competition. There are a lot of pretty, talented models, and sometimes you get a little insecure seeing them, but you have to just be confident in yourself, and tell yourself that you were picked for a reason.

Shenetta Malkia
Tiffany Hope
A.J the model

Plitz fashion week 2013 in New York City was my best modeling experience because It was my first time in New York City and my first casting call ever. Being in that environment known as the city of fashion, I was beyond thrilled. I always dreamed of that moment and to live in it was so serial. I was informed that day that I was selected to take part in their Fashion week, That experience meant so much to me and only made me more confident and certain that this is my destiny. 


However, my life growing up was not perfect at all. I didn't have a father in my life and I was raised by my grandmother. My relationship with my parents didn't affect who I was supposed to be. I want my audience to know no matter what I had or didn't have in my life, that didn't stop me from pursuing my dream. I believed. I saw it, and after I build my relationship with God, he confirmed it. He gave me the confidence to look towards him for reassurance and not to those around me. I didn't let negative words or people stop me from having faith in God and my dream. I love the quiet confidence a model can give by doing something as simple as walking or posing. I love the many impressions you can give a audience by how you wear the garments. I love how people look up to models based on the confidence we carry. I love working with talented people such as Makeup artists, photographers, stylists, and designers. I love the finished product based on a vision shared by a group of people who love fashion.


Modeling is challenging because it requires you to stay within a certain realm and can lower your self-esteem if you are not happy with yourself. It's also challenging having to stick with your own personal vision and disregarding society's view. I would like to inspire every young girl that you can do whatever it is you set your mind to. No matter what walk of life you come from or what you weren’t privileged to have, as long as you believe in God and yourself you will go far. I want them to understand you can respect yourself and still command attention. A true woman or young lady should uphold class and beauty at all times. Beauty is not just a physical thing; it’s a package that starts from within. You have to first be genuine and nice to yourself before you can reciprocate that to someone else. Respect and self assurance is the root of loving who you are.

Phylisia Slim
Trina Q

I love the fact that in modeling you are always transforming. A model job is to make a designer vision come to life and I love fulfilling that role. However, networking with credible people who can launch you into your desired level in the industry is challenging. There are some people who break promises or simply lie about what they are willing to make happen. Ultimately you have to push yourself to where you would like to go and never listen to any doubt in your mind that may say there's enough models in the industry because there is always a room, you just have to find your area and excel in it.

My favorite modeling experience was when I was around the age of 15 and I would do freeze modeling at arundel mills mall for the stores 5-7-9 and Wilson's Leather. Freeze modeling was standing inside the window of an store completely still as possible. Most people would walk right by and not even realize I was not a mannequin. However, those who did would usually stand at the window and attempt to get me to smile or they would come inside the store and confirm with an employee on whether or not I was real.


Modeling has always been my biggest passion but ultimately I want to open a day spa. When I was 19 I received my degree in massage therapy in Orlando, Florida and most recently I graduated from Bowie State University with bachelors in business and for the longest I always wondered what could I do to get the best reward from my degrees and opening my own day spa has been my plan ever since the age of 21.

Fauzia Nakiyaga

My name is Fauzia Johnson Nakiyaga,  from Uganda but currently I reside in Tacoma, Washington. I make each decision  with my best interests in mind and I believe that one day I am going to reach my goals, fulfill other people's lives with happiness and pride. I like modeling because it is challenging and competitive. Therefore modeling motivate me to keep pushing hard by investing time and money. In this field consistency is vital. It helps you stretch your arms even furthest.


A dream is something that exists in all of us. I will be part of Queen of Africa International and RUMBAFRICA Pageant taking place in Boston MA. Models are coming from all over United States in order to represent each respective African Country and also to Network and share ideas and possibilities. It was such a great honor having a lot of people committing themselves to vote for me on a daily basis in order for me to be featured in the Dlist magazine cover girl model search, where I managed to make it to the finalists list. The support, love and care from people was the best things that has happened to me in my modeling life.

Kupewa Mushala

My name is Kupewa Mushala from Tanzania. In fall 2015, I will be going to the University of District of Columbia. I enjoy dancing, singing and modeling. I recently competed for Miss Tanzania USA and was the First Run Up of 2014-2015. I will be in Boston MA on Saturday April 18, 2015 in order to compete for Queen of Africa International and Rumbafrica Pageant and also promote my platform to help kids in need. I am pride of performing for Anna Mwalagho at Smithsonian in DC.

Nyadak Pal

My name is Nyadak Pal.  I model with the JTA Group Agency. I was born in South Sudan. During the civil war my family and I had escaped to find a refuge in USA. I speak four African languages. When I will finish college I want to became a motivate speaker, for the silence voices and for women's right of those that are living in perverting around the world.


My Mission with Nyadak's Organic African Cocoa Butter Body Cream is for promoting and selling this product to generate sales with 5% of our profit to fund a non-profit organization to drill deep water wells to provide clean drinking water to the people in South Sudan.
May Okongo