Youdeline Belle

Nahdra Ra

The House Of Nahdra is the vision of Ethiopian Fashion Designer Nahdra who lives in Roxbury. Her designs have graced many runways up & down the east coast. The essence of The House Of Nahdra's designs are inspired by her Ethiopian Culture as well as African &Urban Culture as a whole. The colors & patterns reflect her love for The Divine Energy in Nature. The House Of Nahdra focuses on reminding us of Our Divinity through visual expression

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This can also lead to a model wanting to give up modeling altogether. But as I mentioned before, if modeling is what you want to do, you have to go get it. This means that, yes, you'll get a whole bunch of 'NOs' but you have to develop tough skin and keep at it until you get that 'YES'. Nothing that's worth it comes easy. Do whatever you have to do to grow and become a better model; look at magazines, watch YouTube videos, constantly train, and remain positive. Eventually those 'NOs' will turn into a 'YES'!!

Ashess Couture  

"There's a million pretty faces out there but only a few of those faces have the drive and determination behind them to succeed, despite the negativity and setbacks that you will eventually go through. I am one of those very few. I Study my craft and will one day perfect it..." _Ashess Couture

Youdeline Belle

I am Youdeline Barthelemy and my stage name is Youdeline Belle. I am a Haitian American Model based in New Jersey, United States. I specialize in Petite (5’5) and Body Parts Modeling. I am a beginner model with minimal experience in the fashion industry as I work toward building my portfolio and expand my network. To date, I have had a few professional photoshoots with Jamie Cheyenne, JanWes Cadeau and Reggy Stainfil to name a few. Additionally, I am a brand ambassador for FNX Fitness and Bellmee (fashion). I am an intelligent, fearless and spirited aspiring model ready to take the fashion world by storm. I am available for photo shoots in my hometown of New Jersey; however, I am open for travel to other US destinations and countries outside of the US. I live and breathe fashion! I always bring my passion, energy and heart to every project I work on.



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Jasmine Shelton

My name is Jasmine Shelton. I am from Louisa, Virginia. I have always been a small-town girl with really big dreams. I have been modeling since I was 15 years old. I am now 24. In 2015, I had heart surgery and as a result my perspective on life changed. This was a very difficult time for me, but it made me appreciate the little things. Also, my determination, drive, and lust for life just intensified. Most people when they hear my story are surprised by what I have been through to only be 24 years old. But I enjoy telling my story because I want people to know my strength and that through all the pain, I learned there is no obstacle I can’t overcome. I think outside of my full lips, my strength, and kindness are the most compliments I receive from other people.

After my surgery, modeling was one of those things I wanted to focus more on and really strive to be the best I can be. I do enjoy doing photo shoots because the pictures turn out beautiful but also because great memories can be created with a photo. I also like to look back at previous photo shoots and see what improvements I can make in the future. I also enjoy doing fashion shows because they are always a lot of fun and I usually meet some pretty amazing people. I think the challenging part about modeling is getting exposure. As I said in the beginning, I have big dreams, but it can be hard trying to make those dreams come to fruition in Virginia. I would have to say my favorite modeling experience was when I did my first magazine photo shoot on the beach. It was an important moment for me because although I have done photo shoots before for clothing lines and websites, that was my first magazine photo shoot. I will always keep that magazine in my house open to my page no matter how old it gets.
Olive Emerald

I am ambitious and a go-getter. I hope to inspire others with my light, my personality and my drive! I love being a part of such a creative and diverse industry. There is always something new unfolding. Modeling has truly help bring me out of my shell. I have become more business savvy and have also gained more self confidence. There are many great agencies out there however there are also agencies that have intentions to scam you and that is frustrating.


I had the opportunity to work in New York Fashion week this year and it was such an extraordinary experience. Being backstage and prepping for the show was only the beginning! I also had the chance to meet upcoming models and designers. Networking was essential during that time. Although I was filled with nerves, I was so grateful to be a part of such a notable event. Being in this industry has allowed me to challenge the media's beauty standards. The fashion industry is always developing in new and intricate ways. One of my goals is to represent African/ African descent models and empowerment darker tone women- women that have endure negativity from society. I feel it's time for a change. it's time to admire and appreciate our deep complexion publicly because we have always been beautiful people internally and externally and always will be...

To learn more about me visit my social media:

Instagram - OliveBasil_
Facebook- Olive Emerald
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Photo credits:   Frank Siegel                      Sam Garvin             Lisa Marie

Regina Chantal

I'm a 26 year old single mother to a wonderful boy. I began my creative journey as a dancer 15 years ago. I am trained mostly in modern dance, but I also studied ballet and African styles as well. I decided to start modeling, because I felt the need to perform, use my creativity, and build a life for myself outside of having a full-time job and being a full-time parent. I needed an outlet that would be fulfilling and bring me joy.

My first runway show last July at Summer Glam 2017 in Columbia, SC. was an impromptu, last min casting, and I had a blast. The confidence that you develop as you put yourself out there for the world to see is what I like about modeling but I acknowledge that making sure your work stands out amongst all of the other models out there and remaining true to yourself can be challenging.

Bianca Jae

After a couple years of not modeling, I started networking and last year in July, my effort paid off. I booked a show on my own just by having a conversation with someone who happened to be in charge of the entire show known as “Bikini Under the bridge” and he gave me a spot right there! I made friends that became sisters to me and it also made me realize that I shouldn’t give up on the goals I set for myself in the fashion industry.



I’m as humble and down to earth as they come. I know that this is all a blessing for me and I’ll never change who I am or forget where I came from if I ever make it big. Modeling takes you out of your comfort zone and challenges you to step to the plate. You either except the challenge or quit, and I don’t plan on quitting. I also love that you feel like the most confident person in the world, you literally feel like nothing can stop you and it’s an adrenaline rush. Always trying to outdo your previous performance can be stressful. You want to be authentic and not forced and that takes practice to achieve. If you truly do have a passion for modeling then you embrace this challenge and take it head on.

Susan Yen

I am a 5’6” print and runway model who came here from South Sudan as a refugee and all that has made me who I am today. Our experiences make us who we are whether it is good or bad. I want to show dark skin women that we are strong, beautiful and successful.  I am one of few African models in Boston that lifts weights so when I do bikini shoots people are surprised I guess. I think one of my favorite experiences modeling was during the 2016 Boston Fashion week with Shaco Couture with Sharon Cox. That moment when your foot hits that stage and your heart takes a couple of skips and you realize the camera’s are flashing people are amazed by the designs and you have this chance to show the people what you got.

As a model you get to be a part of so much more than just being the face of something. You begin to represent something more than yourself. I have met some of the most incredible people as a model and realized that everyone has a story to share and I like being a part of that. Modeling or the entertainment industry is a very hard industry to be in so if you aren’t comfortable in yourself they will tear you apart. So the most difficult thing is knowing that any mistake you make, people out there are going to find out about it. “trying not to fall during a show”


Susan Yen was born into South Sudan in 1992. She was raised by two culturally different families. Like many Sudanese that have come to this country seeking refuge, her life changed in 2000 when she came to the United States and began her life in a small town in New Hampshire. She came into this country with her Cousin and Uncle in 2000 and her biological parents followed 5 years later. Susan learned English very quickly and learned that in this country if you ever want something you need hard work and dedications. She has graduated High School and received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of New Hampshire in 2015 followed by a position in marketing right after. This Sudanese girl is joining the force that black women all over the world are creating and that is “our skin is beautiful and little black girls deserve someone like them to look up to as well.”

Susan’s success will continue to grow in this industry as she continues to build her dream. She has worked with multiple photographers, featured in many different magazines and walked the runway for some great designers.
Outside her modeling commitments, Susan draws upon her personal experiences and the draw to be successful in everything she does. This includes working as a Marketing Manager, the Hilton and taking the time to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.

Instagram: theyengirl


Book Susan Available for shoot, Magazine. Editorial. Ad, runway & Print Height: 5'6" Bust:34" Waist: 26" Hip:33" Dress: 0-1

Rocky Hes

I never wanted to be a Model because I was always teased and bullied about being skinny then Modeling found me and here I am loving it. I love traveling and enjoy the compliments about my lips, eyes and long legs. My favorite modeling experience is when I shot the commercial for United colors of Benetton and Seventeen Magazine.

Leila Aigbedion

Q1. What is your favourite modelling experience?


My favourite Modelling experience so far was my trip to ‘’march this year’’ Delhi for the Super model international competition. I made the top 15 and got special award for best in talent.

Leila Aigbedion represented the Netherlands at the supermodel international 2016 in India. This competition was held for the 6th time and has it's headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand.  In 2013, Leila Aigbedion was crowned Miss supranational Netherlands and represented her country in Belarus. This year she was a top 12 finalist at the miss Nederland pageant where she made a huge impression on the audience during the final show. It was a great evening in Delhi , India for supermodel Netherlands 2016, Leila Aigbedion After 1,5 week of preparing in India she did not only make the top 15 but she also won the miss talent award. This award is given to the girl who overall made the most impression on the organization and the people of India. Leila was very popular among the organisation as she was asked several times to appear for television and gave her opinion on woman right.  
For Leila it was her second international pageant where she had the honour to represent the Netherlands. In 2013 she already went to Belarus for the miss Supranational pageant. It was again 12 months of beauty that prepared  Leila and gave her the opportunity to go to this competition. It was for the second time  the Netherlands was represented at this great competition. super model international was won by the lovely and very friendly miss Malaysia , Josephine Tan.

Q 2. What do you want your audience to know about you?


I am not only a model but also a true pageant queen. My job on this earth is to inspire, educate and motivate the upcoming youth. Dreams do come true as long as you believe in it , have faith in yourself.

Q 3. What do you like about modelling?

What I like about modelling is that it’s all about acting, you are trying to tell a story with a different identity every frame.

Q 4. What is challenging about modelling?

negative aspects of modelling include:

  • Not getting paid a lot of money at the beginning.
  • You may not have work for a few weeks which will also reduce your finances dramatically.
  • You will have to diet all the time to remain trim and healthy.
  • You must also make sure you exercise which is negative if you hate exercising.
  • Most of the work involves long hours, lots of standing, and having to pose for the camera all day.
  • It can become boring and tiring depending on the job you are doing and how often you are needed. You can spend all day on a movie set and only shoot your scene for an hour.
  • Flying every other day and every other week means you have to deal with jetlag’s


Q 5. What most people compliment you more for? Example: Your smile or your eyes ...

Most people compliment me for my drive. I am very determine and I don’t quite easily. I have goals to achieve and those are my focus. Nothing can stop me I am unstoppable, even if it takes that I go days without sleep.

Photo credits:

Fireshone (First -Main Picture)
Kern Thomspon (Third, fith and sixth pictures)
Josepfien Hoekstra (Second picture )
Peter Stigter (Fourth picture)

Chantel Cherry

I participated in shows where I enjoyed wearing some super unique pieces from talented fashion designers. I enjoy getting my hair and makeup done and having the designers rely on me to make their pieces stand out and pop. To be successful in this industry, you have to be really strong and conscious of who you are in order to not fall into some of the traps or compromising situations that you are exposed to. You have to understand also that the ones you trust, whether it be photographers, mentors, managers, may not always have your best interest in mind. Being true to yourself is the best thing for you even though you may not land that cover spread, get the lead part in that video, get casted for that fashion show, or whatever it is. It saves you from hard times ahead. I have long legs which is beneficial especially in volleyball, fashion shoots and shows. I try to smile at all times which most say it is contagious so I won't complaint about that.



I have not given up on my dream. I have embarked on another journey in my life which is family and consciousness. Previously all I had was myself so a lot of the things I had done did not include the consideration that I have someone under me who looks up to me. I always wanted to be known as the one who did what she wanted to do, not as the industry wanted her to do, and in some instances, the industry wants you to compromise your values and who you really are. So I decided to take some time off, re-evaluate what I wanted from the industry and how I can give back and inspire others who look up to me. I want to pass a good message and set a better example than I have in the past and be known for that. I see the way the world works in a clearer view and know what's expected of me as a young Black female... and who expects it. My goal is to set and exceed my own expectations and the expectations of my own people. But I am definitely stepping back onto the scene.

Tamara Lawrence

Tamara Lawrence is a multitalented actor, model, dancer, writer, and future musician. She started acting in high school when she joined the Summer Shakespeare Conservatory and the Guerilla Performance Group at East Side Arts Alliance. During this time she co-authored two plays entitled From Wrong to Right, and Once Upon a Town, in which she starred in as well. Through the Guerilla Performance Group, she studied under political activist and world renowned author, Amiri Baraka.


After receiving her Communications degree at Loyola Marymount University, Tamara moved to the Bay Area to help care for her sick grandmother. Although she wanted to stay in LA to pursue acting, she sought after opportunities in entertainment in the Bay Area. While receiving training at Film Acting Bay Area, she began auditioning for acting, modeling, and dance roles. Tamara has acted in commercials for Wells Fargo, Kia, Benefit Cosmetics, and 1More Headphones, and was a supporting character on Discovery’s Wives With Knives. She has performed in multiple music videos and flashmobs, and has danced with the SambaFunk! ensemble for three years. She currently stars in the new web series, The Traffick, and is writing a children’s book based on her family’s experience care taking for her now deceased grandmother. In addition, she is working on a reality show with her mother and siblings featuring celebrity interviews, family friendly events, and their own performances. For up-to-date news on Tamara, check her out on Facebook under ‘Tamara Lawrence’ and Instagram under ‘tamigreeneyez.’


Tamara loves to play different characters when she acts, and modeling allows her to do the same. From southern belle, to blonde bombshell, to all around American beauty, she can be whoever she wants to be. One of her favorite shoots was when she got to embody an Egyptian princess at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, CA. No matter the competition or rejection, Tamara believes in herself, which she says is the first step to reaching success. She also cannot imagine a life without the arts, which makes the hard work all worth it. Tamara aims to bring enlightenment and awareness in her work, while also entertaining audiences all over the world


Photographer:              Mel Peters

Shekina Williams

Modeling gives me the opportunity to show the world my second language. I speak with my poses. Every pose gives a new feeling, emotion, and purpose. I work hard in staying in good shape and my flat stomach is a result of working out and having a right diet. I am blessed with an exotic face features and nice body shape.

Jon-Tae Smith

I get great joy from making others happy. I am who I am with my loving spirit and good attitude. I'm very proud of being different by my personality and vision. What I like about modeling is that it is more than what meets the eye, there is a story to every photo and it's an art to portray such versatility. My favorite modeling experience was when I did a fashion show some time ago for a charity event , it was so much fun and glamorous!!


The only thing I have found to be challenging about modeling is ....the nude shoots lol I have not tried it yet I'm too nervous too.

Breyanah Mason

It took a lot of hard work, prayer and dedication to achieve my goal of becoming a model. I love everything about modeling. This includes the cast and calls, the fashion shows and the photo shoots. My favorite modeling experience is my all day photo shoot with Calvin Childs, Gregory Maxx and celebrity designer and model Stevie Boi. The crew was very professional and I enjoyed the final product.


Credit:                        Rejean Wilson Photography

                                   RA Vestal

                                   Calvin Childs

Karoon Walljee
My Name is Karoon Walljee. Coming from sunny Durban South Africa to America. I'm a fashion style inspiring model. My main focus in the model world is high fashion, runway, swimwear, editorial and commercial. I bring a different kind of mixture and style. I have great personality both on set or off. I have been modeling for 3 years. I enjoy working with great designers and photographers. I too enjoy been around other inspiring models. My idol is the one and only Runway Super Model Naomi Campbell

When I'm not modeling I attend college as nursing student. I have a great passion to help others in need. I feel that I can make a difference In anyone's life by lending my hands. My overall goal is to work more with special needs children in low poverty countries. I can see myself somewhere in the world making a difference in children's lives. Apart from that I two have a very creative side. I enjoy painting, needle work, drawing.

I'm a well spoke female with a English accent. I'm very sociable individual. I hold my head up high but never in an disrespect of being better. Rather a proud African that has made her way thus far. As we African women that come abroad get put under the table because some may think we here to just take others opportunities. But that's not correct we came here to be equal, to show others that anything is possible if you just believe it.


Modeling lets me be free to open up and have fun with lens or the audience. It's just a matter of mind. You have total control. I enjoy creating a great shoots. I would say however that for me having a tattoo is challenging. If I could remove it for a top notch agency that sees beyond my tattoos, I would take the pain and have them removed. However it something that's part of Karoon and she's beautiful

Most people love my accent, personality, hair, eyes and smile. When I tell them I'm from south Africa, most are surprised ,as they think I'm Spanish. I guess been mixed contributes to the excitement. However it's always delightful to share my story as Africa has beautiful women which others just undermined or are unaware.



South African Beauty :: Ms Karoon Walljee

Model Stats

Height:5'9                  Weight:140                Bust 34c                    Waist: 27
Hip:31                        Dress:4                      Shoe:10                     Nationality: South African

Pretti Cre

My name is Pretti Cre and I am a high fashion model. I was born in Columbus, Ohio but raised in Greenville, NC. I am a retired athlete from playing sports such as basketball, volleyball, and running track. I started my modeling career first doing pageants and I grew to love it. I am still a pageant girl and competed in a lot and won a few titles. Modeling is not a hobby for me, it is a goal that I am trying to achieve. My desire is to model for great designers like Ralph Lauren, travel overseas and be a Supermodel really soon. I am a college graduate from East Carolina University in Greenville, NC with a Bachelor's of Science in Elementary Education. I love kids and believe I was put on this Earth to guide and inspire kids that they are our future. I love what I do, and I am going to continue with God and my family right with me to reach for the stars and aim to the top with modeling!!!




The first time I got on a runway at Baltimore Maryland for their fashion week was my favorite modeling experience. It was about 3 years ago that I was pampered with Make-Up, my hair was done and I was looking cut. I was very nervous but once I step foot out on the runway and heard the audience admiring everything about me, I knew I wanted to continue with modeling and I have grown a lot since!!! I love the atmosphere, meeting new models, designers, getting myself out there in the fashion industry itself makes me feel great!! What is funny is I once was a tomboy who did not like modeling. My only love was basketball and it still it but now I just love being on a runway rocking some hot designs, and being in commercials, magazines and would love to do more.




Modeling may look easy but it is really a lot of work and dedication for this job!! Sometimes I do too much but do not get compensate enough for my services. There have been times I had to travel and not get appreciated for my time. I wish that people would appreciate those models that strive and go out of their way to make them look great. I however get complimented on a lot because... I am over 6 foot so the first thing I get noticed by is my long, big, legs because of my strive when I hit a runway. Also my eyes, because I do have big eyes and my facial structure because Make-up artist can do so much to my skin. My high cheek bones and "Trya Banks" forehead. I am very lean and can fit just about anything. That is a A+ for me!!!
Taylor Wynn

I get complemented on my eyes a lot, which I think is silly, they almost look like they have no iris. I guess that could make them a bit more piercing and expressive; and every color goes with black. My first studio shoot was memorable. It was so clean and the team was so inviting. I still keep in contact with those people after 5 years. They were just so great and I've worked with them since. Modeling is only a career for few, but a job for many. I actually just want to enjoy pursuing a job in marketing and possibly working for a video game company, or if I'm lucky: fashion marketing. The one thing I absolutely love about modeling is backstage or behind the scenes. I have a knack for getting really silly or excited, jumping around, and making jokes. Helping other models get pumped up and telling them how awesome they look, those smiles are important to me and makes me all the more excited that I get to do this.

The most challenging thing about modeling might be body image. That's just the obvious choice, but when people find out that you model, it's like they change how they see you. Some people think it's a way of losing my identity and conforming to social normality. Other people suddenly think you're untouchable and won't be your friend. Then there are some who think you'll do anything to get ahead, like completely breaking and going against my comfort zone, to be honest, that is the furthest from the truth.

Danz Edmond

I had the pleasure of shooting with Kevin Mark Pass in South Africa. It was my first International shoot and he made me so comfortable. The ultimate experience was really the South African culture, from nightlife to the 'games' (wildlife). That modeling experience was definitely my favorite. If only I could blink and take a picture. Everyone was so welcoming, and willing to share their food, music and art...rather different than NYC's state of mind. 



What I love about modeling is that you get the opportunity to portray someone else, take a different character. I especially love that runway allows me to be fierce. I don't get to do that very often off stage so when I do, I rock it out.  People always mention my legs as the feature which stands out most to them.  I've had photographers say "you're 3/4 legs". My personal challenge with being a professional model was dealing with racism. While many would think it doesn't exist, it does. It was so odd for me because I never experience it in my home country- Jamaica. Our saying is "Out of Many One People" after all, so naturally we don't dwell on skin color. Outside of that it’s a great means of building self-confidence which is needed for just about any situation life throws at us.   I'd want my audience to know that I'm so much more than what I post. I'm so focused on honing myself, my brand, my company and my life, I don't find time to post these things.

Shaina Renee'

I have been modeling for quite some time now and I have a background in business marketing. I recently opened my own modeling business teaching models how to become a brand. (The Model Knowledge Group) My main focus is to change the modeling industry for the better and to open more doors for models. My experience includes a trip to Europe where I lived for almost a year modeling. I love traveling and exploring different cultures. I was able to do what I love and also experience a different continent.


One of the things I like about modeling is traveling. Another is when doing a photo-shoot I like changing into different characters. You never know who you will be. Rather it’s shooting a dramatic look or a soft beauty look. However, There are so many things challenging about modeling. I am sure most would say rejection. I believe the biggest challenge is insecurity this is a secret that most models do not tell. Underneath all the smiles and makeup models are the most insecure people ever. There is so much competition and you are judged based off your looks. It can really change your perception of yourself. I have gotten through it because I would do meditation and yoga. I was able to cope with myself and now not only am I a better model but I am better person.

Stewella Daville
My favorite modeling experience was when I went to Paris France to walk in Tiffany McCalls Paris Fashion Week Event. It was amazing! I met wonderful people and visited the most beautiful place of all the Eiffel Tower.

What I want my audience to know about me is that I am very fun to be around. I carry myself with an air of confidence not an air of cockiness. I' m comfortable within myself loving the way I look and being happy.

What do I like about modeling! I enjoy the benefits of being able to rock out in a designers garment! I have been so many characters from a African Princess to a Black Widow to a 1950s pinup girl. Its the art that these designers create that allow me to be another person for a few hours lol. I also got to meet some great models along my journey which includes; Love Tucker, Eli Joseph, Mateo Manning, Russell Lewis, Rico King, Scott Bernard, Venus Wonderland & Zoe Cross!!

The challenging part of modeling is everyone wants to be a model because it looks glamorous, but what you see is not what it is all the time. Most models don't get paid enough, have to diet / healthy eating to stay trim, there's long hours standing or posing in front of the camera. This industry is filled with rejection.

Most models make it because its what we love to do. When you love it the challenges are nothing! Most people complement me on my legs which I really do not think is that long lol. My smile and they say I carry this aura when I walk into a room..which again is my confidence.

Ripping the runway! It's an exhilarating feeling and the Adrenaline Rush is simply amazing.  The ability to be transformed into different characters, represent different brands would be among the reasons why I enjoy modeling. I would say the thing that makes me happiest about modeling would be being able to meet different individuals and being able to exchange ideas and concepts.  Everyone who currently follows and will follow me in the future should know that I am a vibrant Ray of sunshine. I try my ultimate best to be overly positive and level headed at all times. I am very strong minded and confident. Respectful and encouraging because a little encouragement can go a long way. Most people say that my lips and smile are by far my most beautiful features. In my opinion my eyes and my cheekbones are the best...oh yea and my butt.


However, the most challenging part of modeling is knowing how to market yourself. How to get yourself out there to the masses of companies, agencies, networks and people who

would love for you to be a part of what they are doing.

Chilea Slade

I am a unique, positive, an humble young woman who love to take a fashion designer

vision and bring it to life in order to amaze an audience. I love dressing up and putting

make up on. Modeling just make me feel good inside in outside as it build a strong

character within myself. My favorite modeling experience would be year 2011 at central

park when posing for Photograph Orrin. The cause was " The environmental scenery"

I took pictures standing on rocks, leaning against different stone walls just adapting and

posing in different styles.


Calming myself down before a fashion show is challenging because I'm always wondering

what the audience may say or if they like my look in the designer outfit. At the end of the

fashion show, Most people complement me about my eyes, smile, natural look, my height,

shape, lips and personality.


I have 2 kids that I love dearly. I wish the best for them. I love people and I socially love dancing, singing, modeling, helping homeless children, making positive change in my

society and see my peers happy.

Vivian Nwoke

Modeling is something that I exceedingly love to do and want to see it turn into a career, so I enjoy every minute of it. But if I had to choose one favorite experience, I would say that my favorite experience to date was when I walked in Fashion Week Brooklyn this past March. Seeing myself strut my stuff on the runway in a couture black long gown, and top it off, holding a Chihuahua, was very amazing!!


I want my followers to know that if you have a dream that you want to accomplish, don't let negativity and/or lack of confidence stand in your way. If you want something, go get it!! I intend to work my way to the top and make modeling a career of mine, but it's definitely not an easy road. I love the runway, I love it so much that I would love to see myself once in Paris or Milan, but considering my size and height it may not happen, but it doesn't mean that it's impossible. I'm gonna work hard and do what I have to do to get as far as I want to get.


Modeling, unlike regular jobs, you don't necessarily need a diploma or a degree to get into it or do (just trying to be funny). But seriously, I enjoy the fact that there are opportunities for models of different heights, sizes, ethnicities, ages, etc. It's not just balled down only to the standard agency model type.


This industry has a lot of rejections before you get one 'YES', You'll have to hear a whole bunch of 'NOs'. It can lead to a model thinking that he/she doesn't have the look that is searched for or probably he/she isn't good enough for the jobs that you'd kill for and you know that would change your life.

Ashess Couture
Some of our dancers are involved in modeling.  Rumbafrica  performs in special events requiring use of models for fashion show with music, beauty show with African music and models to promote products.  For your special events, you should specify if  you need music only, music with dancers or music and models.

In white dress, Iro, Miss Lagos State - Nigeria.  She is a UMASS-Boston graduate and She is a church going girl.
In swimsuits, from Sierra Leon, Miss Jinna dances and models.  She is going to nursing school.                      

We have provided this platform to allow women with 

talent to showcase their beauty and culture using

music, dance and modeling.  This is one of the way to 

serve humanity by giving back to the communities and realize talent dreams.