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Peggy Laibhen

I am more than just a Model, I produce fashion shows, conduct casting calls and train male & female models. I am always looking for fresh faces and aspiring models. Online applications can be filled out by visiting



When I participated in Irie Fashion Rave a few years back and had to wear a challenging garment that had a long tail by Hope Wade Designs. I had to take my time and "work" the garment. I did and was one of the most talked about models in a show that had over 50 participating. Getting my hair & make up done & rocking a designers garments is what I like most about modeling. However landing the better paying jobs is challenging.

Sherita Moss

I've came from absolutely nothing. I grew up poor, in the slums. I've been bullied and talked about, but I never let any of those things stop me from doing what I love. I have God to thank for the life that I live. I also believe in the power of the Universe. And I believed in my dreams. It's true when they say 'If you believe it, then you shall receive it.' I used to not like being tall and linky growing up because that was the why I got teased a lot for. Today I receive more praise for my long legs and arms.


Traveling is what I love most about modeling. You meet new people all the time and expand your brand. It creates more opportunities for you when you're able to travel or get bookings in a different state. I've had doors slam in my face only for much better opportunities to open for me. There are always going to be work available. You just have to keep it going until you find them. My favorite modeling experience was being featured in a magazine article titled Back to Black. While on set at that shoot, I already knew majority of the other women being featured and crew who helped put the article together. We've all gotten to know each other on a deeper level and it made me realize that I was surrounded by a lot of powerful women. And I'm one of them. I didn't know my own strength. I'm always going and going... I've never really gave myself a pat on the back for all that I've accomplished.

Kathare Mundit

I am from South Sudan but was born in Ethiopia. I have a flat and six pack stomach because I run every day since I was 7 years old.

Jungle Barbiee
Modeling allows me to express myself without saying much. My expression is a daring art that challenges the viewers point of view. My favorite modeling experience was hanging out with sunglass designer Stevie Boi. I have freckles on my face and people wonder, how does a brown skin person have freckles? I represent a rich diversity in tone that Black people represent.

Shonna Bernard-dixon

I was 17 and the youngest one in the show, having all those people scream my name gave me more confidence to want to model more. That experience made me today a different type of model. I love hard and go hard for what I believe in. I want to show the world that you don't have to be naked to look good. People compliment me a lot on my ora and my photo shoots. The most challenging thing in my opinion about modeling is how much you have to live up to a certain Image without compromising your believe.

Katrina McCreary

I am an aspiring model born in Mobile, AL and raised in Dallas, TX. I consider myself a Texasbama girl lol. I'm a full time Tech Support Rep. with some college majoring in law. I've model on and off for many years, briefly part of a modeling agency years ago, I worked with local designers, I did some fashion shows, a commercial, short film and was featured in a few local rap artist's music videos. I'm looking to get exposure, experience, market myself and become a paid International High Fashion Super Model. My Legal name is Katrina McCreary, Age: 30, Phone: ( 214) 554-8113, Email Address:, Preferred Model Name: Katrina, Birthdate: 9-13-1987, Height: 5'9, Weight: 138, Bust/Cup: 32 B, Waist: 24 in, hips: 32. I have worked with Top Designers in Dallas such as Antonio Wingfield, Shon Gardner and Bella Eve to name a few and also nationally. Also I had the pleasure working with great Photographers such as Tony Renolds, Marcus Perryman and Errol Jackson to name a few. I walked in "Fashion in the Snow", hosted by America's next Top Model Eva Marcelle, " Diamonds and Bowties Gala" and "Fashion For Peace", hosted by K104's Dede In The Morning Show. I've done much more as well. I'm also a Published Model now and featured in different magazines. I work a lot but I enjoy reading, exercising, traveling, shopping as well as dinning out. My favorite color is Black. I like eating, Cajun, Mexican, Chinese/Korean, Soul and Italian foods.

Monique BK

I am a wife, a mother and a church going who works full time but my passion and love has been for modeling.  I love the dressing up, meeting new people and walking the runway.  So far meting the right connection still challenging but I will continue to networking until the industry discovers my talents.

Credit for the above picture to:  Megan Finkelson 

Kameesha Smith

I am a d1 athlete and the goal for me is to become an international super model.  Modeling allows me to express myself through photos or through a walk and lay my fierceness all on the runway.  I don't find many things about modeling challenging, it comes naturally to me.  My favorite modeling experience would be modeling at the Midwest fashion week.  When I respond to the model casting call, I am confident and know that my lips, eyes and height make a big difference in the decision to pick me for the fashion shows.

My name is La'Che. I am 25 years old and was born and raised in Detroit, MI. I moved to Virginia in 2015 and started trying new things like modeling, standup comedy and other stuff. I would really love to go further and become a professional model and travel. I love traveling, I also am an animal lover and I love classical music. I’m into fitness and history.   I like the energy that the crowd brings when you walk out on the runway and especially the energy they give when they love the piece I am wearing. What I like about modeling is networking honestly, meeting new people hearing other creative ideas for fashion shows and photo shoots. It always amazes me how different people in the world are and I love the creativity.


My passion is working with my hands. I've been a mechanic for 7years now but I fell in love with the sound of an engine when I was about 8 years old.

Chrissy Jackson

My name is Chrissy Jackson. I'm very dedicated to perfecting my craft, and I am thankful to everyone who has supported me. I love walking on the runway and I enjoy showcasing various fashions. The thing that gives me a rush is being on that stage while performing and doing what I love. Modeling industry to me is a very competitive field, that's why I always have to be on top of my craft, and always working on ways to be better than before. I am complimented most on my high cheekbones. I haven't always been fond of them but as I matured I have learned to embrace myself and my individuality.


I am a 24 year old established Model based in NYC. I have been a Model since 2011, participating in various Runway & Print work including {NY MAGAZINE} I have recently walked for some amazing designers such as (Geary Marcello, Egypt Ufele for Chubiiline, Rocky Gathercole, and Alve Alexander) for NYFW 2017. I love working with amazing people in a craft that I really love & enjoy. My Ultimate goal in life is to excel as a professional model, and to continue doing what I love so much... I love fashion & always have, so to be able to showcase various styles, and to widen other people's perspective on what fashion means to them is just a dream come true for me.

Pj Jay

I am more than a pretty face with legs for days. I love the creativity and the passion that modeling is all about. Although being successful in modeling is my goal, I am also a mother, a business owner as well as hold two bachelor degrees. One in nursing and one in business management. When I had the opportunity to work with one of my favorite designers John Ashford, I started to feel a little nervous. The words of comfort he said to me never left my mind "PJ you got this and you will push to great things in this industry"


There are a lot of aspiring models who look to be like Iman, Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, Grace Jones and countless others. So the challenge would be standing out, being able to be versatile and having thick skin especially if you do not get the gig that you was hoping for.

Devon Stubbs

The 24 years old Devon Stubbs is an amazing 6'3 model based in Philadelphia Area. She started modeling at 16. She is a graduated from West Chester University with a degree in Social Science specializing in Sociology. She is a server at pretty cool Cafe in East Falls, PA. Devon learned early in life that it take sacrifice to succeed in modeling. On her days off and free time She thinks of different ways to get income and promote herself.  Devon Stubbs Instagram is:  Ddewonn

Credit:  t_Squared_Photography        

Daphnee Abelard

I enjoy modeling for causes that make difference in people's lives. I recently model for The heart of sickle cell foundation which is a foundation that was launched to assist those with sickle cell disease and trait. Modeling isn't a hobby or something I do to past time. Growing up I didn't have much self confidence I looked at others and wished to have their hair ,eyes, their body type, neglecting all of my God given beauty. Modeling has given me that self love that I so desperately seek. I like the end of the runway. What I mean is that at the beginning I was afraid. Running to make it to the end so I can leave the stage but I have come to love it and take my time and embrace it just like I now embrace the skin I'm in.  You have to understand modeling is not all glamour. You are investing time, money and making sacrifices. You become a business. Buying clothes, paying for pictures, business card/comp cards, gas, food because you are on the road. Running to casting, rescheduling personal plans. Canceling on friends, family, or partner. The list goes on.

Lala DeMure

My name is Laquanna or La La I am 23 years old from Milwaukee WI. I love travelling and networking in order to get to know new people and increase the chance of getting good modeling jobs. Finding people you can truly trust, people you know have your best interest is challenging. There are a lot of people in modeling who tell you things they can never commit to, they hold you up with projects that never happen, or they want you to do things that make you feel uncomfortable. It's hard to find someone who you can really work with and find connections. Being from a small place like Milwaukee, making something huge out of it is hard but as long as you have faith in yourself and as long as you are patient you can achieve anything. You really have to work hard and challenge yourself for a dream like this.

Jasmire QueenofmyownCastle Rumph

When I went on a trip to Myrtle Beach SC for a photo shoot, I took my sister along and there were some other girls there that we didn't know, we thought we would not get along but we all did and now we are all long term friends. We had so much fun and the shoot was amazing. I can say that, that experience was my favorite.


I am a full time student at The University of Phoenix am taking up medical billing and coding. I have three beautiful children, 2boys and a girl. I love to try poetry in my spare time and also dance. I am a fun, loving person who will give you the shirt off my back if you needed it. I love the artist side of modeling, I like the way I feel when am in front of the camera. I feel like I am a work of art!

Shanya Edwards

The amazing clothes I'm able to wear, working the runway and being able to play dress up and wear colors and hairstyles that I wouldn't normally wear on a daily basis is what I like about modeling. It's more than just playing dress up, it's embodying character, a mood and bringing someone else's vision to life. Shooting the billboard for The Hunger Games Mocking Jay part 1 promo was my favorite modeling experience. Everyone was so friendly, nice and welcoming. It was pure favor and grace because I was not deserving of it and everything seemed to fall into place for me booking the job. The costume was cool and fun to move around in.


On leisure time, I love to dance. Give me a beat and I can't help but to dance to it. I sometimes would see a dance on TV from a dance competition show, or from a YouTube video and I would learn the dance and then either force my baby sister to learn it and dance with me or I would just dance by myself.

Getting people to notice you in a sea full of beautiful faces is challenging, and a very sometimes narrow idea of what a model should be, any deviation from that standard makes the model dream seem unattainable. So trying to stand out and be noticed and finding people to take a chance on you is one of the difficult parts of modeling.

Vigilant Sutherlin

My name is Vigilant Sutherlin I am 26 years old, I am originally from Ghana in West Africa. I got to the USA 2012 and I have been modeling ever since then. Modeling for Colleen Quen who was a judge on Amerca's Next Top Model, and also for Emily Payne who was one of the contestant on project runway was my favorite modeling experience. The feeling of fulfillment I get whenever I'm on the runway and the look of awe I put on the audience faces whenever I come out on the runway leaving them wanting for more is what I like about modeling. People often say to me " you have an amazing walk", "you have so much confidence" and " Are those real ?" which implies to my bust. I take it as a complement. lol.





I'm a go getter but yet not desperate. I am graceful with a bubble personality. I have respect for others and love meeting new people. There's always someone who is going to say that I'm not skinny enough or my bust is too big for a runway model or they don't like my hair or my personal favorite, the color of my skin or race. these are challenges that I face one way or the other and sometimes it gets really frustrating when you know you have what it takes but yet don't make the cut or don't get paid for your hard work. sometimes people think that it's easy to be a model or that its only lazy people who don't want to work that wants to be a model, so therefore don't see why they should get paid.

Tamica Atterberry-Scrivans

It was like my 2nd or 3rd fashion show. I was sitting in the corner by myself, listening to music and feeling some kind of way cause the other models weren't talking to me. Richard walked up to me, rubbed my bald head and told the other girls, "This is the one y'all need to watch out for." The crowd went crazy when I hit the runway at Project Runway's designer Richard Hallmark and that's when I knew modeling was my passion. Another significant moment for me in modeling was with RHOA's very own Dwight. I blindly went to New York Fashion Week. I knew that it was now or never FOR ME. During a show that he was the featured designer I noticed him randomly snapping pictures of me. A few days later I was his show opener and got to pose with him on the red carpet during an interview.



I love being on the runway and working behind the scenes. I eat, breathe and sleep modeling so there isn't anything I can't do. I even love waiting forever before the start of a show. The anticipation is exhilarating! Being a 39 year old model. Trying to stay uplifted even though half my competition is my daughter's age. I have had so many people tell me to lie about my age, but I can't. I love the skin I'm in. I won't say I'm in my 20's because I'm a different person then when I was 20. I am proudly staring 40 in the eye. I am also the mother of 5 children. I have a 17 year old as well as a 13, 12, 8 and 3 year old. 3 girls and 2 boys respectively.

Kate Citrone

Kate Citrone is an American Fashion Model, known for her fierce force and control on the runway. For those that have bared witness to Kate’s performance, she brings life into every stride down the catwalk. With her eyes fixed straight ahead, and passion in her heart, she is a vision to remember. “The hardest part of growing into being a great model was learning my body, my figures, my angles, and figuring out what kind of market I wanted to be exposed to. I want to represent beauty, but I want to be the kind of model that other models, or the more experienced supermodels, can respect and look upon and see someone they’d want to work with.”




Kate Citrone has appeared on runways for world-wide Hair Cosmetic Brand, Schwarzkopf Hair Essentials, along with New York Couture Fashion Week, and has appeared as a campaign model for clothing line Mochachino Los Angeles and New York.

Though it seems she has achieved so much already, Kate Citrone has big dreams to one day walk the runways of Milan, Paris, Germany, and London alongside Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, and Alessandra Ambrosio.



Giving individuals something to look forward to is what Kate Citrone embodies. “If someone gives you their time you give them their times worth. Give them a performance they’ll remember. Always give them what you believe you’re worth is. That’s something I love most about Modeling, the fact that I can give them something enjoyable to remember. It’s the performer in me that makes me exaggerate and become a fierce tiger when I have a show to do” she says. Her goal is to inspire others to be the best they can be, while setting an example themselves, as she has for them. She wishes to touch the hearts of those she meets and spread a line of greatness. She believes that greatness is a possibility for all. For those that work hard, have integrity within themselves, and believe in their cause, then whatever they truly want will be theirs. She believes in equality and beauty. All beauty is equal. Everyone is beautiful in different ways, but beautiful nonetheless. 
Candice Rushing

I'm known as Candice The Model. I've been a part of this industry since I was 14 year old. I enjoy runway, print, hosting and model coach and hoping to get into acting. I am from a small town below Charlotte, NC and grew up in SC where I later graduated from Lancaster High 2002. When I was growing up, I was teased and I had no friends. My mother had eight kids so she spent most of her time working. I had no outlet to escape the sadness that took place. I didn't understand life. It took me years to figure out my purpose. My first time on the runway was an escape from the world. I found myself and no one could take away my joy.

The best part about modeling is when it allow you to escape from the real world and just be in a world where you are confident. You are able to allow your true beauty to shine and that inner alter ego to take over. I also love meeting new people, networking, coaching new models, sharing my knowledge and creating a platform for improvement. I love the rush, heartbeat and that butterfly and passion you get when you are about to rip the runway... I love to dress up and be in character and just be fabulous for that moment...

I was a victim of being bully and was pick on and struggle with my identify. As a child growing up I struggle with so much and the older I became I struggle even more. I never fit in with the in crowd and was call every name in the book...It took years for me to understand that it wasn't me but it was negative individuals who was trying to make me into something I wasn't and that was lack of confident. I knew who I was all along and that first walk on the runway... Open my eyes to view myself differently...
Brittany Chrishawn Williams

I'm a person of integrity and I believe that the acceptance of honesty and truth is the key to solving the world's current conflicts. Therefore, I strive to encourage and promote honesty and truth through my work. My favorite modeling experience so far was on-set shooting the music video for "Everything to Me" by: Bensky. I was the featured model for this project, and the video will be releasing on Vevo July 9th 2015. I love the fact that no one model is the same. We all have something different to bring to the table, and that's what makes it a work of art. One of the major challenges about modeling for me is having to wake up early before the sun rises for a shoot after a long night of work and no sleep smile emoticon but I seem to make it work...

Angil Cox

My favorite experience was my participation at the New York City first shoot-a-thon. I was able to show different sides of myself through my photos and I enjoyed compliments that I received for my hair and the style of my makeup.

Being able to handle the different looks and poses taking place at fast paced shows and making it all appear to be easy is challenging especially when the weather is not good.

Ayeasha Cannon

Personality, persistence and promising are what comes to mind when you think of Atlanta model Ayeasha. She is more than just a model as she holds a degree in child and family development. She is a role model to other women both young and old. Ayeasha became interested in the modeling industry when she stumbled across Tyra Banks television series “America’s Next Top Model”. With such influences as Beverly Johnson, Naomi Campbell and Garcelle Beauvais, she understands that the opportunities are endless in the modeling industry as these top model’s have broken down barriers for all upcoming models to succeed. Ayeasha long-term goals include opening a talent agency, becoming an author and being an entertainment mogul. The future is definitely bright for Ayeasha as her determination and one of a kind personality will propel her to accomplish great things in the near future.


I'm a free spirit and I love to enjoy life and believe that you can do anything you set your mind to as long as you stay determined and focused. I like to socialize and meet new people so networking and connecting no matter where I'm at is always a goal. I have been blessed with a nice smile and flat stomach. Having to compete with those who don't take the modeling career seriously and do it just for fun, makes it harder for the ones who really want to make a career out of their passion.

Saqenda Dallas

Saqenda Dallas was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, August 10th 1989. She graduated from The Philadelphia High School for Girls' in 2007, and received a track and field scholarship to North Carolina Central University. As a collegiate student-athlete, Saqenda studied Criminal Justice and graduated with her B.S. in 2013. In the later half of her college years, she finally got her feet wet with her long term dream of modeling professionally. She began and is presently building her portfolio and participating in a variety of modeling and acting experiences. Saqenda is currently living and working in Durham, NC while pursuing her modeling and acting career.


Modeling is something that I genuinely love to do, I have a certain respect for it and have high standards for my work. I also want to make an impact with my modeling, like inspiring others to be confident in themselves for example. Working with Tim Johnson's productions and international model and runway coach Alva Page is very delightful. I've done numerous shows and projects with them, and it has always been a tremendous amount of fun, but also a huge opportunity to learn and grow. I usually receive compliments on my smile and legs. I guess I can thank my parents for my smile and track and field for my legs. Also, lately I've been receiving compliments on my posture and how well I carry myself and my height. Kind of random, but still appreciated.


There are always going to be pros and cons with modeling, however my pros outweigh my cons. I love being able to transform myself when I model. Being able to create art with my body through posing, fashion, makeup, why I like modeling. Capturing emotions and expressions in a photograph or runway walk is something I enjoy. Some people paint, others write, some may sing to exhibit their creativity....I model. Plus, modeling is!

For me, some of the challenges that I face arise when I think about high fashion work. I know that my age and size will be a factor when I pursue high fashion work in the future in New York for instance. Now, I'm comfortable in my own skin, but I'm just realistic about the standards or "norm" of some high fashion modeling. I still have a lot to learn about the industry, that's something I am willing to admit, but I'm also willing to learn. Being African American hasn't been a big challenge for me so far, but I am aware that it can be, especially in an industry that is dominated by Caucasian models.
Kiara Modela Washington

I would say one of my most recent photo shoot and creative project with creative director/photographer Robert Roby of SoulLiveMedia has been the turning point project in my modeling career so far. I believe this particular project has truly shown my growth and versatility as a print and runway model. My photos are NOT just "pretty images". I want all who view my work to see my passion, my dedication, my creativity, my uniqueness as well as my humble spirit. My ultimate favorite part about modeling is knowing that I was made to do this. There's no better feeling than executing exactly what you were designed to do. I  honestly feel that I am always growing as model so it's somewhat difficult to narrow my modeling experience down to just one favorite experience. 



The most challenging part about modeling for myself is simply overcoming the stereotypes the industry has created for models as whole, especially the stereotypes the industry as set for African-American models, even more the darker skinned model. Being a young darker skinned model, the industry is simply harder just because the industry is still learning to accept the diversity in beauty in all its shapes and forms. Moreover, I am not your typical size 0-2. I'm a solid size 4 with curves; however I know that I can perform "a mean catwalk" and take an high fashion photos, regardless of the standards that have been built. My most complimented features would have to be my natural skin and definitely my hair. My hair makes a serious statement. It's bold, its BIG, and unapologetic. My wild Mohawk is my trademark and sets me apart from the rest.

Simoine Valecia

My name is Simoine Valecia. I am a nail technician, model and actress. I have 6 certifications in the health care field, I love pretzels, crushed ice, and house of night novels by P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast and one of my long term goals is to become an advocate for the LGBT community! I manage myself currently as a model I got here by my own hard work, dedication, determination, and motivation!!!! You can do it too just be focused on your target goals!!! People are amazed by my walk on the runway, my killer poses and the fact that I'm only 5'3 but I give off the illusion that I'm 6ft. Finding a great loyal team of people willing to go the extra mile to help build my brand and name is not easy. Finding the people who have great intentions but even greater results is even more challenging.

Atlantic City Fashion Week walked for Gwendolyn Wilson ETAMIB Couture was my favorite modeling experience so far! Very professional, high energy, and organized. Behind the scenes in between changes we were singing dancing laughing eating just having so much fun it was a ball!!!!

Peggy Laibhen

Sherita Moss
Kathare Mundit
Jungle Barbiee Julia

Shonna Bernard-dixon