PHOTO RaSheed Jamison 

MUA Coldaseyce 

HAIR: Keia Stafford 


PHOTO: Lance Andrews

In Vogue Photography 

MUA/HAIR Darya Latham 

JEWELRY Lisa B. Connection


PHOTO Tregg Mathis

MUA Coldaseyce 

HAIR: NaKeysha King

I am Gemini Art. I am a living, creative art piece and I want to show the world that grace, eloquence, beauty, assertiveness and brains can and do live in the same being, in harmony. Modeling and fashion are about freedom of expression and when done well and done right can shake mountains the way only a true game changer can! I welcome you to my journey. Enjoy it with me! Let’s ride!

My name is Munira Zulka. I am from Ghana but live in the Bronx New York as a college student. I am not modeling just to show of how beautiful I am, but to inspire others who really want to do it. Modeling makes people recognize what I am capable of. Most people compliment me on my height, the size of my waist, how long my legs are and how straight forward I am in saying how I feel about something. However, Modeling is not that simple...sometimes it's about dedication, hard work, time and money. These make it challenging because sometimes you have other things to do, yet you have to make time for it and spend some money as well in the process. My participation in Brooklyn Fashion Week where I met many designers and other models from many parts of the world was my preferred above all modeling experience.

 Tshibangu Kadima 

Director / Music & Modeling



48 Pleasant St, #13

Stoneham, MA 02180



Cell: 339-293-2398




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Tia Daron'sMommy

Getting to know other models and photographers seeing what they have to offer, is very rewarding. I have learned a lot about the modeling business and I enjoy everything about it.

I want people to know that all tattooed models have their own creativity when it comes to doing what they want. We get judged because some people associate tattoo to being crazy or gang related activities.

Learning more and more every time I have a shoot to do, makes me gain more confidence in myself, at one point I felt very insecure about my body. Now I am very comfortable in front of the camera and the crowd because everyone seems to fall in love with my eyes and smile, some people call me bright eyes and others seem to think I have baby doll eyes. It's still all a learning experience for me but it's something that I will catch on to quick and hope to continue to do.

YaNnieboo Hampton

I am a complete goof ball. I try to bring a smile to everyone I come across. I might seem shy at first but once you get to know me and specially when I am in a comfortable environment you will see the real me.


Modeling is a confidence booster, because it takes a lot to walk down a runway in front of people. And also when at photo shoots you express or explore different emotions or other side of you through the pictures. Modeling give you a chance to act and become a whole other person. The most compliments I get from modeling are about my hair, my eyes and my gap. I do have natural hair and when I wear it in Afro, it helps me stand out among the other thousands of models. My smile is very noticeable because of my gap. You rarely see models with a gap in the mouth. There are some out there but it helps to have something different about you. And lastly my eyes. I have been told that when I look or stare people, the audience is captivated and drawn to me.


What I've learned in the modeling world is that not everybody is going to like your look or your walk, but it's up to you to keep a smile on your face, stay positive and keep going for your dream. I welcome all modeling experience because I learn a lot from both good and bad experiences. My attitude determines my altitude tomorrow.

Chrystal Washington

Monica Chanel


Monica Chanel is proud of being part of Brooklyn fashion week. She enjoys everything about modeling, from "Rip the runway" to having her face painted by a makeup artist and photo shoots. She is grateful for all the support she is receiving. It's fun to taking different characters during the photo shoot.

 Brittany Sade

Traveling to different states for photo shoots so far has been my favorite modeling experience . I love the opportunity to see new places and meet new faces all while doing what I love. The beauty of the body is what modeling is to me and I like that it allows me to express myself using my creativity.


Although I dreamt of modeling as a young girl, I never thought I'd be brave enough to pursue it because I'm very shy. However, I have learned that you cannot allow fear to steal your dreams or goals. Modeling is versatile which may be challenging to those with a closed mind.

Sarah Pretty

I'm more into make-ups and dressing up people. Plus I think dressing up plays a big role on what kind of person you are. I'm a hard working woman who is so confident in herself, regardless of her imperfection.  I like dressing up and looking nice and trying to inspire plus size girls that they also can be beautiful, regardless of size, they should feel comfortable.

Fashion Shows

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Mina Rose

Mina Rose was born in San Diego, California and raised in several states and one country overseas due to her father being in the military. She is from Chesapeake, Virginia due to her living there the longest. During her time in high school for her freshman and sophomore year she was bullied by her peers but it wasn’t until she started doing sports that she was on the path of finding herself. Even though she went to college twice, received two degrees she felt in her heart that this was not her passion and God had a different plan for her. One day she met a wonderful stylist and Red Boutique owner Rosvie Mitchell showed her how to embrace her style and understand that what she wears was a representation of her and style is all about how you wear it. There was a conversation between them that sparked Mina pursuing Modeling during that time she couldn’t pursue the modeling career because of all the deaths that were in her family. A few years went by and she decided that it was now or never and she joined a group to get her career started and in 2016 she decided to pursue an Independent Modeling Career and ever since then she has traveled to New York, South Carolina, North Carolina, New Jersey and Pennsylvania as well as she hopes to go overseas for a Fashion Show in the near future. Within over a year her career took off and she is the Brand Ambassador for Elitist Eyewear and Colour U Cosmetics as well as been featured on Miss Rockwell’s Racks and Elitist Eyewear websites, couple of magazines and in a promo video for Colour U Cosmetics. She has developed the nickname #TheGirlWiththeShades and she also changed her name to Mina Rose. The Model as well as added a hashtag called #OddGirlOut because it expresses her unique personality and edgy style. She had her first TV appearance just recently and has been officially accepted to star in her first movie. She has a project that she started called #FREEWALK, it brings her Runway Walk to life in different locations using various themes as well as local artist music in each episode. She is ready for what is in store for the future and the next opportunities that come her way. Who knows you might see her on a billboard or the movie screen sooner than you think, be on the LOOK OUT!

Facebook: Mina Rose The Model

Instagram: Mina Rose The Model

Picture Credit: Hair: #HairByElaine Nails: #NailsByMary Makeup: Monnica Johnson Shades: Elitist Eyewear Styled By: Miss Rockswell Racks

Photo Credit: Quisha Norman

#FREEWALK Credit: Hair: #HairByElaine Nails: #NailsByMary Makeup: Monnica Johnson, Ashekka Moultrie and Sierra Shelton Shades: Shaya Save Smith Elitist Eyewear Styled By: Rosvie Mitchell Red Boutique, Dressed 2 The Nines, Shaya Save Smith ILWIAM, Aaron Drummond Gremesi, GunPlayClothing

Special Guest: Lilly Sun Flower

Music: “Forbidden Fruit” “10 Shots” “Guitar” by Saxo P Director: Morocko Films

Full Episodes of #FREEWALK on YouTube, search #TheGirlWiththeShades

Paula Campbell

I started modeling at the age of 34 and I been modeling for 4 years. I have always wanted to be a model ever since I made my first wedding dress back in high school. I love to laugh and eat. I consider the gym as my 2nd home, lol. I am very hard on myself! So when it comes to viewing or picking my pictures to add to my portfolio, it becomes one of my worst nightmares, lol. I’m not saying the photographer took bad pictures but I am very picky.


Wearing various artistic, stylish, beautiful designers & boutique clothing it’s what I enjoy most. I like being on photo shoots where the environment is chilled. I love meeting people, models, designers, photographers, etc and being recognized for my work, my walk and work ethic and finding new ways to improve my skills. Now I share tips with ladies who are new to the model/fashion world. I tell them that what is challenging about modeling is justifying your time when your time is not being compensated. Keeping a strong mind and protecting your feelings when it comes to rejections, back stabbing, being mistreated or unfair and or lied to. Not everybody will like your look or something about your look, or walk. As a female, you have to be careful how you respond or react to the situation. I always walk away from each show with a lesson learned. You must have the will to constantly perfect your skills/talent. My smile is huge! When I was young, I would cover my mouth to hide my smile but now, I’ve learned to embrace my huge smile and every inch of how God made me. Can I get AMEN ladies?!?!

You will find my Biography @ Facebook: Paula Campbell and on Instagram: paulaccme

Shadae Edwards

I’m Shadae Edwards. I was born and raised in the beautiful Island of Jamaica, migrated to the US in 2009. I'm a fun, loving, outgoing and ambitious individual who strives for the best at all times. My modeling journey started in 2014 at Hunter College African & Caribbean Students Union fashion show where I was a student, I had a marvelous experience and from that moment I knew this was something I wanted to keep doing. However, my main focus was to complete my Bachelor but I would do shows from time to time. 

The feedbacks and love I received every time I did a show was just amazing so I decided to be more serious once I graduated. Over time, I developed such a strong passion for modeling, I was even more confident in myself and now I can't see myself without being on the runway or doing a photo shoot. Every show, every shoot it's something new which is one of the best parts about being a model. The experiences, the networking, the love and  support received makes me more eager to keep following this part that I was blessed to find.

Throughout my years of modeling I've done many runway shows, met so many awesome people and was blessed to be featured in the following magazines: Royal Press Magazine, D’Mochelle Fashion Magazine, Portfolio Fashion Magazine, NYC Trendz Magazine and Le Statement Magazine.

  To see my work, find me on:
Instagram: Iam_Shadae
Facebook: Shadae Edwards/ iamshadaee 

For bookings email me at

Photo credits: 
Photographer: Patrick Harris (@shotsbypat) 
MUA & Stylist: Tanya Nelson (@tanyanelsonplusmodel 
Co- stylist: Xavier Walker (@iamxavierwalker)
Jacket hand painted by Elisha Glass (@fitnesswithanartist)
JuJu Boateng

My name is Judith aka Juju. I'm from New Jersey, I'm 22 years old and I've been modeling for 4 years. I'm extremely ambitious with the goals I want to achieve. The acting aspect of modeling is fun especially when I get to pretend to be someone else in a fashion show or photo shoot and sell a fantasy. People found me fun and easy going. I love to dress up too and feel blessed when complimented for my eyes and legs.


I still have good memory of when I walked in a fashion show for the first time. I remember being happy and excited about it. I am grateful for all the opportunities that I’m getting.

Regina Warren

I come from a modest background of average living and I attended an average public school system that I used as a stepping block to better myself. With God's grace, I realized that I'm more beautiful on the inside than the outside.


It was rewarding and humbling this year to be invited to host an annual modeling competition that I won in the previous years. Modeling is about advertising and collaborating with other artistic professionals. I live to help and sale a great product... Of course the makeup, the hair, and designer clothes are always NICE ha! I trust MY EYES! They do magical things ha! And my personality!


It is challenging to be ready 24/7 because it requires to ALWAYS eating healthy, exercising, and finding other ways to create a brand for yourself. But I love the challenge!!!!! Let's work! SMILE

Daisy Baylis

My name is Daisy Baylis. I’m 29 years old and I am a college graduated from The Art Institute of Philadelphia. I went for culinary arts and business management. Food is my first love. I am a professional model and an entrepreneur. I love to give back and I feel passionate about helping those less fortunate. I like to go to food shelters and help, meet the people and get to talk to them. I also have a business that helps feed kids all over the world. I am also very passionate about workout and fitness. I am interested in how you eat an take care of yourself. I think that it is very important as well. Though I never really expect to be doing modeling and acting I fell I love with it. I’m glad to see all the love and support that has come my way in the last 4 years. It’s been humbling and over whelming at times. But I would love to continue to grow and develop my modeling and acting as well as my brand in the fitness spectrum. I also took dance classes in my spare time a few years going I did Broadway, jazz, hip hop, ballet. I grew up sing with my three sisters I still write music an also poetry.


My most recent modeling experience was a show I did in June. It was a model fantasy beach party.  It was awesome and I got to do live posing and the makeup was amazing and the designers where amazing as well. It was definitely one of my favorites. I like modeling because for me it’s different than anything I would normally do and It’s exciting. It’s a mother form of art it’s help me grow and it helps you evolve as a person I think. I love the freedom for creativity and some of the people you meet along the way will change your life. It’s the freedom to be cool and confident and sexy but also be fun and playful if you like. It’s also the opportunity to impact an inspire others.


I’m hard working, silly and passionate about the thing I love. But I am just a regular person like everyone else and I’m hoping to change an inspire people to live life because life is too short. I love to laugh because it is the best medicine. I have several hobbies and I like to stay busy. I’m a natural athlete and I love to play an watch sports. I got into modeling to brake out of being a tomboy and I just fell in love with it. I like to act as well and I love music. But my first love above all thing is food and being a chef. I have a catering business and I’m getting off the ground with my best friend Robyn called Savory Symphonies.

Dressyj Louis

My modeling name Is DressyJ. I am Haitian from Boston, now I live in NYC. People compliment me more about my smile and my personality. When I'm on set for a photo shoot, I'm always acting silly and make sure everybody in the room is having fun while we working. I am a hard working woman and I enjoy the endless creativity that photo shoot offers the world.  I always go after what I want because I'm a believer. You can find me on Instagram @dressy.j Facebook @dressyj Louis and my facebook fan page is DRESSYJ Snapchat @dressyj

Natalie Brown

I am from New Haven, CT. I went out on a limb to the casting for the Plitz fashion show and I was selected to be a part of the show. Plitz fashion show is so far my favorite modeling experience. I was completely amazed with the fast pace that is in a New York fashion show during fashion week. I am a full time college student at the University of Connecticut, majoring in Sociology. I plan on working for a nonprofit org that helps mentor children to keep them on the right track to success. I am a freelance model and I have been modeling for about 3 years now. I have had a lot of help along the way. I believe that you should always keep communication with those you work with before, during, and after. I believe that this allows great relationships and opportunities to present themselves, and this is how I've been able to be so successful. What I like about modeling is that it allows me to express multiple stories in a stilled captured moment. I believe the most challenging part of modeling are the assumptions that people have before getting to actually know you. For instance I don't starve myself nor am I conceded. I'm actually a very humble, friendly, ambitious person. Most people would compliment me on my eyes, smile, and my freckles. I am open to collaborating with anyone who is willing to work with me.

Please feel free to contact me via social media Instagram: Gravity_of_natalie, Facebook: Natalie Brown, or Email: Thank you, Natalie

Credit:    Asjad ART By Salem David Alshimiri from Baghdad, Iraq featured at PLITZS New York City Fashion Week 2016

Leaisha Scott

I love photo shoots, make-up, designer clothes, meeting new people and going to places that I've never been. What I like most about modeling is seeing how much I've been a great influence on Mother's that feel like having children have made their body unacceptable to society. Myself I have two kids and my joy is my children seeing me do something productive. No matter what you've been through or what obstacles life has brought you through it's never too late for your dreams to come true.

Nadeja Ouedraogo

My name is Nadeja , I graduated in political science at Moncton university.

I joined the modeling world 5 years ago. I began with photo shoot in Moncton, Halifax, Montréal and I had a chance to make many fashions weeks such as , Halifax, Toronto and Quebec Canada.


I was discovered by an agency in Toronto called Orange model management. I moved to Toronto to live my dream. None of the modeling activities is easy but I love what I do because I realize that I can do so many thing that I never imagined. Casting after casting, photo shoot, commercial are some of modeling experience.


Lacole Pough

Hola!!!! My name is La'cole. I have been modeling for 5 years . I'm a 25 year old Gemini who just wants to plaster my curvy body around the world and let people know that melanin is beautiful and glorious!!!! I am a Medical nerd who just loves life and all it has to offer!!!


When I got to model for David's Bridal in 2012, It was fun to feature a bride in pictures.

I am real and I fight everyday to keep believing in my worth in this world and in humanity. I'm just living everyday to spread love and make my way in this world.

What I like about modeling is breaking boundaries and opening doors for women of color with figures that we are more than just eye candy models. Also I am currently in a contest for Jetset Magazine Cover Model >>>>> To vote me just visit:

Follow Me : @pwettybrown_eyes
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Follow Me Snap Chat: La'Cole
Leininey Mills

I love dressing up, transforming and bringing the designers vision to life. I enjoy becoming someone new and fierce every time I step out on the runway. I actually have two favorite experiences. One experience was modeling in the boujie couture boutique fashion show. The other was modeling in the Oxford studio fashion show. These two stood out to me because of the great organization and compensation that these shows had to offer. They treated their models with respect and had a great positive environment and that is important to a model to have a great vibe and team to keep the spirits of the models up and a high morale. Just like "happy wife happy life" ......"happy model = a successful runway = people seeing their energy in your fashion which = $$$$$$. I am humble, fun, bubbly and full of life because of God in me... He is the source of my blessing.

Tammy Shenell

Tammy Shenell, born February 15, 1984 is a Houston native and mother of two who found her path in the model field 4 years ago. Growing up in a middle class family I knew i wanted to make something of myself and live a successful life . As a kid i was such a girly girl who enjoyed being in front of a camera and flipping through fashion magazines. My long limbs and body frame was always the reason for people constantly telling me i should model. I knew at the time my education was more important, so I finished high school in 2003 and pursued my freelance model career thereafter. I started doing photo shoots with different photographers as my starting point because I read that a model needs a portfolio with many different looks.  Early 2004 i auditioned for the popular tv show "America's Next Top Model ". I didn't make the cut because i was told i needed to get braces put on my teeth first. I would say that was a learning experience for me because it taught me how to handle rejection in the future and understand that you will not always get a "YES".
I could've given up right then and there but I was driven and believed in myself so much I took her advice and kept it moving . March 2004 I found out I was pregnant with my first child.  I gave birth to a healthy baby boy Dec.1 2004 . Being a first time mother and trying to pursue my modeling career was very challenging. I didn’t have the freedom to attend weekly casting calls let alone make rehearsals. I needed to be around my baby for majority of each day for nursing . It was a moment where I knew I had to put my dreams on hold at least till my baby was a young boy. During this time I was loving motherhood & putting all my focus into my family . In 2007 I gave birth to my 2nd son . I was 28 years old when I stepped back into the model scene . Truthfully, I felt out of my zone. Here's why - some would say 28 is too old to restart your modeling career , then on top of that your competing with much younger individuals such as teens. So that could be a bit intimidating. I felt I had to try twice as hard to be selected and make sure that rehearsal/show time(s) was not a problem. Keeping my eyes on the prize I managed to land major opportunities around town- even in Chicago!  A few of my accomplishments this year are: Walking in Black Fashion Week USA (Chicago), Dress Houston , Houston Fashion Week , Fashion for Fearless , Raw Artist, Lola & Lisa Fashion Tour Edition, published in Golden Publication and Young Houston Magazine, nominated as Top 100 Young Professionals 2015 by Young Houston Magazine Houston  and last but not least I landed a role as an "extra" in a upcoming movie "H-town the movie". I give credit to my family, faith and dedication. On my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, outdoor activities, road trips, going to the park, and movies. I'm a prime example that age and motherhood  doesn't matter – it's never too late to pursue your dreams! Go for it! Remember it's your passion and no one else. Thank you for reading, I hope I touched someone heart to believe in themselves again!!

Photo credits

Photographer:         Emex Focus

Photographer:         Steven Robinson

Photographer:         Mr caught ya photography

Asia Johnson

I love modeling it's my passion. I love to dress up in all the clothing types, wear the makeup and getting my hair done. It just makes me feel beautiful  When I walked in the Model of the year competition, although I did not win, I had the most votes which boosted up my confidence. I would have won if it was judged by the vote but I was first in the finals so I say I made second place. My beautiful smile and eyes were noticeable and my height and personality made a big difference in favor. The most challenging thing about modeling is the auditioning process. One must be picked up among many beautiful girls and there is also the fear of possible fall while walking down the runway.

Sani Binta

My name is Sani Binta. I live in NYC but born and brought up in plateau state Nigeria by a Muslim dad and Christian mom, I was raised by my maternal grandparents with no Idea of what my father looks like until I was 15 years old. I get more compliments about my look. I know however that my look doesn't define me. I have a deep passion for humanity. I am happy when people around me succeed. People expect you to maintain your figure and your look, year after year. That can be challenging. I believe that beauty should start inside first.


My favorite modeling experience would be the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week NYC. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is an industry event. IMG Fashion provides a live stream schedule of runway shows and premiere fashion content that enables accredited and non-accredited media to cover shows and create content-rich posts and articles. This is glamorous and I enjoyed the exposure.

Keri Steward

I am a model on a mission to inspire aspiring models and break barriers in the industry.

My beauty works from inside/out. It is not from the outside in. When I walk on a runway I walk with intent purpose to sell a garment, to create a scene, to bring to life an imagination of what’s possible while doing a photo-shoot. I want people to know I was born to do this. I was created for such a time as this. Every life I come across, I am engaged with that person, in that moment and nothing else matters, it is my sincerest desire and prayer that I’ve imparted something great, so my legacy and memories will last long after I leave my earthly home. I love God, our heavenly creator more than anything in life. I live for love and for love I live!

The runway and cameras are my canvases and when I open myself up to the universe I get out of the “modeling box” so many try to put you in. I’m going to continue to paint this beautiful canvas the way I want it. I love art and fashion, and the fact that modeling is an art form that brings me so much happiness because I get to create art every day! I love teaching aspiring models the politics and business of the entertainment industry. I love guiding them with their careers and helping them avoids pitfalls in the industry. At the end of the day it’s music to my ears when I hear an aspiring model say “Because of you, I didn’t give up.”

It is hard to identify the pretentious individuals in the industry that claim to be who they aren’t. It’s also challenging to be a model in the south where they don’t pay models enough for a day’s work. People only see the glamorous side of modeling: There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes and it can be more exhausting than a 9-5 job. Without models, the show can’t and will not go on, yet most models are at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to budgets. You have to learn how to trust people in this industry, yet still set healthy boundaries for those who aren’t trusts worthy. I strongly dislike the “cattiness” of the business. Some girls/women are so insecure or self-absorbed that they are constantly trying to compete against the next model for fortune and fame. Or to be the next “It Girl”. There’s enough work out here for everyone to eat, so it’s not necessary. Jealousy and envy are two of the ugliest character traits I’ve ever seen and can be detrimental to one’s professional and personal life. It’s also a challenge for an African American model in the industry to break barriers. (Racism and Sexism still exists in this industry). Last, but definitely not least, trying to find that work/life balance and still be the best mom, friend, sister, daughter and wife I could be is a constant struggle and juggle.

My favorite modeling experience would have to be my runway experience from

"Consciously Beautiful" and the "Lipstick Monologues" with the beautiful creator and founder Ardre Orie of I love Me Magazine. She’s an author of two books “I am enough” and Consciously “Beautiful.” Her mission is also my mission and movement: To empower women and change the definition of what society defines as beautiful.

NaKeysha King

I am a cosmetologist, and a very outgoing creative person. I always wanted to be a part of the modeling industry, whether it was being a model or behind the scenes. I love to travel, socialize and meet new people. Most people compliment me on my facial features, my eyes and high cheek bones. Some say I have an exotic Asian type look, when actually it's my Native American descent that accent my features.



My favorite and most memorable modeling experience is whenever I am the finale model for the designer's collection, which symbolizes the signature piece of their line. As the finale model I close the line and have the honor to walk with the designer to close their showcase.


What I love about modeling are the photo shoots and runway.  During a shoot you and the photographer become one, creating  the most creative memory ceased in time, captured for a lifetime. What I love about runway is my ability to bring the designer's creation to life, from their thoughts,  to a sketch, to the runway with my distinct stride. I also admire the connections, networking and friendships that you build and create along your journey. 



Some of the challenges for me about modeling are the stereotypes and boundaries that try to limit my ability to excel in the career path I have chosen. I believe that there is a place in this industry for all types of models,  no matter your size, height, or age as long as you exceed the expectation of the audition. 

Elmira Jones

Danielle Mitchell, known to the modeling world as Elmira Jones was born Jan. 2, 1991. She has a smile that can lights up a room. She was born and raised in Maryland. She has an eclectic personality with an amazing work ethic and energy. She always brings a great atmosphere to her shoots! The second of four children and born to two pastors, Ms. Jones has a great respect for family and faith. She has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and has recently become the owner of "The Veil LLc.", a mobile salon based in Maryland. There is never a dry moment in her life, juggling a career in modeling, being a hairstylist, and last but, not least a mother of four intelligent little young men! Elmira`s goal is to build and establish strong ongoing professional relationships within and out of the fashion industry and to create an impact that you will never forget.



I am a warrior who believe that where I`m going is most certainly better that where I`ve been! Modeling for the launch of gospel artists Karen Clark Sheard`s clothing line/ women`s event was an amazing experience for me. What I like about modeling is the wide range of beautiful experiences that one can encounter, whether it`s the people, the place, the clothes, the income, and the list goes on and on.



Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Brown Ethnicity: American Height: 5"7 Bust: 34 B Waist: 26" Hips: 36" Inseam: 34" Shoe:7.5 Dress: 2-4 Pants:2-3



Video: Behind The Camera: Danielle

Shot & Edited by Xfactor for Xavier Jacobs Video and Photography

Model: Danielle   Music by Trey Songz titled Cake

Gemini Art
 I am multi-faceted and bold. I believe everyone has an awesome purpose only known through one's passion. What one is truly passionate about is what their purpose on Earth is. I like becoming a living piece of art. Who says art can only exist on pages or walls? Those are merely two place to observe art.  Everyone tells me they like my hair short instead of long because they like to see my face.  My biggest challenge with modeling is not being able to do it full time ... if I had it my way, I would model full time. I enjoy modeling so much! I eat, sleep, and live it every day, but there is this thing called life that I have to live when the photo shoot or show is over!
Gina Gene

Throughout my entire modeling experience working with Frieda Bailey, Vice President of Operations at Ralph Lauren was one of the best modeling experiences of my modeling career. Being able to walk for Belk/Ralph Lauren during the Runway Show was amazing.


I'm 6'1 and I played basketball on scholarship at Shaw University and graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice. Two years later I begin modeling. First show I participated in was Women's Empowerment here in Raleigh over 5,000 people attended this live event. I also did a few runway sessions with the amazing Alva Page. Within the first two sessions I had learned to rip the runway. In my spare time I love spending time with my son Isaiah....mommy life is amazing. I also like to turn up in the gym and I enjoy the Ready2Dance class that I attend at the local YMCA where I'm a dance choreographer. I give thanks to the inspiration of Marcus..the lead choreographer. Being able to grace the runway like I own it is one of the greatest things I like about modeling

Munira Zulka

Trina Atiliu Akol

Trina Atiliu Akol


I can walk down the street and have girls share their story of how I inspired them to be comfortable in their own skin regardless of their complexion, given the fact that I too struggled with that before. The simple fact that other people can relate to my story and take something positive out of it is what I personally consider my favorite experience.

It’s not just about the runway and the fancy clothes, sometimes it’s also a representation of one's cultural identity, so the next time you see a model that strikes you on the catwalks, give them the benefit of not just finding out who they’re wearing which most of the time just shines the light on the designer, look them up to find out more about theme, where they’re from, what's their story (everyone has one). Models are one of the most overlooked group of people.

What strikes me most about modeling is the fact that you meet a lot of different personalities with different cultural backgrounds. I just like the diversity of the whole industry and also the glitz and glamour of it all. Also the fact that you can transform to a completely different person through makeup manipulation, hair and clothes.  When all is said and done, the fashion industry can be brutal and it’s not just all glitz and glamour but rather an emotional roller coaster that can take toll on a model, the traveling, living from one hotel to the other, the constant castings and sometimes the rejection. In addition to that, agencies and also the designers sometimes do have unrealistic and mostly unattainable standards for the models especially when it comes to size and weight. It puts so much pressure on the models which can sometimes affect their body image and eventually their health. You’d be surprised that models are perceived to be the most confident yet are also the most self conscious people when it comes to their bodies, it’s a double edged sword. Also sometimes it can be hard to get gigs for models of color given how a large portion of the industry has a preference of European standard of beauty, the classic blonde hair blue eyes. Unfortunately not everyone can fit that definition, especially if you’re on the other end of the spectrum, the classic nappy hair and big lips J.

People compliment my skin a lot, how it’s very dark and smooth and all but it's funny because before while I was growing up, it used to be an object of constant ridicule from my classmates and I loathed it, I even went to the extreme of bleaching my skin at some point, but after learning about the long term side effects and generally just working on my self esteem and confidence I learned to wear it with pride and not as a badge of shame. I also get compliments on my smile J.
Janine Tondu

Janine Tondu is currently ripping runways in New York City and striving to claim her spot amongst the elite runway models in Paris, Milan, and London. In the long run, She seeks to help bring about more diversity in the fashion world. Besides her hair, people admires her eyes which she says is a window to her soul.



I am a very driven person and absolutely admire other individuals with passion in their work, it inspires me. I also am very fond of art, the whole creativity process warms my soul. So far I love that there is no consistency. Everything is always different so you hardly ever know what you're walking into. I also love that as a very contained person, it allows me those few moments to really shine. I enjoy pretty much everything I've done so far. I have only recently started to take modeling seriously and have found that each production, photo shoot, runway has contributed to many of the new ventures into modeling I love. Everyone is different, the setting is always different, so researching from whatever information you get is definitely the key.
Natira Simone Brown

Designers spends sleepless nights creating garments and envisioning their wearable art in photo shoots and in runway shows. As a model, I am very honored to help express their vision! It's a great feeling, the artistic expression that I convey to my audience as a model.


My favorite modeling experience was traveling to France and walking in Tiffany's Fashion Week Paris! In 2010, I also attended college while abroad in Paris and absolutely loved the city! Being able to model their was a very fulfilling experience!

I would like my audience to know that I am a very humble, gracious and welcoming person and not as bourgeoisie and inapproachable as I may seem.  A lot of people get the wrong idea about me in regards to my persona & it gets in the way of what could be awesome friendships / relationships!

Thuma @ Fashion Week Brooklyn (Oct. 2014)


Doing photo shoot at the beach and in the studios as well as doing catwalk moves at fashion shows are my favorite modeling experiences. I always crave for challenging pictures and body language arts. It's such a good feeling to be myself in front of the camera posing and wearing designers clothing.

Having to send a message for every photo using social media takes time but fun and challenging in same time. Modeling requires that I stay fit by working out and eating healthy. I love to be around my family and friends joking and partying and just being in good spirits.  Modeling is the most beautiful part of art, interestingly daring and captivating, to me it's enigmatic because there's lots to it than it seem. When it's in you, it is effortless and stress-free.

Jenelle Yearwood

The Model Jenelle Yearwood is well known for her noticeably softer smoother, more radiant natural hair and skin. She receives a lot of compliments about her hair and questions about the fragrances she uses.  She enjoyed working with an upcoming designer named Nathaniel white because She loved his designs and he made his fashion show very creative and fun. Jenelle Yearwood is a hard worker and likes trying new things. She just published her first children's book and is working on making an even better one by using the experience she gained to her benefit.  Here is the link to the book:


I like this thrill of being on stage because I'm very shy and it helps to build my confidence, and I like dressing up also. When asked about what is challenging in modeling, she replies that It's can be challenging sometimes finding the right person to work with because I had a lot of bad experience with photo-shoots where I was promised pictures and never got them.

Jenelle Yearwood is ready for a BIG-TIME commercial modeling. is recommending this model to the fashion industry.

Tia Daron'sMommy

YaNnieboo Hampton 

Chrystal Washington

Chrystal Washington was filmed for legendary fashion show and films. this was definitely a huge opportunity that she was honored to be a part of. She doesn't just model for the fun of it, but She does it because She wants to someday be at a level in her career where She has the tools to give other young women the opportunity to fulfill their dreams in becoming a supermodel!   


What She truly like about modeling, is that one has the ability to control how far they want to take their career! You can travel the world, be featured in a countless number of magazines, films, music videos, etc. You control your flexibility.

Rese Blackcloud Wright
Modeling has put me in the position to meet some amazing people. Appearing on love &hip hop NY is a prove that hard work pays. I love what I do even though it is a big challenge to manage oneself. I appreciate all support that I get from my audience. I enjoy the compliments photographers make about my eyes and legs.
Eyinga Johanna

Established Make-up Artist and print model in Montreal Canada, Eyinga Johanna has the artistic integrity and professional reputations. Her intrinsic make-up capabilities is celebrated on the runway. She is devoted to the beauty, both inside and outside.  She likes modeling and taking care of herself. The result of her workout in the gym is noticeable and has generated buzzes. Whether you seek to enhance your personal life or beauty, she is resourceful.